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Dave Langston, #10555 Named Dudley Development Director

• 7 years ago • Announcements

Dave Langston, #10555 named new Development Director

On November 16th, Dudley Director Matt Storey announced the good news  that #10555 Dave Langston would become the Director of Development at Dudley. Said Matt;  “Dave comes to us most recently from Susquehanna Township School District where he has been a science teacher and advisor. Prior to that, he was the Executive Director of the Harrisburgh, PA Chapter of the Red Cross where he directly managed all fundraising and disaster relief for his region.  We are delighted that he can join our team.”

Dave came to Dudley for the first time in 1967 and has known and worked  with all 6 directors since then. More recently, he has been a member of the 2012 Dudley summer staff as the head of the Spiritual Program and as lead challenge course instructor in the outdoor’s program.

Said Matt “Dave is a very solid development professional and Marnie and I look forward to getting Dave on board.  He is incredibly well prepared, will strengthen our management team and grow our successful fundraising efforts.”

Dave and his wife Lora #17855, who works on our summer staff in Brodie, will be moving to the area in 2013.  Said Dave, “I am excited and honored to have been selected to serve and we are looking forward to what lies ahead in the North Country.” Dave will be in his office at Dudley in early January. He can be reached at [email protected]

Job Opening: Food Service Director

• 7 years ago • Announcements

Food Service Director – Camp Dudley YMCA, Inc. Westport, NY – We are looking for a Food Service Director to manage an in-house operation for our summer camp for boys. Candidate must have a successful background in Food Service Management in an institutional environment, providing healthy and nutritious meals for a large number of individuals in a residential setting. This is a full time, flexible, seasonal position. Salary based on experience. Interested parties need to send a cover letter and resume to [email protected] or mail to Food Service Director Search, Camp Dudley, 126 Dudley Road, Westport, NY 12993. To download the full job description, please click here. Search to close on October 31st, 2012.

Evan George, #15017 Joins Year Round Team as Admissions & Program Director

• 7 years ago • Announcements

Evan George, #15017 joins team as Admissions & Program Director

Camp Dudley is pleased to announce that Evan George, Camper #15017, is joining the year-round team as the new Admissions and Program Director. In this new role, Evan will be responsible for the the coordination, outreach, and further development of our admissions and enrollment process at Camp Dudley, with particular attention paid to expanding the diversity of campers in Westport and Colchester each summer. During the camp season, Evan will be the Program Director at Camp Dudley. Following in the footsteps of greats like Ben Nelson #8070, JR Scanlon #10932, and Mike Schloat #15288, Evan will work to continue the storied history of Dudley programs while also looking to find new and innovative ways to enhance each aspect of the 4 pillars of Dudley’s program: athletics, the arts, the outdoors, and spirituality.

Evan’s first interaction with Dudley was attending Sunday Chapel services with his father, Rev. Floyd E. (Skip) George III, who was invited to preach at Dudley when he was serving the Westport Federated Church from 1987 until 1993. Evan then became a Cub in 1989 and attended Dudley for the next 5 years (the highlight of which was a Long Lake canoe trip led by our current Director, Matt Storey!), including the German Exchange Program. Evan returned to Dudley as a Leader in 2000, was the Senior Division Head from 2001-2003, and, in 2004, Evan ran the Boathouse. Though Evan hasn’t spent a summer in Westport since, Camp Dudley has never been far from his heart as he met his wife here, Diana McGuigan #18079. Three of Evan’s nephews and one niece now have camp numbers, Jacob Martz #20695, Samuel Scott #21854, Ben Scott #22554, and Hannah McGuigan #22879.

In his professional life, Evan has been guided by the lessons of leadership and service he learned at Dudley. After graduating from Hobart College in 2001, Evan became an English teacher and the head Varsity Soccer Coach at the Winchendon School in Massachusetts, where he led them to the NEPSAC Class B Championship in 2003. A native of New York City, Evan returned in 2005 as a program administrator for Working In Support of Education, Inc. (WISE), an educational non-profit focused creating social entrepreneurship programs for New York City’s public school students. Evan then became a Fellow at the Coro New York Leadership Center, where he studied organizational and leadership development in the public affairs arena. For the past 5 years, Evan has been with the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation as a Project Manager overseeing the development of Parks concessions.

Evan can be reached at [email protected]

2012 Arrival Dates

• 7 years ago • Announcements

We can’t wait to get going! Pack your bags, because you are coming to Camp! We look forward to welcoming you on the following dates:

YOHA – You’re coming to Camp!

