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Thoughts About Your Year End Gift to Camp

Brendan • 3 months ago • Alumni | Blogs


Many of our parents, alums and friends are considering their year end giving plan. Here are some considerations as you evaluate your own giving.

  1. Gift Impact at Dudley and Kiniya

The impact that any gift has at Dudley and Kiniya is huge. Our comparative small size makes the impact of an individual donor’s philanthropy significant when compared to larger organizations. We are fond of saying that “Every Gift Matters” and we mean it.   

  1.  A Great Time to Give Appreciated Securities to Dudley and Kiniya

The US and Global stock markets have enjoyed another banner year.  All in all, most stock markets are up 20% or more this year, and some individual stocks, ETFs (exchange traded funds) and Mutual Funds are up even more than this.  This makes the current environment a favorable time to donate appreciated securities.  Since the Financial Crisis, many stocks and stock markets are up over 300%!!!  Donating appreciated securities (stocks, ETFs or mutual fund shares) to our BFTF Campaign (or to a donor advised fund and then to the Campaign) could mean that no tax should be due on any of the embedded capital gains.  Please consult your financial advisor to confirm your individual circumstances. Camp makes it easy to transfer appreciated securities. The directions for your broker are at www.campdudley.org/givestock.

  1.  TODAY We KNOW the Rules About Tax Deductions

Tax reform is in the news every day.  We don’t know if it will occur, or what changes might be enacted.  We do know that some of the “untouchable deductibles” such as state and local taxes, 401(k) contributions, mortgage interest and even possible limits on the deductibility of charitable contributions are part of the conversation.  Acting now gives you and other donors the benefit of current tax law so the tax deductibility of donations can be understood and considered as part of the gift. Once again, please consult your personal tax advisor about details. While we can’t predict the future, we do know that there have been many unexpected surprises over the past year.  Never say never!

  1. IRA Charitable Rollover Gift Option Can Benefit Camp If Available to You

A gift of retirement plan assets may be an easy way to reduce potentially high taxes and provide support to the Building for the Future Capital Campaign. If you are at age 70½ or older, and are the owner of a Traditional IRA (or inherited Traditional IRA), and do not need all or part of your required minimum distribution, you should be able to make tax-free IRA contributions directly to qualified public charities, such as Camp Dudley, Inc. Each age-eligible IRA owner can usually transfer up to $100,000 tax free per tax year. Your IRA gift must be completed on or before December 31 of the calendar year in which you choose to utilize the IRA Charitable Rollover gift vehicle for tax purposes. The check must be made payable directly to Camp Dudley, Inc. or to the Camp Dudley Foundation. You can only make outright gifts. Consult your personal tax advisor about details.

  1.  Accelerated Pledges Help Camp and Might Help You Too!

We would LOVE to have you involved in the Building For The Future Capital Campaign!  We are well on our way towards our $10mm+ goal, although we have procured some bank financing to “bring forward” several strategic projects (e.g. The Coleman Dining Hall at Camp Kiniya). This will ultimately be repaid through the BFTF Capital Campaign.  Your pledge can help ensure that we meet all of the goals of the Campaign, including paying off all of the bank financing by the end of the Campaign.  Pledges can be fulfilled through 2021, although if you have the financial flexibility, we would be extremely grateful if you could accelerate the fulfillment of your pledge to take advantage of today’s tax deductions.  

Most of all, THANK YOU for considering supporting our Camps’ Annual Fund and the Building For The Future Capital Campaign.  Gifts from any of these sources can be applied to either.  We will honor your request.  We are fortunate to have such a generous and passionate group of alumni, parents, grandparents, families, and friends!

Camp Dudley and Camp Kiniya do not provide tax, legal, or financial advice. We strongly encourage our donors to seek counsel from their own legal and financial advisors.  If choosing to use one of these gift opportunities, please check with your lawyer or tax advisor to assure implementing such a gift achieves the desired result.

Ways to Give

Gifts of Appreciated Securities – Details for you & your broker are here.

Credit Card Gifts Online – Visit our online giving page here.

Gifts by Check – Send your check to Camp Dudley, Inc., 126 Dudley Road, Westport, NY 12993

Deferred or Planned Gifts – Learn about the Beckman Society here or request more information.

2017 -18 Open House Dates!

Brendan • 5 months ago • Alumni | Blogs

One of our greatest off-season traditions is our annual Open House Tour. Each fall and winter we hold events in cities and towns all across the country (and world). These Open Houses serve two purposes: a chance for new campers and families to learn more about our camps and an opportunity for current campers, parents, and alums to reconnect.

To view the tour dates, click here.

New Building Dedications Bookend 2017 Summer

Brendan • 5 months ago • Alumni | Announcements | Blogs

Exciting things are happening to the property at Dudley and Kiniya!

Just before Camp opened in June, Marnie and her team dedicated the Coleman Dining Hall. This amazing structure stands as a tribute to Gail Coleman, Food Service Director at Kiniya for 25 years and still going strong! The Coleman Dining Hall fills a critical need in updating Kiniya’s food service capacities and now provides a grand space for everything from meals to a gathering point for friends. It also offers one of the best sunset viewing spots on Campus!

Coleman Dining Hall

Immediately following the 2017 summer at Dudley, Matt dedicated the Henry S. Poler Leadership Barn. The flexible structure has many uses. It was designed to be the headquarters for the Farm-to-Plate majors, an evening and day off retreat center for leaders, and the launch platform for NOLS and off campus exchange programs. In September 2017, it will be the home of the GAP Program. “Hank’s Barn” stands to meet many needs at Dudley and offers a grand view of the “Yum Yum Tree,” upper fields and nearby mountains in NY and VT.

