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Leading the way at Kiniya!

• 9 years ago • Announcements | Kiniya Blog

Leading the way in Leadership Development our D-Heads are committed to providing their teams the support and guidance needed to ensure Kiniya’s continued growth and success! Lucy Solie-Vilker #20472 will be returning for her 5th summer, her second season as Junior Village D-Head. Lucy will be working very closely with Kelly Dale #21883, Junior Village Asst. D-Head. Sammi Muther #21531, spending her year studying abroad in London, has accepted the role as Senior Village D-Head. Sammi  looks forward to working with Rebecca ‘Woj’ Wojciechowicz #21479, as Assistant D-Head of Senior Village.

Lucy "Cheetah" Solie-Vilker, Junior Village Division Head

Kelly Dale, Junior Village Assistant D-Head, with her cabin in 2010

Sammi Muther, Senior Village DHead, on pirate day in 2010

Woj, Senior Village Assistant D-Head, with her cabin after Sunday Chapel 2010

1st Annual Kiniya JL Weekend

• 9 years ago • Announcements | Kiniya Blog

This past weekend 10 of our 17 JL’s joined us in Westport for a weekend of fun and bonding. We really enjoyed our time together and shared our excitement for summer of 2011. To kick off the weekend, Marnie shared a video of Kiniya from the 1930’s followed by this year’s reunion DVD. Nightly vespers kept the mood focused toward summer and really allowed the girls to get to know each other a bit more. It was great to get the girls thinking about their new roles at camp this summer as first time employees! We were able to trek across the lake to our beloved home in Colchester and enjoyed some snowshoeing around campus and out to our new Lean-to! The weather was perfect and only two ended up on the ground throughout the whole afternoon! Before venturing to dinner, we all crammed into Homestead for a little planning ahead, brainstorming for vespers, games, and rainy days. These girls had so much to share this weekend and they will be outstanding JL’s this summer and I can’t wait to work with them!!

Getting Ready for our Trek to the Lean-to!

Sara Nelson joined in for the fun!

Busy at work.

The very beginning of our adventure in the parking lot. Can you tell?

Marnie leading the way!

Smile for the camera!!

Hello to everybody back at home from the 0-5446!!

The whole group out at the lean-to

On the trails behind the Barn

Getting some work down in our own little office

The First Snow Has Fallen!

• 9 years ago • Blogs | Dudley Blog | Kiniya Blog

Witherbee Hall Blanketed in Snow

CDK Dining Hall With Snow!

Lots of Snow at Kiniya

Snowshoeing Anyone?

We’ve had a few flurries throughout the Fall and early Winter, but now we have our first real snow fall of the season, and the Campus looks beautiful! And boy oh boy is it COLD outside!

2010-11 Open House Video Now Online!

• 9 years ago • Announcements | Blogs | Dudley Blog | Kiniya Blog

We’ve traveled the country visiting with friends and families sharing our love of Camp Dudley and giving them a taste of our Camps with this video. Our very own #17185 James Guimaraes created the video below with the help of #15877 Brendan Loughman and #17635 John Wood. Enjoy and we hope you’ll consider joining us next summer at Camp Dudley or Kiniya.

The Second Leg of the Reunion Tour Continues!

• 9 years ago • Blogs | Dudley Blog | Kiniya Blog

Matt, Marnie, Davo and even Kat Hood have been traveling the Northeast and have seen excellent turnouts, including Alums, current Camper Families and lots of 2011 prospects!

There was a strong showing on a beautiful Saturday morning with the McSherrys in Larchmont.

Marnie and her Gals in Larchmont

Chris and Allison Perry hosted us in Wilton at their church. It was wonderful to see many Perrys in the room, as well as Henry and Jane Lee and their friends from the Wilton ABC program.

Kiniya Girls in Wilton

Sunday morning we headed out to Huntington Long Island to the McCann family home to see the entire McCann Family. Another excellent turnout!

Davo, Doug and Michael - could he finally be a camper!?

Off to Bedford on Sunday night for a wonderful evening with the Longos. Thanks to Phil and Leila for not only opening their home to us and feeding us well, but filling the room with prospects! What a great evening!

The Bedford Boys!

Bob and Suzanne McCann welcomed us to Bronxville and introduced us to many of their friends. Bob has been coaching the 5-6 grade football team and a pack of the team joined us for the show. Great work team!

Lots of Dudley Boys in Bronxville

Lots of Dudley Boys in Bronxville

The Ellis Family hosted the Rye Reunion at the Rye Recreation Center and we had a great showing on Tuesday night. It was great to see current Board Members Lauren Roth, Holly Kennedy and Andy Rosenburgh in the crowd!