Camp Dudley

Division Heads – June 14th by 6:00pm
Leaders – June 16th by 6:00pm
Assistant Leaders (ALs) – June 23rd by 6:00pm
Junior Leaders (JLs) – June 23rd by 6:00pm
Aides – June 23rd by 3:00pm
Staff – June 23rd by 6:00pm
First Session Campers Arrive – June 26th between 8-1pm

All Second session Aides – July 20th by 3pm
All Second session JLs, ALs, Staff – July 22nd between 3-6pm
Second Session Campers Arrive – July 24th between 8-1pm

Camp Kiniya

Division Heads – June 14th by 6:00pm
Leaders – June 16th by 12-noon
International Staff – June 18th
Staff – June 19th by 12noon
Assistant Leaders (ALs) – June 23rd by 6:00pm
Junior Leaders (JLs) – June 24th by 12noon
Aides – June 25th by 12noon
First Session Campers Arrive – June 26th between 8-1pm

All Second session Aides, JLs, ALs, Staff – July 22nd by 12noon
Second Session Campers Arrive – July 24th between 8-1pm



• 7 years ago • Announcements

New in 2012 – In an effort to streamline the information processing, eliminate errors and reduce waste, parents must log in to their CAMPER ACCOUNT for all paperwork and forms. Go to 1885.campdudley.org to do so. All deadlines are listed as well current camper information that we have on file. Please check in ASAP to stay ahead of these important deadlines. There will be no acceptance packets mailed this year. All health forms and camper information forms are included in the CAMPER ACCOUNT. If you have not logged into the account yet, please enter your email address into the right hand side. Please call the camp office at 518-962-4720 with questions. Also be sure to visit the Parent Q&A section for very important information.

Again, to log in go to: 1885.campdudley.org


This is what to expect when you go to 1885.campdudley.org

SOLD OUT! – WJS Benefit Concert – April 27th!

• 8 years ago • Announcements

Hosted by Camp Dudley with Mary Beth Kilkelly and #11260 Ed Schmidt

April 27th, 2012
7:00 pm to 10:30 pm
Powerhouse Arena • DUMBO
37 Main Street • Brooklyn, NY 11201
$25 advance • $30.00 door

All proceeds go to the WJS Scholarship Fund, allowing boys and girls to experience “The Other Fellow First” summer after summer…

Although this event is sold out, you can contribute by clicking here today!



London, England & Hannover, Germany Reunions are coming up!

• 8 years ago • Announcements

Matt, Marnie & Kat are heading over seas! Please consider joining us at one of the following events if you are in the area!

March 21, 2012 – 7:00pm
at the home of Dwight & Kirsten Poler
54 Parliament Hill
London NW3 2TL
just in the South End Green neighborhood of Hampstead.
Right above the Hampstead Heath overground station
Phone +44 7764 561 694.
rsvp to [email protected]

The 2011 London Reunion was a Blast!


March 24, 2012 – 2:00pm
at Camp Abbensen
Followed by dinner at 6:00pm
rsvp to [email protected]

A great turnout at the 2011 Dudley - Abbensen Event!


We are still accepting 2012 applications

• 8 years ago • Announcements

As of today we are still accepting applications for the 2012 Camp Dudley and Kiniya seasons. There are openings in selected divisions and sessions. Please get your applications in soon! Remember, returning campers, you should have received a PERSONALIZED RETURN CAMPER LINK. If you have not, please call the camp office at 518-962-4720 to get one re-sent. If you are a new camper, please click here to fill out a new camper application.

Check out the action from Opening Day 2011 and join us in 2012!


2011 Leaders’ Luncheon Weekend – 12/16 – 12/18

• 8 years ago • Announcements

The 412th Leaders’ Luncheon!

Like all Dudley extravaganzas, that’s a bit of an exaggeration.  But this December’s gathering in NYC of current and past Dudley/Kiniya Leaders and Staff has a history rooted in tradition that goes back more than 100 years.  When Dudley’s winter home was in New York City it was the natural spot for the troops to gather in the off-season.  Many of our more mature fellows will remember the years when the young college men would gather with Chief Beckman or Bob Marshall at the Yale Club for a sit-down, five-course meal.  Following Stich’s tenure as Director, the crew would gather at his and Carole’s home in New Canaan for the event.  And even more will remember fondly the train trips to Short Hills to the McKeown household where Joan, Sam and the army of slick caterers hosted a lasagna party to die for.  Many of us see this as the official start to Christmas!