Henry S. Poler Leadership Barn

Both these critical facilities are components of the Building for the Future Capital Campaign (BFTF) that is currently underway. Learn more about the Capital Campaign here.

2017 Father/Son Weekend Recap

Brendan • 1 year ago • Alumni | Blogs

Once again, we held our Father/Son Weekend during the first weekend in February. This annual tradition has proven to be a highlight of our off-season programming. Each year we’re joined by both current and former campers and their fathers as well as new campers and their fathers who have never been on campus before. It’s a combination that makes for some wonderful fellowship and fun. Add in some winter outdoor adventure and some amazing meals from our Food Service Director, #14962 Josh Olcott and you’ve got the makings of a pretty special 36 hours in Westport, NY.
We try to build the program to touch on aspects of camp life. On Friday night our Gap Program Director, #18794 Tom McDonough, led us in a vesper. On Saturday, we started the day with a Chapel Talk from #11264 Davo and then we headed out to Greeley Pond (at the top the Stacy Brook property) for ice skating. That was followed by a trip to the home of our Development Director, #10555 Dave “Fu” Langston for some lunch and an opportunity to learn about his maple syrup production and to help him tap a few trees. The afternoon also featured a fierce Father vs. Son floor hockey game and then, in the evening, we were led by #24231 Zane Sylvester and #12931 Scott Sylvester in a vesper, which was followed by some great music. A short Chapel Service on Sunday morning wrapped up the weekend. Thanks to everyone who made the effort to be here and to all those who made it happen!

Check out some photos of the event here.

Off-Season Inspiration – January, 2017

Brendan • 1 year ago • Alumni | Blogs

willa-webChapel Talk written by #22008 Willa McKinley (Left)

Good morning, Camp Dudley. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Willa McKinley and I live in Adams, that forbidden cabin that stands to the left of maintenance. When I was writing this chapel talk I was trying to figure out how many years I’ve worked at Dudley and I settled on that this is my 6th consecutive year at camp. But I think that number fails to represent the 21 years I’ve spent year-round in these gates. This morning I’d like to talk to you all about perspective, and first I’m going to share a fictional story that I found on the internet:

“Once upon a time, five blind men came upon an elephant.

“What is this?” asked the first one, who had run head first into its side.

“It’s an elephant.” said the elephant’s keeper, who was sitting on a stool, cleaning the elephant’s harness.

“Wow, so this is an Elephant! I’ve always wondered what Elephants are like.” said the man, running his hands as far as he could reach up and down the elephant’s side. “Why, it’s just like a wall, a large, warm wall!”

“What do you mean, a wall?” said the second man, wrapping his arms around the elephant’s leg. “This is nothing like a wall. You can’t reach around a wall! This is more like a pillar. Yeah, that’s it, an elephant is exactly like a pillar!”

“A pillar? Strange kind of pillar!” said the third man, stroking the elephant’s trunk. “It’s too thin, for one thing, and it’s too flexible for another. If you think this is a pillar, I don’t want to go to your house! This is more like a snake. See, it’s wrapping around my arm. An elephant is just like a snake!”

“Snakes don’t have hair!” said the fourth man in disgust, pulling the elephant’s tail. “You are closer than the others, but I’m surprised that you missed the hair. This isn’t a snake, it’s a rope. Elephants are exactly like ropes.”

“I don’t know what you guys are on!” the fifth man cried, waving the elephant’s ear back and forth. “It’s as large as a wall, all right, but thin as a leaf, and no more flexible than any piece of cloth this size should be. I don’t know what’s wrong with all of you, but no one except a complete idiot could mistake an elephant for anything except a sail!”

And as the elephant moved on, they stumbled along down the road, arguing more vehemently as they went, each sure that he, and he alone, was right and all the others were wrong”

Now, I want you to picture camp as this elephant and all of you as the blind men. Similar to the story of the elephant, your individual perspectives of camp probably differ depending on who you are and where you come from, but you’re all experiencing a common elephant, that of camp Dudley. Perhaps many of you share a very similar perspective of coming to camp that goes something like this- you were 10.5 when you made the long drive thru the Adirondacks to the upper fields, there you received the name of a cabin where you would spend the next 3.5 weeks and where your mom made your bed for you, for the first and the last time your bed was ever neat that summer…and the rest is history as you are all here today.

Today however, I want to offer you my perspective. In many ways, I represent everything that Camp Dudley is not. I am not a boy, my first time at camp was not when I was a 10.5 year old cub, I do not experience the dreadful ride home from camp that Connor Smith so accurately described in his 2014 chapel talk, I started working at camp a year younger than staff members are typically hired, I have a bed in both Adams and also at my permanent residence just 5 miles from here, I come before pre-season starts and I stay later than the last CDA reunion-goer, because I am a local. As you can see, my perspective of Camp Dudley is probably very different from all of yours, and I’d like to focus on the two reasons that stand out the most to me; being a girl at an all-boys camp, and being a local.

Some of you may be wondering, what is it like being a female working at Dudley?

Well, the obvious differences are I’ve never been a leader, I’ve never been a camper. But I’ve also never coached a team here, I’ve never run an extravaganza or council ring, and perhaps most obviously I am only an observer of the friendships you create amongst the leaders and with your campers.

As for being a local and working at camp? I see camp with the glowing buzz of summer and happy campers, contrasted with the silent, snowy whiteness of winter. For most of you, Dudley is probably the extent to which you know Westport, yet from a local’s perspective camp is literally its own civilization, cut off from the rest of Westport (although this is changing as Dudley gets more involved in the local community). Camp brings heavy business and money 6 days out of the year (including opening day, changeover, and closing day) as the Inns and bed and breakfasts are bustling with eager parents. Thus, as a local Camp Dudley is a limb to a whole body, a small part of a much bigger culture that extends into a community, into a county, into the Adirondacks, and into the world. For many of you, camp is the beginning and the end here in Westport; for locals there is a bigger world right here in this small town.

