Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya

Why Dudley for Boys?

Camp Dudley was founded in 1885 by a YMCA volunteer named Sumner F. Dudley with a goal of getting boys out of the city and to enjoy a more balanced summer. It is a place that celebrates timeless traditional values, inspiring boys and young men to seek something higher than their own self-interest in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains.

Our motto “The Other Fellow First” is at the heart of Camp Life and we have been able to remain true to our mission for nearly 130 years: To develop moral, personal, physical and leadership skills in the spirit of fellowship and fun, enabling boys and girls to lead lives characterized by devotion to others.

We believe summer camp is an important part of a boy’s personal development and at Dudley, we achieve this development through a balanced program comprised of Arts, Athletics, Outdoors and Spirituality. These program areas are unique to the Dudley experience and support our strong focus on leadership and character development. We encourage you to learn more about our programs and reach out with any questions.


  • Testimonials

    The feeling of spending Choice Time at Swim Point after a day of lacrosse on the Junior/Senior fields and looking forward to the Wednesday Night Show is something only Dudley can offer. However, I think that the best part of Dudley isn't the Choice Time activities or Hymn Sing every Sunday, but the people
  • Testimonials

    I wish to return to Camp Dudley because I LOVED IT! It was an experience of a lifetime. It was my first time being away from home for that long and I didn’t want to leave. My favorite aspect of the program was the leadership roles. I enjoyed this part because it showed me more of how to be a leader.
  • Testimonials

    My number one reason for wanting to come back to Camp Dudley is because of the people! Last year, the people I met were like nothing I've ever experienced -- they were so generous and intelligent. If you walked up to a game of taps, or any kind of game, people included you no matter what. I also felt that the guidance given by the leadership helped me make decisions and think better about myself than I would without that help… Camp Dudley has changed my life because it will not only help me now, but will carry me on into my adult life

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