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The 2019 Last Whistle Dedication – #18070 David Nelson

Brendan • 4 weeks ago • Announcements


Awarded at the end of every summer, The Last Whistle Dedication is one of the highest honors one can receive at Camp Dudley. Presented to a member of our community who shows a devotion and love towards others, and this place we all cherish, and an unwavering commitment to living by the motto, The Other Fellow First. This year, not only does the recipient meet those expectations, he far surpasses them.

Tonight’s honoree has worn many hats and occupied many roles during his years spent attending, working, living and even growing up here. Starting as a cub back in 1998, he rose up through the ranks from camper to leadership to D-Head and now staff, where he has worked in nearly every department at camp, from Brodie to the A-Hut to Spiritual, Hike Hut, Leadership Development, and some particularly significant contributions by way of some incredible photography to my own publications team. To say he is multi-talented would be an understatement, and I think I can speak for everyone by saying that he is always an incredibly valuable member of every team he is on.

While he has logged over 20 years here from camper through leadership to staff, this year’s dedicee’s Dudley story started long before he stepped foot in his cub cabin. One of the few people in this room who can actually say they were baptized here, our recipient has literally been, in varying capacities, attending camp since he was born. In fact, he even lived on campus with his family year-round for the first 8 years of his life. Due to this, while we don’t quite have hard evidence to back this up, our director, Matt Storey, is on record as saying our recipient has netted more baskets on the Dudley courts than anyone else.

Though he might be most at home on the basketball courts, this year’s recipient has become what many have come to call him, a Dudley Renaissance Man. As I mentioned, he has had a strong presence in nearly every department, but this doesn’t come from a restlessness or desire to move around to every part of Camp. Our recipient has worked in so many different places because he has been asked to do so, and without hesitation, has always said yes, because he will do whatever he can to best serve Camp Dudley and its people, all while putting his own unique twist or spin on things.

And that is why I am standing here tonight. While his sheer amount of time given and spent here is notable, what really defines our recipient’s tenure here is his generosity. I am not exaggerating when I say that he will literally do anything to help someone out. He goes where he is needed to go, and does what is needed to be done, without hesitation, and not for any recognition or personal gain, but because he will do anything to benefit our camp and ensure that everyone has the best summer possible.

And it is this generosity that also defines our honoree’s personal relationships. For those of us who have the pleasure of calling him a friend, he is always the person that you can go to for a laugh, a great conversation, a compassionate ear, or a shoulder to cry on. He has a generous heart and boundless empathy to match, and will do anything he can to improve anyone’s day or life.

He doesn’t bake bread for himself to eat, he bakes it to share with others. He takes and distributes his stunning photography, while asking for nothing in return, because he knows that his pictures bring people joy. He writes and sends letters because he knows that getting one in your mailbox in the middle of February brings you some warmth and memories of Dudley in the midst of a long and cold winter when summer couldn’t seem further away.

Long-time friend and fellow D-Head Carl Jackson said of our recipient, “he is truly a multi-talented, multi-faceted individual who has made camp a better place for so many people over the years. But mostly though, he is a caring and thoughtful guy, who is an incredible listener, a deep thinker, and an amazing friend.” This statement speaks to the heart of who our honoree is. A compassionate, generous person who will go to all lengths to help and be there for anyone from a total stranger to his closest friend without hesitation, while expecting nothing in return.

If there is something he can do to make someone’s life better, he will do it, and for all of us, if there is something he can do to make this place the best place it can be, he will be the one taking action.

Tonight I am privileged to give this dedication to someone who fully embodies what it means to be a true Dudleyite, who lives a life characterized by his devotion to others, and shows us all what it means to put The Other Fellow First. Whether you know it or not, every single person in this room has had their lives and summers improved by the selfless actions of this individual, and while he has never, and will never ask for recognition or anything in return, tonight we honor someone who truly deserves our thanks and appreciation for his years of loyalty, hard work, dedication, compassion, love, and friendship.

And with that, it is my distinct honor and pleasure to dedicate The 2019 Last Whistle to camper number #18070, Dave Nelson.


2019 Spirit Dedication – #21054 Kissy Rowley

Brendan • 4 weeks ago • Announcements


When Kissy Rowley first set foot on campus in 2008, we knew we had found someone special! Having dedicated much of her life to education and athletics, she joined our A-Hut as a first-time staff member that year and jumped right in. Eager to learn about our traditions and history, as well as the structure and program throughout Camp, she entered every conversation and meeting with enthusiasm and a willingness to learn.

Deeply loyal and dedicated, Kissy has always taken tremendous pride in her work. For 9 consecutive summers, Kissy returned to Kiniya devoted to her role in Athletics. She intentionally provided guidance and feedback to coaches and refs and offered new ideas about programs she thought would bring value to the girls. She was proud to spear-head the launch of the Kiniya Golf Major and has continued to guide and shape the program ever since.

With 9 years of success at Camp behind her, Kissy was invited to join the year-round team as a full-time employee in 2017. She joyfully accepted the invitation and has continued to apply her knowledge of program, building the bridge between our maintenance team and our our activity staff.