My perspective of Dudley is heavily influenced by who I am and the fact that I grew up here. Because of who I am, I will have a different summer here than all of you. But, similar to the lesson in the story of the elephant, that doesn’t make any one summer better or worse or any one perception of camp right or wrong. By offering you my perspective, I give you another piece of the elephant, the eye let’s say. This year at camp I urge you to discover a unique perspective of camp or your own piece of the elephant, one that is created by your individual experiences. In 3 days you will meet 300 boys who will all have their own ideas of camp, help them create their stories and evolve their experiences. As you open your mind to the perceptions of fellow leaders, campers, and staff members, piece by piece and story by story you work toward a bird’s eye view of the whole elephant.

I’d like to conclude with a quote from JK Rowling so please bow your heads, “The world is full of wonderful things you haven’t seen yet. Don’t ever give up on the chance of seeing them.” Amen.

Camp Dudley News Sneak Peak

Brendan • 1 year ago • Alumni | Blogs

The following article can be found in our Fall – 2016 Camp Dudley News.


Champlain Area Trails Creates Trails All Can Enjoy

By Chris Maron, CATS Executive Director

Imagine being in a part of the Adirondacks where there are fabulous views but hardly any hiking trails.  Pretty sad, right?  Well, welcome to the Champlain Valley ten years ago, just before Champlain Area Trails (CATS) began making trails.  

“When I moved here in 2000, #7973 Tim Barnett took me to Middle Road, in Essex, said Chris Maron, CATS’ Executive Director. “He pointed toward Westport and continued pointing as he rotated in a circle and said, ‘We’ve had a dream of a 30-mile loop-trail from Westport to Essex, going along the lake and back along Boquet Mountain.”

That dream moved toward reality in 2006 when Steven Kellogg and Bruce Klink, of Essex, were both reading the chapter in Bill McKibben’s Wandering Home about walking through Essex and Westport.  It inspired them to gather friends together to consider making trails.

The group concluded that the Champlain Valley had few trails because as the last addition to the Adirondack Park, it was mostly private property.  They decided to do something new—to create a network of hiking trails on mostly private landThey noted that the Eddy Foundation owned 2500 acres that could be the beginning of the trail corridor between Essex and Westport.  With Eddy approval, they hiked the landagreed upon trail routes, and recruited volunteers to create a six-miletrail.

In 2009, they incorporated CATS as a non-profit organization that creates hiking/skiing trails that link communities, connect people with nature, and promote economic vitality.  CATS soon became an accredited land trust that protects natural communities, farmland, and scenic vistas.

“Making trails and saving land are inextricably linked,” said Maron.  “As people hike, they support conserving land which allows for more trails and builds more support for land conservation.”

After seven years, CATS has developed 30 new trails covering over 45 miles.  Camp Dudley campers and Leaders have helped build some of those trails include a winter trail-clearing project that createdthe Three Creeks Trail.

CATS publishes a Trail Map annually showing its trails and other local trails. To promote hiking between communities, CATS has organized five “Grand Hikes” where as many as 250 people have walked from town to town on trails, farm lanes, and roads.  

In 2015, #15017 Evan George became Chair of CATS Board of Directors.  I’m honored to serve the community in this way. Champlain Area Trails provide a great variety of hiking/skiing experiencesthroughout the yearPeople can hike up to spectacular vistas or enjoy walking by beaver ponds, rock walls, and lush forests.  There are long, strenuous trails Dudley campers would like and shorter, easier hikes their parents might prefer.”  

To learn more about CATS, visit its website, www.ChamplainAreaTrails.com.

Opening Day Feels

Brendan • 2 years ago • Alumni | Blogs

My alarm sounded and my eyes fluttered open, already eagerly knowing what today meant. Despite the forecasted rain, the sun was out as I stretched and got out of bed. There was a light breeze coming in from off the lake, and the best part was the feeling in the air. As I drove down Dudley road early that Tuesday morning, it finally felt like summer to me. Sure preseason had been a busy blast, but there was nothing quite like a campus full of kids hurrying to get to their soccer team major or lunch at Beckman, piercingly sounding back to their friends who were behind them to, “hurry up and not forget their pants for their baseball game later that afternoon!”

Walking on to campus that particular early morning, I noticed the flow of anxious parents and excited young boys had already begun. They raced across the freshly-cut grass to hug returning friends and shook their new leader’s hands with smiling confidence, as they discovered what cabins they would be bunking in for the next three and a half weeks. The sound of Toro’s and golf carts delivering trunks filled my ears, and the breeze carried the air that already smelled like  barbecue lunch, as I made my morning trek past this cabin scene.

Everybody was smiling, including me, and I knew instantly it was going to be a great day. I was lifeguarding swim tests that first camp morning, down at Swim Point, as enthusiastic new campers lined up to show our staff their front crawl. They would hop onto the red, white, and blue starting blocks, cheerily wave to their parents in the bleachers, and then execute a flawless dive or semi-belly flop into the dark, blue depths. Soon to come up sputtering about how surprisingly cold it was, but how still they were determined to swim on through.


I felt like a cubbie as I shook multiple new hands, and scrambled to remember all their names so I could cheer them on in their appropriate swim lanes, as they glided through the calm water. Laughs echoed down to the water front from main campus, light music wafted over from Suter Point, and the chatter of parents and siblings, who wished they were attending camp too, brought what would seem like chaos to an outsider, full circle for me. In what had clichély seemed like, a blink of my eyes, a year had gone by and camp was starting back up. What promised to be another rewarding summer of learning new lacrosse moves to show teams back at home or carefully molding a pottery mug for grandma was upon us. And as I glanced into that bright sun that first official morning, I was glad camp was finally here too.


