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2010 CDA Man of the Year, Sandy Short with Dwight Poler

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One of the unique characteristics of Dudley is the loyalty and support of its alumni…to the camp itself and to the relationships that are forged on the shores of Lake Champlain. For most campers, their relationships don’t end with the close of the Camp season, rather they endure throughout the year and throughout their adult lives.

Alumni are organized through the Camp Dudley Association (CDA). Alumni support is demonstrated through their generous financial support, attendance at alumni and alumnae gatherings throughout the year, and by referring boys and girls that they think would benefit from a Dudley experience.

Dudley has more than 40 reunions each year throughout the country and around the world, as well as a family CDA Reunion weekend held at Camp Dudley in late August… a great way to introduce camper age children to camp.

We love to hear from Dudley alumni. If you have a “small world” Dudley story, an address change, or can help us connect the dots of other alums that you have connections with or keep in touch with, please let us know. Also, send us your photos of reunions, new arrivals, weddings, or other events to

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