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2017 Dudley Job Openings

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2017 Job Openings at Dudley

Each summer, Camp Dudley employs approximately 150 Program, Kitchen, and Maintenance Staff who work to produce an incredible camp experience for the campers. Hiring needs change from year-to-year and currently Camp Dudley is seeking individuals for the following positions…

Climbing Instructor: We’re looking for an experienced climber to run our indoor and outdoor rock climbing program. This includes leading trips to Adirondacks crags and supporting Camp Dudley’s Outdoor programming. Read the full job description.

Arts & Crafts Instructor: Interested in teaching art in an outdoor setting? We have openings in our Arts & Crafts program teaching various mediums. Arts & Crafts instructors typically lead classes in drawing and painting, printing, and ceramics, but there is room to incorporate new programming and teaching new skills. Read the full job description.

Tennis Instructor: Take the lead in one of our most popular program areas. We’re looking for an experienced tennis instructor to teach tennis at various levels to boys 10 – 14 years old. In addition, the tennis instructor will work with the rest of our Athletics Program team and work in other areas as well. Read the full job description here.

Maintenance: Work with our skilled Maintenance crew to keep campus safe and clean. This position offers an opportunity to work hard outside and be a part of a fun and dynamic team. Read the full job description here.

Food Service: Join a fast paced work environment filled with lots of opportunity for leadership and management experience. Our Food Service team works hard everyday to deliver 3 meals a day to the over 500 people on campus. In addition, the Dudley Food Service program works with local farmers to source as much of our food as possible from the immediate area and also strives to minimize waste by executing a high standard composting and recycling program. Read the full job description here.

#18353 Matt Giles – Alumni Spotlight

Brendan • 2 years ago • Blogs | Dudley Blog
The following article was written by #18353 Matt Giles for the upcoming Spring Camp Dudley News

“Basketball has always been my obsession, but I was especially manic during the five or so years I worked at Camp Dudley. Whether it was recruiting rankings, or coaching moves, or halfcourt sets, I followed everything related to the bouncing leather ball.

giles-web“So when Joe Mantegna, the head coach of Blair Academy, then (and now) a top high school program in New Jersey, dropped by Westport to run a few sessions for basketball majors in the summer of 2005, I was stoked. It wasn’t that I had questions for the coach — I had many of those — but I more wanted to pick his brain about recruits, and what he thought of various prospects like Peyton Siva and Lance Stephenson (this was pre-Google’s omnipotence in all corners of the web, so I really had to deep-dive into the fan forums and grainy VHS tapes to expand my knowledge). After I graduated college and started freelancing, I realized this obsession could be something I could possible make money from.

“I started working as a fact-checker for ESPN the Magazine, and in my free time, contributed college basketball content for the magazine (my first piece was on Chicago State’s David Holton, a 5-foot-8 point guard who led the country in scoring). That gig led to further writing opportunities — with 350-plus Division I schools in the country, there are a lot of players with a lot of interesting backstories — and I now write for the New York Times, Deadspin, NBC Sports, the Washington Post, Vice Sports, and FiveThirtyEight (among others, and along with my full time job as an editor at Popular Science). That passion, fostered during those days as a Dudley Leader in Columbia and Wesleyan, has continued to fuel a career that I never envisioned.”

With the NCAA Tournament just around the corner – Check out some of the great basketball articles Matt has put out recently! 
Five Weird Teams To Watch In The NCAA Tournament – FiveThirtyEight.com
Stephen F. Austin Are Ready To Be The Bad Guys Of March Madness – Vice Sports
The Nuns Who Love Chris Mullin – The New Yorker
Taking Their Game to the Highest Level – The New York Times


Sundays at Camp Dudley

Brendan • 3 years ago • Alumni | Blogs | Dudley Blog


I swear it was the sunniest day of the summer. The skies were bright blue, the lake was calm, and there were smiles on the faces of everybody I chatted with. It was just about time for Sunday Chapel services at camp and I was a first-timer.

If you have never experienced a Sunday at Dudley, I highly recommend doing so. Of my four summers at Dudley, I had yet to experience one and I will now shame myself for never attending these festivities.