By: #22835 Alexa Mitchell
We’re very lucky to have Alexa back this summer taking on our weekly Summer Blogs! Much more to come…

2016 Summer Staff Jobs

Brendan • 2 years ago • Alumni | Announcements

Camp Dudley at Kiniya, summer camp for girls located in Colchester, VT and Camp Dudley, summer camp for boys located in Westport, NY,  are seeking team-oriented individuals to facilitate programming at our beautiful camps.  Must enjoy working with youth, with a secondary role as a positive role model for young women and men in a community dedicated to service and leadership development. Must be able to work independently and with a team.

Camp Dudley at KiniyaColchester, VT

Farm-to-Plate Gardening Position: Seeking individual who has experience with organic vegetable & flower gardening, composting, and cooking. Must enjoy sharing knowledge and love of gardening with youth! Role includes managing and maintaining the garden throughout the summer months and planning and teaching experiential activities for campers to participate in meaningful and fun ways. This includes preparing healthy cooking projects together (snacks, small dishes) using what is coming from the garden. Knowledge of nutrition and beekeeping a plus!

Interested in this position?

Please contact Mollie Farnham-Stratton
Outdoor Education Director, Camp Kiniya
[email protected]

Camp Dudley, Westport, NY

Kitchen Helper/Dishwasher: This is an entry-level food service position that is responsible for maintaining a high level of cleanliness in the kitchen. The kitchen helper is responsible for washing breakfast and lunch dishes, other dishes throughout the shift, mopping, accomplishing a schedule of tasks that promote kitchen cleanliness and organization, and assisting other food service staff as needed. Someone in this position will be exposed to cleaning compounds (we strive to use as many environmentally friendly cleaning products as possible), and a hot/humid environment at times during the workday. Physical demands include lifting/carrying 50# sacks, moving heavy trays of product, being on one’s feet for long periods, loading/unloading heavy objects from hot ovens and dishwashers. S/he must understand and support the mission of Camp Dudley.Knowledge, Skills, Abilities Familiarity with the dynamics of a professional kitchen is a plus. Attributes sought for this position are a willingness to learn, time/space management skills, physical stamina, a friendly temperament, a desire to help out where needed, and the ability to be a positive member of a cohesive team.

Ceramics Instructor: Seeking individual who has experience teaching art, with a particular emphasis on ceramics. Must enjoy sharing knowledge and love of ceramics with youth! Role includes managing and maintaining the ceramics equipment and the arts and crafts center throughout the summer months and planning and teaching activities for campers to participate in meaningful and fun ways. This includes teaching 1 hour classes 8 times a week. Must enjoy working with a team and pitching in wherever help is needed.

Lifeguard (multiple positions available): Seeking individuals who have current lifeguard certification to cover a busy lakeside waterfront. Lifeguards are responsible for providing supervision and ensuring a safe environment for all swimming activities and assist in the management of the physical operation and care for equipment. Lifeguards may also assist in conducting swimming lessons (WSI required) and help run all-camp events at the waterfront. Current lifeguard certification or equivalent required and current first aid and CPR required.   

Interested in these positions?

Please contact Evan George
Leadership, Admissions & Program Director
Camp Dudley
[email protected]

6th Annual Winter Leadership Trip

Brendan • 2 years ago • Alumni



This past December, 16 young leaders assembled at Dudley to participate in our 6th Annual Winter Leadership Trip. This year we invited JL’s to join in on the fun making it the largest attended winter trip yet!

The five day course provided participants with a unique opportunity to enjoy one of their favorite places with some of their closest friends during a special time of the year, which was made even more special with the arrival of our first significant snow! The skill set focus of the week was outdoor leadership and to that end our leaders were provided with a 2 day WFA course and certification from SOLO, a lot of  outdoor skills practice, and some quality time spent at Stacy village. Big thanks go out to our superstar leadership team: Jake Rutter, Tom & Jenn Brayden, and Raphie. This course was greatly enhanced by their individual outdoor and Dudley leadership knowledge and wisdom. A big part of the reason the course was so successful was because of their mentorship.

To view pictures from the trip, click HERE!

Written by #23685 Colin Loher | Outdoor Program Director

Sundays at Camp Dudley

Brendan • 3 years ago • Alumni | Blogs | Dudley Blog


I swear it was the sunniest day of the summer. The skies were bright blue, the lake was calm, and there were smiles on the faces of everybody I chatted with. It was just about time for Sunday Chapel services at camp and I was a first-timer.

If you have never experienced a Sunday at Dudley, I highly recommend doing so. Of my four summers at Dudley, I had yet to experience one and I will now shame myself for never attending these festivities.

It amazed me how small camp looked from the top of the Chapel steps. It was like a big extended family, comfortable squished into the stunning evergreen tree-lined grove.

gospel 1

The Gospel Choir was absolutely beautiful, between their group songs, solo pieces, and guitar number performed by Pete O’Brien.

James Mayo, lead from the piano seat, keeping the energy high and the audience engaged, while #21982 Dom Walker started out the Gospel songs on a lovely strong note.

The readings chosen were equally inspiring and it was nice to see the campers present these passages separately or alongside their cabin mates.

When the audience was invited to join in the singing the whole area was filled with the joyous voices of this family, and it brought a smile to my own face to see everybody so engaged and to know I was a part of it.


Director, Matt Storey, made an inspiring introduction speech where he told campers and leadership alike to “make the most of it,” meaning their last week, and to “find something you have not done yet at camp” and do it.

Storey finished his speech by advising us all to remain, “loud and proud!”

This was followed by thunderous applause and excited YOHA’s thrown in the air.


