Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya

Mark Davenport / Arts Director (2000)

Email: [email protected] • Phone:518-962-4720 ext. 103 • LinkedIn

Mark Davenport first came to Camp in 1972 as a Junior Leader in the Senior Division. A veteran of other camping experiences, Davo knew he’d found his true home in Westport. Davo heads up the Camp Dudley Arts department which includes Drama, Music, Publications and Studio Arts. He also has worked with Evan to ensure that each year we put forth an incredibly strong Leadership team. Now closing in on his 40th summer at Dudley in some capacity, Davo lives for June, July and August when the days are gloriously long and the swims come ’round three times a day…thank you very much. Davo also works with local children coaching and reffing youth basketball, and volunteers on the Port Henry Youth Commission board.


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