It amazed me how small camp looked from the top of the Chapel steps. It was like a big extended family, comfortable squished into the stunning evergreen tree-lined grove.

gospel 1

The Gospel Choir was absolutely beautiful, between their group songs, solo pieces, and guitar number performed by Pete O’Brien.

James Mayo, lead from the piano seat, keeping the energy high and the audience engaged, while #21982 Dom Walker started out the Gospel songs on a lovely strong note.

The readings chosen were equally inspiring and it was nice to see the campers present these passages separately or alongside their cabin mates.

When the audience was invited to join in the singing the whole area was filled with the joyous voices of this family, and it brought a smile to my own face to see everybody so engaged and to know I was a part of it.


Director, Matt Storey, made an inspiring introduction speech where he told campers and leadership alike to “make the most of it,” meaning their last week, and to “find something you have not done yet at camp” and do it.

Storey finished his speech by advising us all to remain, “loud and proud!”

This was followed by thunderous applause and excited YOHA’s thrown in the air.


The main speaker of the service though was, Father Mark Connell, who had last spoken in 2011. Connell started out his speech by pulling the audience in. “I am looking at our nation’s future leaders, filled with hope,” he said of the campers.

Connell went on to tell a story in which he incorporated eye color, saying that for the last week of camp green-eyed people could not swim, blue-eyes could not have dinner, and brown-eyes had to go home today.

The point of this? It’s “kind of silly to think of ourselves by one characteristic of who we are,” Connell announced, bringing his fake experiment full circle.

“We like as people, to put people in categories,” he continued. “We do it in every aspect of our lives.”

Connell advised us to “seek for yourself what is your greatness” and take down those walls we have built up against one another for this last week of camp.

Overall, Chapel was a magical place that left everybody, myself included, engaged until the final song had ended and the audience dispersed into the beautiful day.


Later that night I ventured back to camp, my younger sister in tow. We were attending another Sunday Dudley tradition, Hymn Sing.

Walking into Witherbee Hall Sunday night the first thing I felt was the energy apparent as all the campers and leaders filed in and sat around and atop the stage, screaming and pumping one another up for the event.

It was growing darker outside, but the liveliness of Witherbee made it feel like the sunniest day at camp had not quite ended yet.

At 8:00 p.m. sharp, piano-fanatic, James Mayo started right in with the Hymns, keeping the energy high with his joyful prompts of, “Verse two!”

I was amazed at how many of the campers knew the hymns without looking at the lyrics, and had simply left their books on the ground beside them.

There was one hymn that brought everybody to their feet immediately and I wondered if there was a place in this world that had more spirit?

I definitely knew the answer was no there was not. There was something about singing in a big group in a small area that brought a smile to my face as I sang and clapped louder to the words of the hymns.

As the night came to a close and the hymns got sadder and more emotional I saw the truth in Mayo’s earlier words, “it just baffles me how fast this summer has flown by, some days I wish camp could last forever.”

I definitely could not agree more. As this summer comes to a close I want to thank you all for reading, and especially thank the Dudley staff, leaders, campers, etc. for this opportunity. It has truly been the best summer yet. YOHA!

By #22835 Alexa Mitchell

A look into Swim Point at Camp Dudley

Brendan • 3 years ago • Blogs | Dudley Blog


“Dude, I love this place,” was one of the first things I heard this past Tuesday morning as I meandered down to Swim Point. I smiled and silently agreed; I loved this place too.

As I continued down to the Point that morning, the oddly welcoming smell of dead fish filled the air and I could hear “Big” Joe Maiurano’s bellowing laughter as he told some joke that he continue to tell each new swimmer he came across all day long. Today’s joke involved a snorkeler named “A Net.”

"Big Joe" with Lauren

“Big Joe” with Lauren

Big Joe and his wife, Dawn Maiurano have both worked at Dudley for twenty five plus years. “She’s the mastermind, I just fix things,” Big Joe once remarked to me. He continued to explain that before they ran Swim Point strictly, he had coached and refereed baseball games, as well as run the Boathouse.