The main speaker of the service though was, Father Mark Connell, who had last spoken in 2011. Connell started out his speech by pulling the audience in. “I am looking at our nation’s future leaders, filled with hope,” he said of the campers.

Connell went on to tell a story in which he incorporated eye color, saying that for the last week of camp green-eyed people could not swim, blue-eyes could not have dinner, and brown-eyes had to go home today.

The point of this? It’s “kind of silly to think of ourselves by one characteristic of who we are,” Connell announced, bringing his fake experiment full circle.

“We like as people, to put people in categories,” he continued. “We do it in every aspect of our lives.”

Connell advised us to “seek for yourself what is your greatness” and take down those walls we have built up against one another for this last week of camp.

Overall, Chapel was a magical place that left everybody, myself included, engaged until the final song had ended and the audience dispersed into the beautiful day.


Later that night I ventured back to camp, my younger sister in tow. We were attending another Sunday Dudley tradition, Hymn Sing.

Walking into Witherbee Hall Sunday night the first thing I felt was the energy apparent as all the campers and leaders filed in and sat around and atop the stage, screaming and pumping one another up for the event.

It was growing darker outside, but the liveliness of Witherbee made it feel like the sunniest day at camp had not quite ended yet.

At 8:00 p.m. sharp, piano-fanatic, James Mayo started right in with the Hymns, keeping the energy high with his joyful prompts of, “Verse two!”

I was amazed at how many of the campers knew the hymns without looking at the lyrics, and had simply left their books on the ground beside them.

There was one hymn that brought everybody to their feet immediately and I wondered if there was a place in this world that had more spirit?

I definitely knew the answer was no there was not. There was something about singing in a big group in a small area that brought a smile to my face as I sang and clapped louder to the words of the hymns.

As the night came to a close and the hymns got sadder and more emotional I saw the truth in Mayo’s earlier words, “it just baffles me how fast this summer has flown by, some days I wish camp could last forever.”

I definitely could not agree more. As this summer comes to a close I want to thank you all for reading, and especially thank the Dudley staff, leaders, campers, etc. for this opportunity. It has truly been the best summer yet. YOHA!

By #22835 Alexa Mitchell

May 2015 Board of Trustee Meeting Re-cap

mstorey • 3 years ago • Alumni

The Board gathered in Westport for a full and memorable May meeting with all of the Dudley and Kiniya year-round Staff present.  The day before also was full with committee meetings, a crisis communication training led by The Jane Group and an insightful and fun leadership/inclusion exercise led by Mollie Farnham.  In addition, the Executive Committee met in Colchester on Thursday for some team building on the Kiniya ropes course!

The meeting began with a moment in Kiniya history reflecting on the acquisition of Camp Kiniya by Camp Dudley in the spring of 2006.  Camp Kiniya, with its beautiful setting on the shores of Lake Champlain and its 90-year tradition seemed a worthy companion to Camp Dudley.  After much soul-searching at the May 6, 2006 board meeting led by then Board Chair, Charlie Johnson IV, each Board member was given an opportunity to talk resulting in a unanimous decision to acquire Kiniya.  Upon completion of the first “Camp Dudley at Kiniya” session a celebration was had with Fran Bisselle giving each participant a black and white rock from the Kiniya beach as a memento of the decision to make girls camping and leadership a part of Dudley history.  Marnie proceeded to pass around a “Kiniya rock” to each trustee at this May meeting.

Matt and Marnie discussed the recent NOLS trip to Tuscan, AZ for the year-round Staff, which was reported as a life-changing event.   This was a significant investment in the team, but with huge returns towards our commitment with NOLS and the Staff.  Each Staffer was inspired by what the NOLS campers endure and is prepared to bring the lessons learned to Dudley for the upcoming “best ever” camp season.

This summer Camp will have 4 NOLS trips, a trip to Germany, and 6 campers (4 Dudleyites and 2 Kiniyites) led by Leader, Martha McKinley, to Camp Priego outside Madrid, Spain.  The exchange will be modeled after Germany and was found through our relationship with Camp Abbensen – both Y camps.  Otherwise, Camp is full with 83 boys getting 1885 ties and 54 girls getting Kiwi’s to recognize each person’s 4-year commitment to Camp.  Camp has more families with campers at both Dudley and Kiniya than ever before. In addition, the diversity of the incoming campers continues to increase due to the hard work of our community partners.  The Board looked further into the enrollment report, which provides helpful data to see what the Camps are doing well and what needs improvement. The Board also discussed the current scholarship process and is evaluating if there is a better way to assess and award scholarships while taking into consideration important privacy concerns.  A survey of former Leaders was conducted to try to identify the traits of a great Leader – fun, energetic, flexible, creative, and passionate.  Matt found a 1934 Leadership Manual, which is on the website, and will serve as a great pre-season training tool for all cabin Leaders.  Some Kiniya Leaders are moving into Staff positions, many seasonal Staffers are returning, and several new more mature Staffers are bringing to Kiniya expertise in key program areas.  This does, however, pose housing challenges at Kiniya.

Given the disaffiliation from Y-USA, the formation of a retirement plan was needed. The Board approved a new 403(b) Retirement Plan, including investment and educational advisors, which will serve as a great benefit to our year-round Staff.  The Board also unanimously approved the 2020 Vision Statement, which is available on the website.   The Plant and Property Committee reported on the potential new construction plans for summers 2016-2018 at both Dudley and Kiniya, including the possibility of a Dudley Leadership barn to provide a local after 3rd hang out, hub for the farm to table major, over flow sleep space for exchange campers and a food storage space for canning in the fall, and the Kiniya Master Site Plan with a new Dining Hall, Witherbee-type Theatre and Outdoor Center (sited at the location of the existing Barn). In addition, the Finance Committee reported on completion of the audit and satisfaction with the new auditor.  Development reported on its 2015 goals to look at each activity/event for effectiveness and yield to make sure it is worthwhile based on production, effort, time, resources and effectiveness and to see how to further engage the CDA in alumni activities and outreach throughout the year.