Kissy’s work here has always been framed by the deep and genuine care and support that she extends to every member of our community. She embodies the spirit of the other fellow first in all the conversations she has with campers, leaders and staff alike. She is simply uplifting to talk to. Her presence is noted as a force of kindness wherever she is on campus (which is many places!)

Her work ethic and dedication are exceptional. She truly sees the little things – details that are sometimes easily overlooked. Her care and attention to the smaller details are noticed and appreciated! Kissy contributes tirelessly to enhancing the structures and grounds on campus; happily tending to the gardens each pre-season, pruning, weeding and maintaining the ponds at the Sanctuary and taking on a wide variety of projects to make Kiniya even more beautiful!

Kissy is an excellent collaborator, working well with all people. Her attitude is a pleasure to be around. She is always willing to take on whatever is asked of her and she consistently does so with enthusiasm and a smile! This is a wonderful quality that we all aspire to emulate!

Above all, Kissy is a supportive constant in all of our daily lives and is a constant role model and mentor to all.

For these reasons and so many more, we are extremely proud to dedicate the 2019 Spirit to #21054 Kissy Rowley.

2019 Patrick M. Peavy Leadership Awards Announced

Brendan • 4 weeks ago • Announcements

The Patrick Peavy Leadership Award is given annually to a Dudley and Kiniya Leader who best exemplify the traits of Dudley and Kiniya Leadership . . . caring, integrity, and putting others before self.


#21055 Sam Widing – Camp Dudley

#21412 Gretchen Willmuth – Camp Kiniya

Work Weekend 2019 Recap

Brendan • 4 months ago • Blogs | Dudley Blog

The Most Beautiful Day of Spring 2019!

Camp has experienced an unusually wet and cool spring. But on May 17 – 19,  Mother Nature provided a spectacular display of spring sunshine as the 2019 Work Weekend began.  Nearly 80 campers, alumni and families made the trip to Camp for the annual day of painting, planting and cleaning up! “I’m pleased to report that we got to all the projects on the list. If they weren’t finished, we made terrific progress!” said Steve Denton, Dudley Plant and Property Manager.   

Work teams spread out across the Dudley Campus from Cub Beach to North Point.  A small team was even assigned to the Stacy Brook Wilderness Area. The scope of work was wide-ranging, including new paint on a variety of decks and railings, beach clean up at the Boho and Cub Beach, grass mowing and seeding, and program area clean up in Witherbee and the A-Hut. Another group of workers joined #7289 Ace Scharges in the Camp Archives to install new storage shelves and continue the process of preserving our history and scanning the mountain of slides stored in that space.

At lunch on Saturday, two special tributes were awarded. First, a special Work Weekend tribute to #5735 Don Zeiller, who passed away this past spring. Don was a stalwart participant of Work Weekend for many years. His son #9735 Fred and friend Bob Fleming now continue the tradition.  #13804 Matt Storey also surprised Ace Scharges by dedicating the outer room of the Archive area as the “Ace Scharges Reading Room.” The plaque commemorating the space reads: “Dedicated to #7289 Horace “Ace” Scharges for his persistent dedication and tireless effort to preserve, protect and organize Camp’s history. May 2019”  We are grateful for Ace’s faithful service.

The Work Weekend also featured great food from Josh and Gail in the kitchen and a special chapel service on Brodie Hill, where we gave thanks for the enduring friendships we have formed over the years.  Thanks to all who made the special effort to be with us.

Click here to see the full photo gallery from the weekend!

2019 Dudley Job Openings

egeorge • 5 months ago • Announcements | Blogs

2019 Job Openings at Dudley

Camp Dudley is seeking individuals for the following positions…

Climbing & Challenge Course Facilitators: We’re looking for individuals to facilitate and lead our challenge course program and indoor and outdoor rock climbing program. Read the full job description.

Tennis Instructor: Take the lead in one of our most popular program areas. We’re looking for a tennis instructor to teach tennis at various levels to boys 10 – 14 years old. In addition, the tennis instructor will work with the rest of our Athletics Program team and work in other areas as well. Read the full job description here.

Yoga Instructor: The yoga instructor will work with the entire camp community in leading our yoga and mindfulness program. Read the full job description here.

Theater Tech Instructor: The theater tech instructor will work in our 400 seat theater to deliver weekly productions and also teach campers lighting, sound, and set design techniques. Read the full job description here.

Maintenance: Work with our skilled Maintenance crew to keep campus safe and clean. This position offers an opportunity to work hard outside and be a part of a fun and dynamic team. Read the full job description here.

Head Baker: Become one of the leaders of our Food Service team, which works hard everyday to deliver 3 meals a day to the over 500 people on campus. Camp Dudley is seeking a skilled, creative Head Baker to provide breakfast pastries, muffins, desserts, birthday cakes, treats, etc for our very busy camp. Read the full job description here.