“We helped bring back the waterfront,” Big Joe reminisced as he discussed how events like snorkeling and water polo were still recent additions to the Point’s activity list.

Nowadays though, the Maiurano’s are firmly Swim Point’s headers. Open for snorkeling majors, swim meets, water polo matches, and choice time every day of the camp week.

In addition to Joe and Dawn their son, Peter Maiurano, a Witherbee Theatre Hall native, makes an appearance at the Point this summer, alongside his wife, Lauren Widing Maiurano. “I absolutely love it,” Widing said about the Point. Previously, Widing had been the head of arts and crafts at Brody. “It was time for a change,” she finished.

Speaking of change, Rob “Crowbar” Crowe, a previous assistant leader last summer, has traded in his clipboard for a snorkel and joined the Point staff full-time this summer, as well. “I like hearing good responses from the kids,” he mentioned to me one afternoon. “I like knowing that they’re having the best time possible.”

Swim Point silliness with Cat and Joe

Swim Point silliness with Cat and Joe

In addition to Crowbar, me, and the Maiurano’s, Catherine McCutcheon takes on her fifth summer, while Willa McKinley enters her fourth summer at the Point. “We get to interact with every age group,” McKinley said of why she enjoys working at the Point. “Everybody comes swimming, from regular swim team boys to non-swimmers; we get to know them all.”

McKinley went on to explain that if you are involved strictly with coaching basketball you will only ever get to know the basketball players at camp or if you only ref tennis, you will only ever see those boys that are interested in playing tennis at camp. Meanwhile at the Point, we get to meet all types of campers, because everybody will eventually come down to cool off in the lake, and that is what makes our job on the waterfront “so much fun and rewarding,” she finished.


Alexa down at the Point

As a Westport, N.Y. native myself, I had spent the first eighteen years of my life growing up alongside Lake Champlain, before venturing off to St. Lawrence University three years ago. Therefore, I had known about Dudley and lived a quick five minute drive from it all my life. Yet, I had not known the true magic of camp until four summers ago when I accepted the opportunity to join the Swim Point team. Now here I am starting my fourth summer and making the familiar trek I know all too well down to the Point, and I can definitely agree, after talking with my fellow coworkers, that the Point is one of the most special places at camp.

Come on down, the waters fine!

By #22835 Alexa Mitchell
Photos by #22008 Willa McKinley and #18801 Drew Rider

We’re very lucky to have Alexa Mitchell writing our Dudley Blogs for us this summer. You can look forward to much more in the coming weeks! 

Camp Dudley and Kiniya Chapel Speakers

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2017 Camp Dudley Speakers

7.2.17 #11710 Father Flynn
7.9.17 #23845 Rev. Betsy Lyles
7.16.17 #16119 Marlon Fisher
7.23.17 #11889 Dwight Poler
7.30.17  #12664 Ted Smith
8.6.17 #10846 Rev. Bob Langston
8.13.17 #11584 Rev. Dr. Peter Allen
8.20.17 #9528 Rev. Jon Appleyard
8.27.17 #10524 Pete & #17525 Pete “Shorty” Treiber (CDA Reunion)


2017 Camp Kiniya Speakers

7.2.17 #26265 Sister Carol Perry
7.9.17 #16119 Marlon Fisher
7.16.17  Kristen Caspar
7.30.17  #21010 Erica Lash
8.6.17 #24031 Beth Ann Miller
8.13.17 #19876 Beth Kaufman


2015 Camp Dudley JL Weekend

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The Junior Leader (JL) Weekend at Dudley is not only becoming a great tradition, but it’s an incredible opportunity to prepare for this very important step in the Dudley Leadership Development Program. After all, your JL year is your first year as an employee! The boys that attended the weekend (23 in total) were a terrific bunch. They were led through several workshops by Matt, Evan, Dave “Fu”, Davo, Colin Loher, Josh Olcott, Dave Nelson, Jake Rutter, Tom Dils, Blake Harper, Rapheal Mettle, and Jeff Schwoebel. In addition, the JLs took the reigns on a few items by coordinating their own council ring, vesper, and a chapel. We’re lucky to have such a great group joining the leadership ranks this summer and we look forward to them putting the lessons of the weekend into action in their cabins.

