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Beckman to be powered by the sun

• 5 years ago • Alumni | Announcements | Blogs | Dudley Blog

img_5403 copyWe are all very excited to be closing in on Dudley’s first large scale renewable energy project. As of today, the mounting brackets are all installed on the roof, and a handful of the solar panels are in place.  Estimated to be complete by May, next summer’s incoming campers and parents will be treated to a shiny new view of the south side of the Beckman roof. The solar array will consist of approximately 100 panels, with the capacity to create enough electricity to offset almost ½ of our current annual use in Beckman. Between the energy we create, and a handful of energy efficiency changes in the kitchen over the next few years, we’ll hope to reach our goal of making the dining hall a “zero energy building”, which is a building that creates roughly the same amount of energy that is consumes annually. 

To see more of the project click here.

2013 AL Winter Leadership Trip Recap

• 6 years ago • Alumni | Blogs | Dudley Blog


Just before the start of the New Year ten perspective leaders, led by Dylan Pollock # 17676 and Marlon Fisher # 16119, began a six day leadership expedition. The group was based out of a winterized yurt in Stacy Wilderness. To start out, the group assisted local non-profit organization called Champlain Area Trails, in creating some local trails between Westport and Essex. More highlights included ice climbing at ADK Rock and River’s private ice park and a two day hike in the JBL region where they summited  Lower Wolfjaw Mountain. This section of the trip also included an overnight at the Peggy O’Brian cabin. It was a chance to spend time with friends while developing leadership skills during the holiday times. All and all, it was an incredible trip. Check out more pictures right here!

Dylan & Marlon


Dudley Christmas Cards

• 6 years ago • Announcements | Blogs

In 2009 we remembered that we have a wealth of artistic talent in the Dudley Family. We wanted to tap into it throughout the year – especially with our Christmas Card. As you will see below, we’ve had great fun with the card each year, and thanks to the Dudleyites who have helped is along the way. Stay tuned for more in the future!

scott card pdf wp

2013, Scott Steen #15509
Scott currently serves as Camp Dudley’s Outdoor Program & Sustainability Director. He also finds a little time to put together some artwork for us too! A cub in 1991, Scott rose through the leadership ranks to become a Senior Division leader for 3 summers and eventually a position working in the Hike Hut for 5 summers. See more of Scott’s work HERE

2012, #13556 Mac Premo
Mac came to Camp Dudley as a Cub in Rensselaer in 1984 and fell in love with the place. He went through the camper and leadership ranks, and enjoyed his time everywhere at camp, especially at Brodie Arts & Crafts. Mac is an artist who lives in Brooklyn, NY. You can see his work and learn more about him at www.macpremo.com.

2011, #15191 Oliver Jeffers
All the way from Belfast Ireland, Ollie came to camp with his brother Rory for the first time in 1990 as a junior in Andrews Lodge. He went through the leadership ranks and is currently an author and artist who focuses on childrens books. His work can be found at www.oliverjeffers.com.

2010, #19555 Lauren Widing
Lauren has worked in Brodie Arts & Crafts for the last 8 summers and is currently the head of Brodie. Her father and 3 brothers have all come to Camp, but she has the longest consecutive summer run in the family! Lauren and her husband Peter Maiurano live in the Boston area where she is a teacher at the Fessenden School.

2009, #17425 Matt Ator
Matt or “Matador” went to camp as a camper through leader and staff member who most recently led the German Exchange trip in 2011. He also designed the Last Whistle for several years and helped with our publications department. Matt is currently at teacher and coach at the Hun School in Princeton, NJ


Fall 2013 Camp Dudley News Letter from Matt

• 6 years ago • Blogs | Dudley Blog

matt head shotDear Friends,

Recently, a wonderful letter arrived from a “Dudley Mom” thanking us for the impact the summer had on her son. It reads:

“Dudley has provided my son the most wonderful and life-changing experiences. I know that Dudley will forever be a part of his life and has already had a significant impact on his life. I also know that these experiences will have even greater impact on his life in the future. I don’t know how Dudley does this but there is magic up there on the shores of the lake. Our family is deeply thankful for all Dudley has done.”

Her son has begun his leadership training and has just started to share what he has learned with younger boys who now look up to him. He has already gained much from camp, but what he learned here as an Aide gives him the foundation to build his character into adulthood. Dudley is good for our boys today, but as important, it is good for our boys in the future.

Matt with Jack Mingle

Matt with Jack Mingle

This summer was another “best-ever.” Like all summers, it also had some major challenges. One was our decision to take more control over what we eat by bringing our food service in-house. In short, we had to start from scratch in all areas from menus to employees to quantities. We learned a good deal along the way and are very pleased to be where we are now. Amazingly, when our good friend and former food service manager, #13081 Jack Mingle, (1981-89) heard of our decision, he offered his hand in help. Jack wanted to make sure we “did it right” and came as a volunteer to the kitchen most days throughout the summer. Thanks, Jack. It was wonderful having your support.