Matt and the Cushmans in Rye

Off to Princeton, NJ for a update luncheon with some loyal Princeton Alums and then the reunion at Princeton Day School. Molly Sword McDonagh made her trademark cakes, this year one for each side of the lake. We were even treated to a spur of the moment Hymn Sing including Mayo, Shus, Jon Wood, and Kat Hood.

The Other Fellow First Indeed!

Bear's Hymn Made it on to a Cake!

Hymn Sing with Woods, Mayo and Wojo!

Bruce Orr welcomed us back to Darien for the last event of the second leg of the tour. A terrific showing and lots of youngsters chomping at the bit to become campers! We can’t wait to have you join us in 2011!

Davo and the Huffs in Darien

Dedham Massachusetts Reunion

• 9 years ago • Blogs | Dudley Blog | Kiniya Blog

Rick and Betsy Edie welcome the crowd to Dedham Country Day school on a crisp fall evening (including a full moon!) Even Bill Vanneman senior, at 101 joined the action! The highlight of the evening was Davo’s presenting Ellie Edwards with her 50 year pin.  We also saw Kiniya Alumna Alison King with her husband and two kids, who were both interested in camp. Alison attending Camp Kiniya from 1975 to 1980 and was excited to see that Kiniya was in such great hands moving forward.

The Edie Girls in Dedham

Davo and the Boys in Dedham

Davo Presents Ellie Edwards with her 50 Year Pin

Marnie and Allison King, '75-'80 Kiniya Alumna

Reconnecting in Pittsburgh

• 9 years ago • Blogs | Dudley Blog | Kiniya Blog

It was great to see Alum Mac Howison in Pittsburgh. He and his wife Jen hosted us at the Union Project, a wonderful restoration project in Pittsburgh. Andrew Ferguson and wife came with their new baby Owen and Gene Little came all the way from Canton, OH with a great new prospect. It was wonderful to get back to Pittsburgh, and I know we will start to see a swell of new families join the camper ranks from this area! Unfortunately, Justin Noel wasn’t able to join due to the success of his school’s soccer teams. He has promised to join us in the future!

Matt and #8686 Gene Little in Pittsburgh

#13840 and #13804 in Pittsburgh!

An Unexpected Guest in Cazenovia

• 9 years ago • Blogs | Dudley Blog | Kiniya Blog

It was wonderful seeing Matt Dydo and Colette Powers along with their 3 boys, Elliot, Harry and Tanner in beautiful Cazenovia, NY. We also saw Davo’s former camper Dan Keating, who came with his wife Jessie and 2 daughters. But the highlight must have been the visit from the Nick Coyne and Family who was in town for the SU v. Pitt game! This included the Hearon boys and their mom Christy as well as aunt Carol. They helped us fill the room! It was wonderful to see you Nick!

Miles, Carol, Nick, Christy and Iker - Go Orange!

After Cazenovia, we headed west to Buffalo to visit with Barney Walsh and lovely wife Amy at the Buffalo Reunion. Alums Rob Drake, Mark Mahoney, Little Snake Carstenson, as well as former leader types Shane Canning and Alexei Carstenson and 2010 JL Max Paterson. Thanks for joining us!

A Record Crowd in New Canaan!

• 9 years ago • Blogs | Dudley Blog | Kiniya Blog

Scott and Andrea Martin did a wonderful job of filling their home and hosting the biggest New Canaan crowd ever! We saw many current campers and parents as well as  several 2011 prospects.

Marnie and a couple of her "Gals" in New Canaan

Kicking it off in Williamstown!

• 9 years ago • Blogs | Dudley Blog | Kiniya Blog

We had a wonderful start to the 2010-11 Reunion Trail in Williamstown, MA at Martha and John Storey’s house. A full house of nearly 60 campers, prospects, leaders, staff and alums were in the house! 2010 Leaders Jordan Mickens and Sam McKeown, along with CD videographer YAPPY all made the trip. Thanks for starting us off on the right foot!

A Full House in Williamstown!

Fall in the 05446!

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There is no better way to kick off the Fall Season than a gathering of Camp friends on the Kiniya campus. Lisa flew in from Florida on Friday and brought some of the much needed sunshine with her. If not for the brilliant reds and oranges in the trees, it could have been any Camp day!

It wasn’t just any Camp day though. It was our Senior Staff gathering at CDK, and we thoroughly enjoyed our time together. We took a walk around campus, checking out the many Work Weekend projects (including the demolition of Cabins 13 and 14 and the Chapel shed; the addition of Kiniya’s first EVER lean-to out on the trails of the upper point; the new windows and screens of the handwashing station at the dining hall, and so much more!)

We can’t wait to use the lean-to for the first time next spring/summer! The position of it is absolutely perfect, with the view of the Lamoille River and the soon-to-be fire pit just off to the side.