Click here for more pictures from the weekend!

Dudley & Kiniya Job Opportunities!

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Know anyone that loves working with kids, being outside, and working with great people?

We’re looking to fill a few Program Staff positions this summer in Westport and Colchester. See below for the available positions. This is a great opportunity to work some very talented (and fun!) folks at Camp Dudley or Camp Kiniya.

At Camp Dudley positions include…

Stage Tech Instructor (Job Description Here)

Lifeguards (Job Description Here)

Sailing Instructor (Job Description Here)

Challenge (Ropes) Course Director (Job Description Here)

General Outdoors Program Staff (Job Description Here)

If you’re interested in a position at Camp Dudley please send your cover letter and resume to Evan George at [email protected].

At Camp Kiniya positions include…

Theater Director

Ceramics Instructor

Music Director


Waterski/Wakeboard Instructor

WSI Swim Instructor

Paddling Instructor

Athletics Coaches

If you’re interested in a position at Camp Kiniya and would like more information please send your cover letter and resume to Marnie McDonagh at [email protected].


Kiniya 2015 Leadership Training Weekend

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This past weekend we welcomed just over half of the 2015 Kiniya JLs to Westport for our Leadership Training weekend. We had the fire roaring in Maclean all weekend and were thrilled to spend some time outside as well. Our time together was focused on learning about our own styles as individual leaders and discussing a few tools on how best to work with our campers this coming summer. Each person brought a different perspective and helped the group see leadership in a variety of ways. Mollie led us in some outdoor discussions and adventures out on the frozen lake and we cooked a nice treat over the fire at the Middlebury Outdoor Pavilion – muffins in an orange peel! We wanted it to feel as much like Camp as possible so we included vespers, a chapel talk, and even Sunday talks! Our time together served as an excellent time to begin preparing for summer, as first time employees, and as a nice break from their busy lives at home and school.

Kat Nelson, #20595
Leadership Development Director


Cultivating Camp’s Tech Free Traditions In The Digital Age

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By Catharine Steiner-Adair, EdD

Originally Published in the 2014 September/October Camping Magazine


The camp director of one of the oldest and most respected camps on the continent remembers how, a few years ago, his camp’s continuing tradition as a tech-free environment was especially hard for some fourteen- and fifteen-year-old campers. Cell phones, texting, and social media were the personal default setting of their lives. “We had some kids who really missed it,” he told me recently. The networked life was the only life they knew at home and school. Going tech-free was a culture shock for them. Today, he says, the same-aged campers “express a huge sigh of relief to be getting away from the phone and Facebook®.”

Never before have there been such compelling reasons to send a child to summer camp, as we all adjust to life in the digital age. Very few places are left on the planet today where you can see 150 kids happily walking, talking, giggling, and singing together, where they’re fully engaged, fully present to each other, arms linked, with nobody looking down to check a phone. Where else can you see groups of children laughing with each other over the story they’re telling and not the YouTube® videos they’re watching? The tech-free, unmediated moment is so rare in children’s lives today. They hardly know what it’s like to be around grownups, young adults, and peers when nobody puts a conversation on hold to take a call on their cell phone, or “just check” for texts or e-mail. These mini-moments of disconnect have become an accepted part of relationships, but not a helpful one.

Click Here to Finish Reading

November E-Newsletter

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IMG_0863-XLGet Those Applications In!

  • The application for the summer of 2015 is available online. The camper application deadline is January 15th, but why not get those applications in now before you get all wrapped up in the holiday season (no pun intended).
    Returning Campers: apply via their Online Account
    New Campers: can apply online here.
    Aides, JLs, ALs, & Leaders: Remember, your first step is to submit a written Letter of Interest to either Matt or Marnie by December 1st.


IMG_2943-XLDo You Know A Great Kid for Camp?