This fall, Marnie and I are revisiting our strategic plan with the Board that will guide us as we continue our good work for the next generation of Dudleyites. As a part of that process, we are surveying the Dudley Family, one of our greatest assets. We appreciate your insights on what makes Dudley unique. The results of this effort have already been amazing, and we look forward to sharing them with you. One thing that stands out . . . we are all proud of our affiliation with Camp, proud of our Camp Number, and of “the Dudley Brand.”

Thank you for your support today, and into the future.



#13804 Matt Storey, Director

PS: The place to add your voice to the strategic plan is here.


What’s Needed to Prepare Your Child for the Future?

• 6 years ago • Blogs

Current Board of Managers member Ted Smith shared with us this recent article from the the Huffington Post and we could not agree more! Enjoy.


What’s Needed to Prepare Your Child for the Future? The Answer May Surprise You…

Since Junior’s birth, you’ve been socking away savings from every paycheck to ensure he has money for college. After all, that’s what responsible parents do, right? Making sure he has the education to prepare him for the workforce, to care for himself and his family…? Click here to read full article

CDA Reunion 2013

• 6 years ago • Alumni | Blogs | Dudley Blog

Around 300 people made the trip north to attend this past weekend’s CDA Reunion! The three day event was full of activities ranging from hikes in the ADK’s to a greased watermelon contest down at Swim Point.

After a jam packed Saturday full of fun, the group made its way into Witherbee Hall to celebrate the CDA Man of the Year award given to #6102 Cab Woodward. Thanks to some kind words provided by Cab’s pals, #6581 Berkeley Johnson and #7927 Jonathan Clark, the Dudley audience was treated to some great stories and reflections on their friend. After the ceremony we were led in a hymn sing by James Mayo!

On Sunday, we celebrated the life of #16000 Lois Schmidt at the Camp Dudley Chapel. To view the service in it’s entirety please click here.

Thanks to all of you that came out and made this such a memorable weekend!

To view a photo gallery from the weekend please click here

Week 7 Photos are Live!

• 6 years ago • Blogs | Dudley Blog | Kiniya Blog

Check out all of the week 7 photos here!


Dudley Spotlight: Witherbee Hall

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hobbit dress 5It has been an exciting start to second half in the Hawl.  We kicked off the first Saturday Night show with an abridged version of The Hobbit directed by Wendy Higgins, with an all star cast.  Witherbee was transformed in to a series of caves, mountain ledges and Smaug’s treasure hoard in Lonely Mountain as Biblo and the Dwarves shared their adventure with the audience.

One Wednesday that were Cabin dance parties, a Martial Arts presentation, and a beautiful rendition of Radiohead’s Karma Police by visiting staff, Sluke among many other talents that graced the stage that evening.

Last Saturday night in the Hawl was one of perfection.  Diana McGuigan George directed A Christmas Carol, that filled the hawl with special effects, snow machines, expert lighting, exquisite acting, ghosts of Christmas past present and future, and Scrooge.  Campers left the Hawl highly entertained as well as ecstatic and ready for the holiday themed Hymn sing the following night. Check out the full performance in the video below!

This week, we are gearing up for the Biggish Show, Written and Directed by Bridget and Mark Davenport, Music written by Alexei Carstenson “Coool Feever”
Next week we end the summer with Mellowfest, Hosted by the Junior division and Matinee of the Arts for Parents weekend.
By Wendy Higgins, Witherbee Hall Department Head

Sustainability at Camp Dudley

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Sustainability Flyer

The new Sustainability Flyer that hangs on every cabin wall.

7:33 Cannon and Flag, waiters report to Beckman
7:50 Breakfast Bell
8:00 Chapel Talk and Breakfast
8:30 Inspection.

Spin the work wheel, crank up the tunes, listen to your Aide- its time for morning chores. For the 15 minutes after breakfast and before morning activities, every camper, from cubbie to senior, makes their beds, tidies their closet and pitches in to clean the cabin. While inspection is by no means the highlight of any campers’ day, and probably has never been the subject of a postcard home to mom and dad, it is deeply ingrained in the culture. It is simply, to the campers, a thing we do.