Camp Dudley and Kiniya Chapel Speakers

Brendan • 3 years ago • Alumni | Blogs | Dudley Blog | Kiniya Blog

2017 Camp Dudley Speakers

7.2.17 #11710 Father Flynn
7.9.17 #23845 Rev. Betsy Lyles
7.16.17 #16119 Marlon Fisher
7.23.17 #11889 Dwight Poler
7.30.17  #12664 Ted Smith
8.6.17 #10846 Rev. Bob Langston
8.13.17 #11584 Rev. Dr. Peter Allen
8.20.17 #9528 Rev. Jon Appleyard
8.27.17 #10524 Pete & #17525 Pete “Shorty” Treiber (CDA Reunion)


2017 Camp Kiniya Speakers

7.2.17 #26265 Sister Carol Perry
7.9.17 #16119 Marlon Fisher
7.16.17  Kristen Caspar
7.30.17  #21010 Erica Lash
8.6.17 #24031 Beth Ann Miller
8.13.17 #19876 Beth Kaufman


Dudley & Kiniya Job Opportunities!

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Know anyone that loves working with kids, being outside, and working with great people?

We’re looking to fill a few Program Staff positions this summer in Westport and Colchester. See below for the available positions. This is a great opportunity to work some very talented (and fun!) folks at Camp Dudley or Camp Kiniya.

At Camp Dudley positions include…

Stage Tech Instructor (Job Description Here)

Lifeguards (Job Description Here)

Sailing Instructor (Job Description Here)

Challenge (Ropes) Course Director (Job Description Here)

General Outdoors Program Staff (Job Description Here)

If you’re interested in a position at Camp Dudley please send your cover letter and resume to Evan George at [email protected].

At Camp Kiniya positions include…

Theater Director

Ceramics Instructor

Music Director


Waterski/Wakeboard Instructor

WSI Swim Instructor

Paddling Instructor

Athletics Coaches

If you’re interested in a position at Camp Kiniya and would like more information please send your cover letter and resume to Marnie McDonagh at [email protected].


Kiniya 2015 Leadership Training Weekend

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This past weekend we welcomed just over half of the 2015 Kiniya JLs to Westport for our Leadership Training weekend. We had the fire roaring in Maclean all weekend and were thrilled to spend some time outside as well. Our time together was focused on learning about our own styles as individual leaders and discussing a few tools on how best to work with our campers this coming summer. Each person brought a different perspective and helped the group see leadership in a variety of ways. Mollie led us in some outdoor discussions and adventures out on the frozen lake and we cooked a nice treat over the fire at the Middlebury Outdoor Pavilion – muffins in an orange peel! We wanted it to feel as much like Camp as possible so we included vespers, a chapel talk, and even Sunday talks! Our time together served as an excellent time to begin preparing for summer, as first time employees, and as a nice break from their busy lives at home and school.

Kat Nelson, #20595
Leadership Development Director


Yahoo Sports Article on #18797 Aron Nwankwo

• 3 years ago • Alumni | Blogs

Tonight is Pitt’s Senior Night and Yahoo Sports did a fantastic article about an amazing young man, #18797 Aron Nwankwo and his unique experience at Pitt. Aron’s last summer at Dudley was in 2009 as an AL. We’ll be cheering loudly from Westport tonight, Aron!

Taken from the 2008 LW

Taken from the 2008 LW: Aron is in the far back right


January 2015 Board of Trustees Meeting Notes

• 3 years ago • Alumni

The first meeting of 2015 for the Camp Dudley Board of Trustees (BOT) was held January 23, 2015 at the Union League Club in New York City thanks to the wonderful invitation from fellow Trustee, Scott Martin.  The Executive Committee, along with Matt, Marnie, and Fred Guffey, met with the following new trustees from the Class of 2019 — Pete Allen, Patrick Butler, Robin Johnson, Rich Maxwell, Sean McCalla and Jay Wells — for a magical orientation meeting.  The BOT is welcoming in a larger Class than usual, but each individual brings great skills and talent to the Board.  After a warm welcome from Matt Quigley, the Board Chair, he provided us with a brief moment in Dudley History looking back at 1965 – 50 years ago which was Camp’s 81st season and Bob Marshall’s 19th summer as Director.  The budget was $151,000 and the endowment $177,000.  That summer was an oasis of fun, but really “a calm-before-the-storm” given the external forces that were about to emerge with the Vietnam War and the call for civil rights.  This Dudley moment in history served to remind the Board, Directors and staff that even when everything is in alignment, it is important to expect the unexpected.