It’s not too late to apply for the summer of 2015. If you know a great kid for Dudley or Kiniya be sure to mention us. Our focus for recruitment is on boys currently in 5th grade and girls currently in 4th grade, but we have new campers in all divisions. You can send families to our website, refer them through our Refer A Camper page, or simply call us at 518-962-4720.

Willie with Campers

Donate Today

In 2014, the William J. Schmidt Scholarship Fund gave away over $800,000 to support over 250 Dudley & Kiniya campers. The scholarship fund is made possible through the generous support of alumni, parents, Leaders, Staff, and even some campers! That’s something all of us can be proud of. Please join your friends and family and help us support more great kids at Dudley & Kiniya. You can donate to our Annual Fund here.

IMG_7054-XLThe Lost Sheep Campaign

We love to keep as many people as we can updated about the great stuff we’re up to at Dudley & Kiniya. That’s why we’re in the midst of a campaign to update the information for as many alumni as we can. It’s easier than ever too! If you know anyone that’s not getting the Camp Dudley News or emails like this one then send them to our Reconnect Form here.

The Open House Video is Online

At each of our Open House stops we’ve been getting rave reviews for this year’s Open House Video (great job Brendan “Lefty” Loughman!), so we figured we should put it online sooner rather than later. So here it is…

DSCN3731__98494.1405350316.220.220Looking for Some Christmas Gifts?

How about something from Dudley & Kiniya? Our online store has tons of great gift items for any fan of our camps.

You can check out our Online Store here.


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The very best way to keep up with all the action at Dudley & Kiniya throughout the year is to follow us on social media.

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2014 Dudley Majors Sign Up!

• 4 years ago • Dudley Blog

This year we’re asking all Plebe Campers through Aides to submit their Major choices before they arrive. PLEASE COMPLETE THIS FORM BY JUNE 1st. All Cub campers will be given an orientation on our Majors Program at the start of camp and they will have an opportunity to sign-up at that time. Campers will be given the opportunity to switch their majors at the start of the summer if they decide they would like to do something different between now and their arrival in Westport. You can view descriptions of our 2014 Majors Program here.

Beckman to be powered by the sun

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img_5403 copyWe are all very excited to be closing in on Dudley’s first large scale renewable energy project. As of today, the mounting brackets are all installed on the roof, and a handful of the solar panels are in place.  Estimated to be complete by May, next summer’s incoming campers and parents will be treated to a shiny new view of the south side of the Beckman roof. The solar array will consist of approximately 100 panels, with the capacity to create enough electricity to offset almost ½ of our current annual use in Beckman. Between the energy we create, and a handful of energy efficiency changes in the kitchen over the next few years, we’ll hope to reach our goal of making the dining hall a “zero energy building”, which is a building that creates roughly the same amount of energy that is consumes annually. 

To see more of the project click here.

2013 AL Winter Leadership Trip Recap

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Just before the start of the New Year ten perspective leaders, led by Dylan Pollock # 17676 and Marlon Fisher # 16119, began a six day leadership expedition. The group was based out of a winterized yurt in Stacy Wilderness. To start out, the group assisted local non-profit organization called Champlain Area Trails, in creating some local trails between Westport and Essex. More highlights included ice climbing at ADK Rock and River’s private ice park and a two day hike in the JBL region where they summited  Lower Wolfjaw Mountain. This section of the trip also included an overnight at the Peggy O’Brian cabin. It was a chance to spend time with friends while developing leadership skills during the holiday times. All and all, it was an incredible trip. Check out more pictures right here!

Dylan & Marlon


Fall 2013 Camp Dudley News Letter from Matt

• 4 years ago • Blogs | Dudley Blog

matt head shotDear Friends,

Recently, a wonderful letter arrived from a “Dudley Mom” thanking us for the impact the summer had on her son. It reads:

“Dudley has provided my son the most wonderful and life-changing experiences. I know that Dudley will forever be a part of his life and has already had a significant impact on his life. I also know that these experiences will have even greater impact on his life in the future. I don’t know how Dudley does this but there is magic up there on the shores of the lake. Our family is deeply thankful for all Dudley has done.”