Our time together went by quickly as we were having SO much fun reminiscing about this past summer and already, believe it our not, planning for Summer 2011! After our stroll around camp we trekked across to Stowe and hiked our camp property in Moscow, VT. Lisa, who was up from Florida, was amazed by the beautiful colors and couldn’t stop commenting on the beauty of Vermont. Oh, how lucky Kat and I feel to be here every day of the year!

It was the perfect weekend with Camp friends, and we hope that you will share with us any adventures you have with camp pals throughout the year!

Congratulations 2nd & Full Session Kiwis!

• 10 years ago • Blogs | Kiniya Blog | Uncategorized

Sarah Allen #20350, Emma Ammiratti #20352, Elizabeth Barnes #20540, Lisa Barnes #20240, Claudia Barnils #20357, Betsy Barrows #20358, Shannon Bartlett #20403, Jesse Bruenn #20454, Lauren Carlson #20365, Clara Dannemann #20371, Grayson Elder #20373, Emily Goodwin #20466, Molly Gump #20449, Angie Hill #20613, Pippa Kula #20407, Grace Lafaire #20421, Alison Langston #20445, Phebe McKelvey #20419, Kari McKinley #19231, Gilly McLean #20224, Destiny McLeod-Campbell #20235, Izzy Meigs #20420, Katye Myers #20430, Sara Nelson #19270, Megan Powell #20479, Owen Scorer #20049, Lucy Solie-Vilker #20472, Mallory Sudduth #20415, Megan Sudduth #20425, Telka Tanneberger-Schmidt #20351, Mason Warble #20436, Libby Warner #20353, Sara Butler #20441, Giulia Campana #20535

Second Session is underway!

• 10 years ago • Blogs | Kiniya Blog

The joyous sounds of activity are spilling up from Main Campus into my office. The sun is shining and camp is alive!

I’m impressed with how quickly our Second Session girls have settled in. In just four short days, I can confidently say that we have a community that is thriving here. The spirit of inclusiveness and friendship is heartwarming. The enthusiasm of our Leaders could not be higher. And we’ve been blessed with sunny weather and a ton of fun activities. All in all, it has been a dream start to the Second Session.

Click on the link below for some live Second Session camp action!

What a First Session!

• 10 years ago • Blogs | Kiniya Blog

The weather was perfect for our last night of First Session and spirits were high as our girls gathered at Chapel for our end-of-session Awards Ceremony. Our Full Session campers and D-Heads began the evening with the candle procession, which led into Program Awards and ended with our High Five Awards.

During the ceremony we were reminded of the many wonderful messages our leaders and staff  shared with us each morning at Chapel talk and the lessons we learned during our daily life at Camp:

  • We were encouraged to not take life for granted and to be thankful for the many opportunities we are gifted.
  • We embraced the understanding that Camp is a place where we can and always will be our true selves.
  • We learned to look at things from all angles.
  • We were inspired to live life from the heart.
  • We learned that it is possible to conquer our greatest fear when being surrounded by supportive friends.
  • We were encouraged to be respectful and kind to everyone and to put The Other Fellow First.
  • We realized that there are few places on earth better than one filled with green grass, blue skies, Lake Champlain sunsets and the morning aromas of Gail’s pancakes.

We couldn’t be happier with all that we accomplished in our First Session and although our First Session girls are missed, rest assured that memories of our time at Camp are not far from mind and are you are all most definitely in our hearts.

Enjoy the school year ahead, girls, and we’ll see you on the Trail!

End of Session Awards Ceremony

The 2010 Girls of Kiniya

Juniors, Juniors, are you ready? … READY!!!

• 10 years ago • Blogs | Kiniya Blog

Junior Village could not have had a more jam-packed, fun filled week!

Despite the heat, the spirit at Camp this past week has been extremely high, with singing at meal times and divisional cheers at night! We began our week with a “Blast From the Past Extravaganza”, including tie-dye, Jeopardy, and some old fashion Kool Aid and Devil Dogs.  We put our motto “The Other Fellow First” into practice by completing the divisional service project around camp. Later in the week the girls ventured out on eight individual day hike and canoe trips that gave the girls the extra boost of energy needed to finish the week strong.

As we enter our final days of camp, free choice activities have been packed with rehearsals, horseback riding, and tennis, golf, and archery tournaments. Our week was wrapped up with Hymn Sing on Sunday Night where the whole camp joined in the chant “Not Going Home, Not Going Home!”

Although we are looking forward to welcoming parents and families for Visiting Day this Friday, we take this as a true sign that our Junior Village girls have had a wonderful First Session at Camp!