This year’s installment will begin with an unofficial gathering on Friday (12/16) night at The Bravest (700 2nd Ave. at 38th Street.)  Saturday (12/17) is the main event at Connolly’s Restaurant from Noon until 4:00 PM (121 West 45th Street – third floor.)  Capping the weekend off is a Sunday morning brunch at Chevy’s from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM (42nd Street and 8th Avenue.) Over the years, we’ve tried to set the weekend to include venues for the adults to get together and then a full family friendly atmosphere at the brunch on Sunday.  Saturday’s function is ONLY for those members of the community who have worked for one of our camps as a Cabin Leader or a member of the Staff – no significant others or extended family members unless they have achieved the before mentioned status. If you have any questions regarding the weekend, please contact Davo ([email protected]) or Ryan ([email protected]) for more information.  We hope you’ll come join the gang in the City!

All Clear on Both Campuses

• 8 years ago • Announcements

Just a quick update to let you all know that we were very fortunate in both Westport and Colchester during the recent storms. We have several trees down on our properties, but no structural damage and thankfully, no injuries. Our communities have been hit hard and we are trying to be helpful when at all possible. Thanks to all who have been concerned, and we will keep you posted on how you can be helpful in the days ahead as we rebuild from the devastating floods and landslides that we had prior to the 2011 season.

The tree that fell on Clark Lodge caused no damage


The huge branch that fell on the Avery Boathouse also caused no damage


A tree at Camp Kiniya missed Coyne Cabin

The tree next to Coyne Cabin

Second Session Off to a GREAT Start!

• 8 years ago • Announcements

After a wonderful first session Parents’ Weekend, we are off to the races with the beginning of second session. Campers from 32 states and 6 countries are here enjoying the first days of their summer. Check out the second session opening day video below!

And for the Kiniya opening day video click below!

The German Trip Update

• 8 years ago • Alumni | Announcements | Dudley Blog | Kiniya Blog

This just in from Matt Ator and the German Exchange Group. Sounds great!

The trip has been incredible so far.  The three days in Munich flew by. We arrived in Hannover two days ago and sent the kids off to their home stays. We saw the boys this morning at a meeting with the Hanover mayor. It looks like they are all doing very well. Several of them went bowling together last night and we are all going to the zoo tomorrow.

We are at the Englicher Garten in Munich in the picture.

Camp Dudley and Kiniya and the wild Spring weather

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It has been well documented on the national news, we’ve had a visit from the Governor, Andrew Cuomo and despite rising tides, we’re still all set for another spectacular summer on both sides of Lake Champlain!  After a record amount of snow covered the North Country and Green Mountains this winter, Mother Nature did not hold back on turning that pretty snow into heavy rain – – – the combination of snow melting and rain falling allowed Lake Champlain to surge to record heights.  Currently, the Lake is almost 103 feet deep compared with the usual high at this time of the spring at 97 feet.  In Westport, erosion caused significant shoreline damage which has prompted us to be creative with how we will use a few of our facilities.  In Colchester, Junior Beach has more of a “Junior Lake” feel to it. Fortunately, our maintenance crew along with several alumni volunteers and construction teams will have Camp ready for opening day!  Our location on the shore of Champlain doesn’t come without it’s challenges but the entire Dudley team has reacted quickly and well.  We may swim in a slightly different spot, sail from a new location, or discover different  ways to explore our shoreline.  Nevertheless, we will be ready to welcome all of you very soon for another season of “The Other Fellow First!”  We’re counting the days…

April Showers = a GREEN Camp Dudley Campus

Heavy rains haven't stopped the renovation of the Kiniya Welcome Center

Combined Board & Work Weekend was Great FUN! Photos Added!

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The Camp Dudley Board of Managers Spring meeting was combined with the Annual Work Weekend this year and we got a ton done! Director of Maintenance Steve Denton had a long list of jobs to get accomplished and we tackled them all! After the Board of Managers meeting on Friday, the group stayed around for the weekend to pitch in with the regular Work Weekenders. Our friends from Sodexo catered the event with delicious meals. A big work crew went over to Kiniya to help Marnie and her team as well. We could not get camp ready each summer without this tremendous turnout and show of support. Thanks to you ALL! Mark your calendars and join us next year.

Work Weekenders Plant the Vegetable Garden

Board Chairman Dwight Poler painting the bell

Ted and Fred's Excellent Adventure

Chris Perry spruces up the Hike Hut

All planted, What's Next?!

Lots of helpers put siding in the Treiber Center for arts and crafts

Busy at work creating the brand new walkway by the Welcome Center

Painting in Senior Village!

Kevin McCormick and pals construct a new table

Shawn, Glenn and Dave Dewey smile in the rain!

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