Her son has begun his leadership training and has just started to share what he has learned with younger boys who now look up to him. He has already gained much from camp, but what he learned here as an Aide gives him the foundation to build his character into adulthood. Dudley is good for our boys today, but as important, it is good for our boys in the future.

Matt with Jack Mingle

Matt with Jack Mingle

This summer was another “best-ever.” Like all summers, it also had some major challenges. One was our decision to take more control over what we eat by bringing our food service in-house. In short, we had to start from scratch in all areas from menus to employees to quantities. We learned a good deal along the way and are very pleased to be where we are now. Amazingly, when our good friend and former food service manager, #13081 Jack Mingle, (1981-89) heard of our decision, he offered his hand in help. Jack wanted to make sure we “did it right” and came as a volunteer to the kitchen most days throughout the summer. Thanks, Jack. It was wonderful having your support.

This fall, Marnie and I are revisiting our strategic plan with the Board that will guide us as we continue our good work for the next generation of Dudleyites. As a part of that process, we are surveying the Dudley Family, one of our greatest assets. We appreciate your insights on what makes Dudley unique. The results of this effort have already been amazing, and we look forward to sharing them with you. One thing that stands out . . . we are all proud of our affiliation with Camp, proud of our Camp Number, and of “the Dudley Brand.”

Thank you for your support today, and into the future.



#13804 Matt Storey, Director

PS: The place to add your voice to the strategic plan is here.


CDA Reunion 2013

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Around 300 people made the trip north to attend this past weekend’s CDA Reunion! The three day event was full of activities ranging from hikes in the ADK’s to a greased watermelon contest down at Swim Point.

After a jam packed Saturday full of fun, the group made its way into Witherbee Hall to celebrate the CDA Man of the Year award given to #6102 Cab Woodward. Thanks to some kind words provided by Cab’s pals, #6581 Berkeley Johnson and #7927 Jonathan Clark, the Dudley audience was treated to some great stories and reflections on their friend. After the ceremony we were led in a hymn sing by James Mayo!

On Sunday, we celebrated the life of #16000 Lois Schmidt at the Camp Dudley Chapel. To view the service in it’s entirety please click here.

Thanks to all of you that came out and made this such a memorable weekend!

To view a photo gallery from the weekend please click here

Final Week of Camp

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We have had an amazing final week here at Camp Dudley. The boys are in amazing spirits and no one can believe that it is almost over! We had the first ever Outdoor Hymn Sing last night with James Mayo under the most amazing Dudley Dome. Today we wrap up regular activities and will have our Final Banquet on main campus followed by All Camp Council Ring under the stars. Boys are having a ball and enjoying every last minute. Thanks to all for sharing your boys with us! To see more of the action, see our Week 8 Photos.


Spectacular day for a sail on Lake Champlain


James Mayo leads the first ever Outdoor Hymn Sing on Main Campus under the Dudley Dome!


Week 7 Photos are Live!

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Check out all of the week 7 photos here!


Dudley Spotlight: Witherbee Hall

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hobbit dress 5It has been an exciting start to second half in the Hawl.  We kicked off the first Saturday Night show with an abridged version of The Hobbit directed by Wendy Higgins, with an all star cast.  Witherbee was transformed in to a series of caves, mountain ledges and Smaug’s treasure hoard in Lonely Mountain as Biblo and the Dwarves shared their adventure with the audience.

One Wednesday that were Cabin dance parties, a Martial Arts presentation, and a beautiful rendition of Radiohead’s Karma Police by visiting staff, Sluke among many other talents that graced the stage that evening.

Last Saturday night in the Hawl was one of perfection.  Diana McGuigan George directed A Christmas Carol, that filled the hawl with special effects, snow machines, expert lighting, exquisite acting, ghosts of Christmas past present and future, and Scrooge.  Campers left the Hawl highly entertained as well as ecstatic and ready for the holiday themed Hymn sing the following night. Check out the full performance in the video below!

