Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya


The Arts is one of the 4 pillars of the Kiniya Program, along with Athletics, Outdoors and Spirituality. Arts have always been integral part of the Kiniya experience and continues to be a wonderful opportunity to encourage campers to step outside of their comfort zone. Campers are primarily exposed to the Arts through Wednesday and Saturday Night Shows, Treiber Center and Arts Majors. More recently, music and camp craft have become a strong part of our program.

For both the Wednesday and Saturday Night Shows, the entire community gathers together in the Lodge. Any person from the community is welcome to participate.

Art Majors

Art Majors are another key component to our program at Kiniya. Each camper has the opportunity to select one Art Major to focus on throughout their time at Camp. They will meet twice a week focusing on skill development and an increased level of competency.

Art Majors based in Treiber Center are:

  • Studio Art
  • Ceramics
  • Wood Working

Art Majors based in the Lodge and the Studio are:

  • Theater Performance
  • Theater Production
  • Playwriting – Available to Seniors only, campers will have the opportunity to learn more about directing and playwriting
  • Music – music majors focus on both voice and instrumental music

Other Art Majors include:

  • Camp Craft – Campers will learn about backcountry living, travel as well as local ecology through experiential fun and games. A bit of arts, cooking, fire-making, and other outdoor activities will be a part of this major.
  • Farm to Plate – Campers will get to learn about organic vegetable gardening and composting through working in Kiniyas’ garden, as well as making healthy delicious snacks from what is harvested. Off-site visits to berry and animal farms may occur as well.

Despite what Art Major you participate in, each camper will still be exposed to each of the activities above. Many campers leave Camp as true artists and are able to take home with them all of their creations.

Wednesday Night Shows

A long time Dudley tradition, Wednesday Night Shows take the shape of a talent show, where campers are able to sign up to perform each week. We have seen all types of performances including, but not limited to, instrumental and voice performances, cabin skit, song or dance, juggling acts and more!

Saturday Night Shows

Saturday Night Shows provide an evening of dramatic productions, which are typically plays or musicals, and auditions are held at the beginning of each week. Rehearsals are held throughout the week and and a stage crew work together to prepare the set and costumes. Leaders and staff alike take to the stage to perform in front of the entire Camp community each Saturday Night.

Learn more about our Program and visit our Athletics, Outdoors, and Spirituality pages.

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