Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya

Gail Coleman / Kiniya Food Service Director (2012)

Email: [email protected] • Phone:802-893-7850 •

After 20 years of service to Camp, Gail Coleman joined the year-round team in the spring of 2012! Gail first joined the Kiniya team in 1992 as second chef, serving lunch and dinner four days per week. A talented chef, with strong leadership skills, the move to Head Chef in 1995 was significant for her and for camp. Throughout her years at Camp, hundreds of Kiniya campers and staff have benefited from her many talents. During the summer, Gail commits over 60 hours per week to Kiniya. Now, in the off-season, she works with Matt and Marnie catering for all off-season events, including board meetings, JL Weekends, work weekends and user groups. In addition, she cooks a delicious meal once every two weeks for the entire Dudley / Kiniya team. This new tradition is much anticipated and thoroughly enjoyed by the entire year-round staff! (By the way, today is lasagna day… anyone hungry?!)


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