This summer there is an additional chore on the work wheel. The campers in charge of taking out the trash are also in charge of taking out the co-mingled recycling to the recycling receptacles the divisional area. Campers don’t have any trouble wrapping their heads around this task. In fact, our rate of contamination (% of items in recycling that don’t belong there) is already far lower than most public recycling facilities anywhere in the county. The campers are on board. Furthermore, in several cabins such as Adirondack Lodge, campers have chosen to go Zero Waste. This means no more taking out the cabin trash… ever. Adirondack lodge has figured it out. Cabin living is indeed simple living, and what formally counted as trash can instead go to the recycling, compost, or even better, not produced. The only non-recyclable that possibly come out of any Dudley cabins are:

– lost and lonely old socks
– Items sent in a letter from home (no more packages to worry about)
– A broken toy from home (some amalgam of plastic, fabric, rubber etc.)
– Loot from the Westport Word’s Fair (sorry first session guys)

In addition, Dudley has hit a sustainability target that we can all be proud of. Camp wide, we are producing less the half of the waste from last summer. While both the cabins and program areas are making an effort to cut back, the good work of Dan Stromberg and his kitchen staff are noteworthy. The kitchen and dining hall have cut 60% of waste produces last summer!

It is amazing how quickly campers are actively engaging- all in the name of what they’ve dubbed “suSteenerbility”. We are confident that these changes to our camp routine will become, like the rest of daily inspection, simply a thing that we do at Dudley.

8:45 muster in division area
9:00 begin morning activity period

Written by Scott Steen, #15509 – Outdoor Program/Sustainability Director

Week Six Photos are Live!

• 6 years ago • Blogs | Dudley Blog | Kiniya Blog

Check out all of the week 6 photos here!


The Spiritual Program at Dudley

• 6 years ago • Blogs | Dudley Blog

With five Sunday’s quickly coming and passing, we’ve had some incredibly talented speakers. Wayne Miesel wrapped up the first half following the excellent and varied Chapel speakers before him of Jonathan Appleyard, Andrew Forsthoefel, and Bob Langston. Capping off each Sunday night we’ve had some magical moments at Hymn Sing in “the hall” led by James Mayo!

Cued up for this week at the Dudley Chapel is Oliver Jeffers #15191 with Jean Stowell #22375 and John Crowder to follow and finish out Dudley’s Spiritual program in our beautiful outdoor chapel.
-David Nelson


Dudley Second Session Program is Underway

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We’re a full week into our schedule and the boys have touched on each pillar of the Dudley Program. At the end of last week the boys chose their Individual, Art, and Team Majors and were assigned to their Divisional Teams. The Plebe, Junior, and Senior teams all went to the Challenge Course on Thursday for some team building before the competitions heat up. We had our first Wednesday Night Show and Saturday Night Show (The Hobbit, which was very well received). On Sunday, we held our first Chapel Service of the session, which featured a sermon by our very on Steve Schmidt #10875. And we ended the day with a rousing Hymn Sing! Yesterday, the Senior Division headed out to the Adirondack Wilderness for their hiking, canoeing, rock climbing, and farm to plate trips. We’ve got more games, arts majors, individual majors, and council rings scheduled for today and this evening. To top it all off the weather has been spectacular the last few days…sunny, low humidity, highs in the high 70’s! YOHA!


The 2013 German Exchange

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The 2013 German Exchange Group are into their final week in Germany with tour stops that will include Berlin and Munich. Reports back have told us that it has been an incredible time for all with our dear friends at Camp Abbensen YMCA. We’ll have the whole group back in the United States on Saturday with the boys heading back to Westport and the girls back to Colchester. We’re looking forward to hearing all of the stories from the trip, and we cannot thank the folks at Abbensen for their generous hospitality over the past month! We look forward to hosting the 2014 group!

Dudley and Kiniya Week 5 Photos

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What a wonderful start to 2nd session here at Dudley and Kiniya! Check out all of the action in our Week 5 gallery. A new set of pictures will be uploaded every Friday morning. Also be sure to keep an eye on the website for our weekly blogs and LIKE us on Facebook to keep up with all of the happenings. Enjoy the pictures!

-Brendan “Lefty” Loughman


Athletics at Kiniya

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Here is the latest news from the Athletic Department!  The Kiniya Open Tennis Tournament is in “full swing” with some hotly contested matches in both singles and doubles.  Campers and staff both competing for the title!  Our team competitions are being played in lacrosse, soccer, softball and basketball. Strategies from coaches and keen execution from campers has lead to some dramatic final minutes!  Needless to say, the cheering on the sidelines is just as fierce and spirited as the competition on the field!  The Archery and Golf Majors are definitely improving their skills daily. The Athletic Department provided a “Christmas in July” Extravaganza on Saturday, complete with Reindeer Races, Ski Races, Ornament Making and singing of Christmas carols.  We even had our version of “the Grinch”, running around, trying to spoil our Christmas spirit, but the campers would win him over with their smiles, laughing and joyful singing!  All in all, it has been a terrific session filled with a great variety of activities, competitions and fun that has gone into overtime!
Kissy Rowley
Athletic Director

Former NBA player & Coach Mike Dunleavy, Sr. Visits Dudley

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Thanks to our first ever Camp Dudley Online Auction, we got a visit from former NBA player & Coach Mike Dunleavy, Sr. today at Dudley! Coach Dunleavy ran the campers through a series of on court drills and even coached a game as well! He also spoke to the group about the fundamentals of the game and much more. Thanks, Coach!