This week, we are gearing up for the Biggish Show, Written and Directed by Bridget and Mark Davenport, Music written by Alexei Carstenson “Coool Feever”
Next week we end the summer with Mellowfest, Hosted by the Junior division and Matinee of the Arts for Parents weekend.
By Wendy Higgins, Witherbee Hall Department Head

Sustainability at Camp Dudley

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Sustainability Flyer

The new Sustainability Flyer that hangs on every cabin wall.

7:33 Cannon and Flag, waiters report to Beckman
7:50 Breakfast Bell
8:00 Chapel Talk and Breakfast
8:30 Inspection.

Spin the work wheel, crank up the tunes, listen to your Aide- its time for morning chores. For the 15 minutes after breakfast and before morning activities, every camper, from cubbie to senior, makes their beds, tidies their closet and pitches in to clean the cabin. While inspection is by no means the highlight of any campers’ day, and probably has never been the subject of a postcard home to mom and dad, it is deeply ingrained in the culture. It is simply, to the campers, a thing we do.

This summer there is an additional chore on the work wheel. The campers in charge of taking out the trash are also in charge of taking out the co-mingled recycling to the recycling receptacles the divisional area. Campers don’t have any trouble wrapping their heads around this task. In fact, our rate of contamination (% of items in recycling that don’t belong there) is already far lower than most public recycling facilities anywhere in the county. The campers are on board. Furthermore, in several cabins such as Adirondack Lodge, campers have chosen to go Zero Waste. This means no more taking out the cabin trash… ever. Adirondack lodge has figured it out. Cabin living is indeed simple living, and what formally counted as trash can instead go to the recycling, compost, or even better, not produced. The only non-recyclable that possibly come out of any Dudley cabins are:

– lost and lonely old socks
– Items sent in a letter from home (no more packages to worry about)
– A broken toy from home (some amalgam of plastic, fabric, rubber etc.)
– Loot from the Westport Word’s Fair (sorry first session guys)

In addition, Dudley has hit a sustainability target that we can all be proud of. Camp wide, we are producing less the half of the waste from last summer. While both the cabins and program areas are making an effort to cut back, the good work of Dan Stromberg and his kitchen staff are noteworthy. The kitchen and dining hall have cut 60% of waste produces last summer!

It is amazing how quickly campers are actively engaging- all in the name of what they’ve dubbed “suSteenerbility”. We are confident that these changes to our camp routine will become, like the rest of daily inspection, simply a thing that we do at Dudley.

8:45 muster in division area
9:00 begin morning activity period

Written by Scott Steen, #15509 – Outdoor Program/Sustainability Director

Week Six Photos are Live!

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Check out all of the week 6 photos here!


The Spiritual Program at Dudley

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With five Sunday’s quickly coming and passing, we’ve had some incredibly talented speakers. Wayne Miesel wrapped up the first half following the excellent and varied Chapel speakers before him of Jonathan Appleyard, Andrew Forsthoefel, and Bob Langston. Capping off each Sunday night we’ve had some magical moments at Hymn Sing in “the hall” led by James Mayo!

Cued up for this week at the Dudley Chapel is Oliver Jeffers #15191 with Jean Stowell #22375 and John Crowder to follow and finish out Dudley’s Spiritual program in our beautiful outdoor chapel.
-David Nelson


Dudley Second Session Program is Underway

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We’re a full week into our schedule and the boys have touched on each pillar of the Dudley Program. At the end of last week the boys chose their Individual, Art, and Team Majors and were assigned to their Divisional Teams. The Plebe, Junior, and Senior teams all went to the Challenge Course on Thursday for some team building before the competitions heat up. We had our first Wednesday Night Show and Saturday Night Show (The Hobbit, which was very well received). On Sunday, we held our first Chapel Service of the session, which featured a sermon by our very on Steve Schmidt #10875. And we ended the day with a rousing Hymn Sing! Yesterday, the Senior Division headed out to the Adirondack Wilderness for their hiking, canoeing, rock climbing, and farm to plate trips. We’ve got more games, arts majors, individual majors, and council rings scheduled for today and this evening. To top it all off the weather has been spectacular the last few days…sunny, low humidity, highs in the high 70’s! YOHA!


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