The Directors’ reported on the success of the Open House trail, the number one way to recruit, and excitement celebrating Mollie Farnham’s and Josh Olcott’s one year anniversary on the Dudley year-round team.  Dudley has a new member of the year-round team, Colin Loher, who will lead the outdoor program at Dudley and work collaboratively with Mollie as they both grow and further develop this program.  Colin is a professional in the outdoor world with an experienced skill set, which we expect to be a tremendous asset.  Matt and Marnie reported on the progress being made hiring the summer staff and leaders for the coming 2015 Summer, the work being completed now that Camp has disaffiliated from the Y – like removing all logos from the buses — and of all the off-season activities occurring on both sides of the Lake; including the successful Kiniya Tea, Leaders Luncheon, Kiniya hosted the Vermont Camping Association (VCA) meeting and a winter AL overnight in the high peaks.  In addition, Matt and Marnie reported on their attendance, along with Matt Quigley, at the Camp Consortium held at Becket Chimney Corners, which continues to be an extremely useful way to learn “best practices” from other leading camps akin to us.  Eleven of the year-round staff are extremely excited for their upcoming leadership development training program at NOLS this March.  This is a wonderful opportunity for our year-round staff and a great experience to share with many of the Dudley and Kiniya Leaders.  55 of the current leader applicant pool – aides through leaders – have now been trained by NOLS.  Summer 2015 is shaping up to look like another “best-ever” summer with the 55th year since Dudley first affiliated with Camp Abbensen — the German Exchange program, 3 NOLS trips scheduled (2 all boys and 1 all girls) and the possibility of a 4th co-ed trip, and a pilot program coed-trip to Madrid, Spain with Camp Priego.    The Directors’ Report ended with their goals for the coming year, which include: communication and transparency throughout the greater Dudley community, complete and disseminate the Strategic 2020 Vision Statement, communicate and integrate the Sustainability Statement, and successfully launch the Spain pilot program.


The Board and Directors also discussed the need for an In-Season Camp Visitation Policy, which will be implemented by both Camps this year and posted on the website in the coming months.    The Board reviewed the Master Site Plan and fundraising considerations.  The goal is to have more detailed plans for the May meeting of the BOT.  The Strategic Planning Committee is finalizing the Vision Statement, which is slated for final publication in April 2015.  The Board is working with an outside consultant, The Jane Group, to proactively review and update Camp’s current policies and procedures, assess and prepare for standard and non-standard risks, including things like reputational risks, crisis management, and infectious agents.  Dave Langston, our fabulous Development Director, reported on another explosive annual giving year and the establishment of a new alumni networking tool – the EverTrue App, which can be downloaded on any mobile device or tablet to help alumni connect with and locate former campers.  The app holds great promise and gives lots of momentum to our Lost Sheep initiative.  The Legal Committee reported on the progress being made with the Y disaffiliation and the Board unanimously approved amendments to all of the corporate documents to revise the purposes clause and remove all references to the YMCA.  In addition, the Board unanimously approved a resolution to discontinue participation in the YMCA Retirement Fund as Dudley will have its own 403(b) Retirement Plan for full-time employees, and unanimously approved the 2015 budget.  The Finance Committee reported on the financial health of the Camps and is pleased with the new auditors, which have the capability to provide online support services to Camp. The CDA reported that it is assessing its role and looking to increase its responsibilities now that we are in a two-camp era and have greater desire and momentum to find our “lost sheep” alumni.


Lastly, after the BOT meeting the Camp Dudley Foundation (CDF) met for their second time.  The CDF discussed the importance of stewardship and building a strong foundation as the entity becomes established.  It was unanimously passed by the CDF to elect Karen Ramsey as Treasurer and Whitney Phelps as Secretary.  In addition, the CDF voted to create an Investment Committee that will be guided by an Investment Policy for protecting and growing Camp’s long term assets.

November 2014 Board of Managers Meeting Notes

• 3 years ago • Alumni

At the invitation of Charlie Johnson III (#8252), the Board gathered for its November meeting at the U.S. Capitol Visitors Center, an august space to bid farewell to departing Board members: Anna Carter-Florence, Charlie Johnson IV, Chris Perry, Dennis Ryan and Pete Treiber.  The Board elected the following new Board members to replace this outgoing team: Pete Allen, Robin Bridges Johnson, Patrick Butler, Rich Maxwell, Sean McCalla, and Jay Wells.  Outgoing members, thank you for your devoted service!  Incoming members, congratulations!

Marnie and Matt shared that each stop on the 2014-15 Open House tour has gone exceptionally well so far.  They emphasized the invaluable connections during these visits with our community partners, and the kids who so benefit from the Dudley and Kiniya experience, such as Horton’s Kids in Washington, D.C., Pave Academy in Brooklyn, and the Rotary in Baltimore.  Evan George is doing a terrific job overseeing the administration of these community partnerships.  All of the community partnerships have emanated from alumni involved in those local programs.  Both campuses have been busy since the summer season with extensive campus use for special events and community gatherings.  The good will and relationships strengthened along the way by these events are beneficial to both camps, driven by the year-round staff who spearhead the activities.  Among other off-season activities under consideration is a NOLS trip for Dudley/Kiniya staff in early spring, with work underway in collaboration with NOLS leadership to design a curriculum for this special opportunity.


In order to implement the provisions of the recently-enacted New York State Not-for-Profit Revitalization Act – which is designed to reform the statutory requirements for governance of nonprofit organizations – the Board adopted a series of changes to Camp Dudley’s by-laws, as well as a new Whistleblower policy for the two camps.  Also discussed was a survey of Dudley’s annual average endowment performance over three time horizons, as managed by outside investment advisor, Commonfund, reflecting: 11.86% growth over one year; 13.55% over three years; and 9.71% over five years, comparing very favorably with other not-for-profit portfolios.  And the Board unanimously adopted a new Statement on Inclusion, which reads as follows:


Camp Dudley and Camp Kiniya believe in inclusion for all individuals regardless of their economic, ethnic, geographic, racial, religious, sexual or social group.  We believe that every member of our community is unique and that the respect for all individuals is the foundation of our culture.  We believe that our Camps have a responsibility to create an inclusive, caring and welcoming environment that allows young men and young women to reach their full potential, preparing them to lead successful lives.


The 2020 Vision strategic planning document will be finalized by the late January 2015 Board meeting and is scheduled to be communicated and distributed to the Dudley/Kiniya Community by the end of March.