To be a part of our 2nd Online Auction please click HERE
To view a gallery of Coach Dunleavy’s visit click HERE


Dudley and the Arts

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The Arts Program at Dudley is in full swing! Witherbee Hall has been jam packed with Saturday Nights Shows, Wednesday Night Shows, music, skits, The Rhythm Ramblers… We’ll let the pictures do the talking for us!

Meanwhile over at Brodie Arts and Crafts Lauren Widing Reports:
As the 129th summer has kicked off Brodie is looking for popsicle stick trees! Any knowledge or sign of a way to mass produce popsicle sticks would be greatly appreciated by the Brodie staff. Boys are building boats, canoes, boxes, frames, Eiffel Towers, and even Champ out of popsicle sticks and hot glue. Printmaking is a new addition to the Brodie art majors, and it seems to be attracting a lot of interest. Boys have been busy during ceramic majors creating crests, owl families, coil pots, and plenty of hand clay. The large porch is an ever popular hang out, not only for crafting lanyards and hemp, but free draw, building, and relaxing during the few moments of sunshine each day! What a wonderful start to the summer.

Over in Publications we’ve already released a couple of Dudley Doings courtesy of Editor Reed Gilbride. The photos have been rolling out like never before thanks to our team of Photographers: Drew, Reed and Lefty. And on the video front we have a very special video that was shown during the first slideshow courtesy of Dan Lipin. Enjoy! (Try not to laugh too much either… it’s pretty awesome!)

The Outdoor Program at Kiniya

• 6 years ago • Blogs | Kiniya Blog

The Outdoor Program at Kiniya is in full swing! Not only have we visited all over the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont but we’ve also headed out to the Adirondacks in New York as well for a canoe trip! To add to the list, we’ve also sent out our first ever Paddle Boarding trip! The Kiniya Aides are currently over at Dudley experiencing both the high and low ropes course today as well! Until next time…



The Outdoor Department at Dudley

• 6 years ago • Blogs | Dudley Blog

All is well in the Outdoor Department at Camp Dudley.  While many of the hikes have returned from the Adirondacks with wet tents and muddy boots, the ample north-country rain has not damped our spirits. Currently on this Tuesday morning in July, the 2 Dudley/NOLS trips are deep in the Wyoming wilderness.  We have 14 trips from the Junior Division hiking, paddling and canoeing in the Adirondacks. On campus, the climbing wall is crawling with Plebes and a cub cabin is at the Ropes Course. Tonight, senior cabins Columbia and Colgate will embark on their Senior Night Experience, while several others will be eating delicious and locally raised burgers on their Cabin Overnights and Suppers at Stacy Brook and Cutler Point. On nights like this, when almost half of Camp Dudley is off playing in the woods, main campus feels both empty and calm. This is a welcome break in the weekly cycle of Camp when we can re-energize ourselves and gear up for the Wednesday Night Show and all-Camp programming that gives a different feel to the second half of the week. Wish us sunshine and happy trails.

More soon- Scott Steen


The Waterfront at Kiniya

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The first session at the waterfront is off to a tremendous start!  The water level is a lot higher than last year, which has allowed campers and staff to indulge in quite a few dips.  Sailing, paddling and aquatics have all been enthusiastically attended as majors, and campers try to remain down at the beach up until the last second trying out new skills they have acquired over the course of the week. Aside from majors, the waterfront has hosted a Pirate Treasure Hunt as the new Sunday Game with cabin Coyne finding the loot, which was a great highlight to end off the previous week.  The Paddle-boards were put to good use this past Friday for an overnight trip up the Lamoille River, and a great deal of fun was had by both campers and the trip leaders.  The packs were all thrown in a canoe, in case any visions of campers struggling with a loaded pack, a PFD, a paddle, a water bottle and a board may be running through your minds.  Overall a good program and some VERY happy campers!

-Nick Ansell, Program Director


Week 2 Photos are Live!

• 6 years ago • Blogs | Dudley Blog | Kiniya Blog

Check out the week 2 photos right here!
And in case you missed it, head on over to the video page to see a special 4th of July video from Dudley!


Spring Work Weekend 2013

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We had a great turnout for Spring Work Weekend 2013! With two crews working at both Dudley and Kiniya, much was accomplished. Thanks to all that came out! To view all of the pictures from the weekend click here.



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