Leadership Rules at CDK! By Kari McKinley

• 10 years ago • Blogs | Kiniya Blog

The heat has been turned up this past week, but it’s made our leadership teams even cooler! We’ve been pushing through and adventuring around camp and in the wilderness. Tuesday, all 13 Aides ventured across the lake to impress the Hike Hut staff at Dudley with our ropes course and teambuilding skills. The day proved to be both a challenge and a self-confidence builder for each individual and the group as a whole. Meals in Beckman Hall, cheers around the Dudley campus, and a trip to swim point (with a waterslide!) were all nice perks for Camp Dudley at Kiniya’s future Leaders.

Back on the Vermont side of the lake, the JL’s and AL’s worked hard to keep their gardens from becoming thirsty in the incredible heat. Veggies are growing the speed of some campers! While the Aides were away, the JL’s and AL’s held down the fort and kept the campers from hiding in the few coveted air-conditioned rooms around the CDK campus. Both groups were given a break from their everyday routine with days off in Burlington—a well deserved getaway!

On Thursday, the full-season Aides set out on a 3-day “experience.” Boats, bugs and bears were among our obstacles, but we overcame them all! Not only did they survive, they thrived. Each of the young ladies took on new challenges of leading trips in the woods and worked together to create a fun, enjoyable and safe environment to canoe and hike in. While laughter and ridiculous story telling were enjoyed, so were the moments of quiet reflection in the beautiful Green Mountains.

With the maturity and fun nature of the leadership teams, parents can rest assured that campers are in good hands here at Camp Dudley at Kiniya!

Leadership Rules at CDK

Congratulations First Session Kiwis!

• 10 years ago • Blogs | Kiniya Blog

The celebration of our 2010 First Session Kiwis was the highlight of Week 2 at Camp.

All campers, Leaders and staff came together to enjoy Kiwi Dinner and recognize those girls who were awarded their beloved Kiwi Discs accompanied by a single rose. Afer the Kiwi ceremony, all Kiwis headed to Junior Beach for candle launching, which was followed by the Kiwi Dance Party in the Lodge.

Congratulations to our 2010 First Session Kiwi group: Sara Butler #20441, Giulia Campana #20535, Miranda Dils # 20404, Elizabeth Fawcett #20375, Lucy Hanrahan #20385, Caroline Hargrave #20538, Janie Hendrickson #20442, Erin Hogan #20393, Bella Hondros #20461, Sachi Howson #20354, Caroline Kopfler #20895, Elena Licursi #20410, Claire Lynch #20412, Layne McKeown #20356, Hannah McPheron #20444, Mary Nichols #20405, Katie O’Sullivan #20577, Ally Perrin #20435, Greta Poler #20489, Maddie Stuzin #20456.

Camp Spirit at Kiniya!

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It’s truly hard to believe that a week has already past since Opening Day, and what a fabulous week it has been on the shores of Lake Champlain!

Our girls have embraced every day with the spirit and energy we’ve grown to love here. The Dining Hall singing after meals is at its all-time greatest and every camper, leader and staff member is on their feet bellowing the response to the call of our Camp Cheer, “0-5446”!

Our program is in full swing and girls are being exposed to the wide variety of activities camp has to offer on a daily basis. The Wednesday Night show and Saturday Night Shows were a huge hit and our time together during Chapel and Hymn Sing on Sunday was a very special way to end our first week at Camp.

So far in our Outdoors Program we have sent two Senior Trips into the woods, two Canoe Trips and the first of our two Aides Experiences. Each Leadership rank has their own garden on the upper level and the Aides, JL’s and AL’s have thoroughly enjoyed their time together planting vegetables and herbs.

The highlight of the week passed was our World Cup on Saturday, that extended into Sunday afternoon due to rain showers. Although the rain was welcomed at the garden, we could have done without it on the fields but, rest assured, it did not dampen the spirits in any way!  Check out some live footage by clicking on the following link  to get in the camp spirit.

Reflecting back on the week passed, I can say with genuine sentiment that we are having a blast here at Camp and as we move into week 2, there is much to look forward to!


• 10 years ago • Blogs | Kiniya Blog

“Ok, let’s open the gates and let ‘em all in,” buzzed the staff’s walkie talkies on June 22nd at 8 A.M. And did they ever, as each car rolled into the lot with waving hands and screams of excitement pouring through open car windows.

The energy throughout Camp was contagious, and spirit were high as our energentic team welcomed each and every camper through the gates! Throughout the afternoon, all were engaged in swim tests, safety procedure talks at the barn, and the many get to know you games. “Ahh, finally the sweet sound we’ve been waiting for all year,” announced leader Megan Powell, as the spirited singing after dinner made our beautiful campus complete.  As we said our good nights during cabin vespers, how sweet it was to hear our Aide, Claudia Barnils, continue once again with her nightly, “Marnie & Lisa, have good dreams!”

If the first days of Camp are any indication we are in for yet another BEST EVER SUMMER at Kiniya!

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