August 2014 Board of Managers Meeting Notes

• 3 years ago • Alumni

Matt and Marnie opened the meeting as follows: “We sit here with tremendous pride in a very successful summer.  The flowers in the room were planted from seedlings in February by Kiniya Mothers and Daughters; the tee shirts reading “I Love the Dudley” were prevalent among the Leaders and Staff at Dudley this summer; and the honey (distributed in jars to each Board member) was harvested by the bee keeper in the new Kiniya garden.”  At Kiniya, Marnie reported that successfully executing the challenge course program was especially gratifying, as was transforming the former horse barn into the Outdoor Program Center.  Repurposing funds previously dedicated to the riding program allowed for substantial investment in other program areas, including funding four new sail boats, stand-up paddle boards, a new piano and sound equipment.  At Dudley, the new Middlebury Pavilion was a huge success, used every day for a variety of activities and events: gospel choir practice, an evening movie, council rings, speakers, final Vespers, and an all-camp sunset yoga class.  It was also a tremendous place for the boys to congregate and to be unscheduled.  50 women came through the Kiniya Leadership ranks this summer, and all were very strong.  At Dudley, there were 23 first-time Leaders, as part of an expected cycle where the Leadership team will be comprised of new, younger Leaders certain summers.  We have “raised the bar” on what it means and takes to be a responsible Leader at our camps, and the Leaders have been up to the task.  It’s considered “very cool” to be a Leader at our two camps.  Both campuses reflected inclusion and embracing a diversity of backgrounds, racial and otherwise, as the numbers of non-white members of Dudley and Kiniya communities continue to increase.

The new Kiniya garden and local farm sourcing programs were a huge success, featuring increasing supplies of home or locally-grown food.  Kiniya’s and Dudley’s Food Service Directors, Gayle Coleman and Josh Olcott, did an amazing job serving healthy and delicious food in sufficient quantities, while navigating the growing number of food allergies at both camps.  The Food Service program reflected The Other Fellow First at every turn.  There were no significant health or safety events at either campus this summer, and Kiniya’s Outdoor Program Director, Mollie Farnham (also a licensed clinical social worker), provided counseling services to members of the Kiniya community from campers to Staff.


The endowment total is $9.6 million as of June 30, with investments allocated 68% equity (including 4.5% in commodities) and 32% in fixed income, and a year-to-date performance of just over 6%.  Total gifts to the annual fund are up by 119 donors in 2014 compared to the same time last year.  Although the annual gift size is lower, as is total annual giving (attributable to significant, unexpected gifts in 2013), the annual fund will hit its $800,000 goal for 2014.  Annual giving this year is likely to include over $9,000 donated from a significant majority of the members of the summer Leadership and Staff teams.  Finally, of the 16 living Board Chairs, 13 will be attending a “Chairman’s Council” retreat with Matt, Marnie and the Executive Committee of the Board at West Point in September to discuss, among other topics: Camp Dudley at Kiniya eight years later; the 2020 Vision strategic plan; risks of a non-standard nature; and the alumni experience.

May 2014 Board of Managers Meeting Notes

• 3 years ago • Alumni

Marnie and Matt expressed excitement for the 1,000 campers who would be attending Camp Dudley and Camp Kiniya during the upcoming 2014 summer season.  Kiniya community members will experience a spectacular new outdoor program area, featuring a new challenge course (with high and low ropes elements, a climbing wall, giant swing and zip line); a Kiniya outdoor barn (KOB) renovated by the staff and repurposed to house the tripping and other components of the outdoor program ; and a new outdoor garden area for Kiniya’s farm-to-plate program.  Kiniya’s Outdoor Director Mollie Farnham #22406 hosted the Board for a tour of the new program area and announced the new Staff team who would be leading it.  Members of the Dudley community in Westport will see and experience for the first time the new Middlebury Pavilion, conceived, funded, and built by generous and talented members of the Dudley family, as well as a new solar array on the Dining Hall that will ultimately achieve a key sustainability objective of net zero energy use in Dudley’s most energy-intensive building during the summer season.

The Directors also provided an update on scholarships, 50% of the budgeted amount of which supports diverse candidates.  Matt and Marnie reported an average 79% retention rate for minority campers across our two camps, reinforced by a new liaison program in which alumni serve as essential off-season links to campers and families in local communities.  Akin to the Depreciation Reserve Account, Dudley and Kiniya have also established a Scholarship Reserve Account that will allow camp leadership flexibility to reach for scholarship assistance at times of lower revenues during the budget year, and the longer-term goal of growing the account to a level equal to the average total of the scholarship awards for the prior three years.

The Board and staff reviewed a key initiative of identifying “lost sheep,” among the relatively large cross-section of the alumni network who are not currently connected to Dudley or Kiniya and increasing the level of involvement of alumni in Camp Dudley and Kiniya today.  Among the recommendations for doing so are: digitizing the alumni records; doubling the number of alumni with whom Dudley and Kiniya communicate; personalizing communications with lost sheep; structuring alumni to more efficiently organize themselves (e.g., into chapters); and continuing to publish archival information and to utilize social media to connect with alumni.


The Board also reviewed an updated version of the Kiniya Master Site Plan, which outlines a series of potential renovations and adjustments to the Kiniya campus in Colchester.  The Breadloaf Corporation, which designed and built the new Senior Bath House on main campus at Kiniya, has created the Master Site Plan with input from Staff and the Board, and will incorporate additional feedback to be included in a Phase II planning document to be presented to the Board in November.  The Board also reviewed an outline of 2020 Vision, the strategic plan for Camps Dudley and Kiniya that will be presented to the Board for review at the November 2014 meeting.  2020 Vision examines our current mission, core values and expectations, as illustrated by and substantiated through feedback from our camp family, with the underlying purpose of enhancing the experience of Kiniya and Dudley campers and members of our broader camp family.


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