Food Service: Join a fast paced work environment filled with lots of opportunity for leadership and management experience. Our Food Service team works hard everyday to deliver 3 meals a day to the over 500 people on campus. In addition, the Dudley Food Service program works with local farmers to source as much of our food as possible from the immediate area and also strives to minimize waste by executing a high standard composting and recycling program. Read the full job description here.

Alumni Spotlight: #15638 Nana Bandoh

Brendan • 6 months ago • Uncategorized

The following was taken from a recent email from #15638 Nana Bandoh.

Nana Osei Bandoh was a camper at Camp Dudley, who was infatuated by the world of pro wrestling at the young age of 12. In 1993 Nana’s cabin area at Camp Dudley was filled with posters and wrestling related items that everyone admired and sometimes joked on him about. Coincidently at that time Nana’s Leader, who is now current Camp Dudley Director Matt Storey, encouraged Nana to join the wrestling club at camp. It was right then and there, that Nana knew he was born to be in the Pro Wrestling world. He loved putting on a show before he won his matches at Dudley.

Almost 20 years later, trained by a WWE Hall of Famer, and numerous appearances at almost every top promotion in the USA, including WWE and trips overseas to Japan and England,  Nana is one of the most well-known legends in pro wrestling today, known as Prince Nana  from Ring Of Honor Wrestling/Sinclair Broadcast Group.

In wrestling Nana has done it all from wrestling at Madison Square Garden, managing multiple athletes, to producing and promoting events at prestigious NYC locations such as Hammerstein Ballroom and much more! Nana was instrumental in introducing the Camp Dudley “Yoha” hand gesture!!! To the wrestling industry having scores of wrestlers and fans throw up the symbol for a faction known as “The Embassy” that Nana leads with the likes of many individuals who are now signed with WWE, including current NXT Champion Tamasso Chiampa.

Currently, Nana is still active in the wrestling industry and Lives in Brooklyn NY and also owns a sales/Music Management Consulting firm known as The Bandoh Group.

It’s obvious that Nana’s ultimate goal is to be in the WWE, however, his early access to the “Other Fellow First” understanding at Camp Dudley has allowed Nana to enjoy a sustainable life and career in pro wrestling and entertainment while helping others achieve their dreams with him by their side in wrestling.

Till this day Nana credits some of his success to his summers at Camp Dudley and it’s not hard to see why.

Nana loves staying in contact with Dudley alumni and networking, To reach Nana Bandoh you can follow him on Twitter @PrinceKingNana or on Instagram: @PrinceKingNana

#7973 Tim Barnett Extended News and Note

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#7973 Tim Barnett, Saratoga Springs, NY, wrote to Matt recently regarding their Dudley family history that dates back to 1919. “Hi Matt, the Barnett’s are a three-generation approaching the fourth generation Dudley family. As such, we have a collection of Camp Dudley memorabilia. First there is the Dudley beanie. The second relic is the Dudley hat. Inside are the nametags from all the Barnett’s who have attended Camp Dudley to date. (see list below). The hats are nearly a century old. Finally, we have a collection of letters home by our father while at camp. I’m sure Camp can take credit that the exercise of young Lincoln writing home from Camp Dudley is what inspired and prepared him for his journalistic career. Our father #3550 Lincoln was born in 1909; his first year probably was 1919. He was followed by #7973 Tim Barnett (Buckles), #9676 Robby Barnett, #13550 Ian Barnett, #14550 Ned Barnett and #16476 Isaac Barnett.”  Ed. Note: As we go to press, young Toby Barnett’s application is in for the summer of 2019, when he will be a Cub. Below is an excerpt from a letter home, in July of 1924:

“Dear Mother and Father: Some day or other — I forget which, I passed nature. We had to know and describe 25 trees, 25 flowers and 25 birds. I passed it the first day. I was the only one who passed all 75. The rest had to come back the next day. All these things had to be around camp. You couldn’t name a redwood tree, a tea rose or a penguin. They all had to be specimens that were, and could be seen around camp. Yesterday I went out for instruction in woodcraft for the flag. We had instructions in fire making, cooking, reading the compass, use of a map with contour lines, use of axe, use of knife, 6 knots, hiking equipment. Today I take a test on what I was supposed to have absorbed yesterday.” Linc Barnett graduated from the Columbia University School of Journalism and had a career at The New York Herald Tribune, Life Magazine and Time Life Books.

Bob Craft, #8580

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Bob Craft
Washington, DC

Bob first came to Dudley as a Junior in 1953 and was an Aide, JL, and then a Leader in the summers of 1956 and 1957. Bob Marshall was Camp Director, Willie Schmidt was a Leader and John Storey, Al Kaemmerlen, Charlie Johnson, Ben Nelson, and other Dudley luminaries were at camp with Bob. His older son, #14580 Tiger, attended Dudley in the late 1980s where current Board member John Ulin was his leader in Iroquois in 1988. Bob’s granddaughter, #24480 Ellie, is looking forward to her fourth summer at Kiniya, where Willie’s granddaughter, Zoe, and Dwight Poler’s daughter, Greta, have been her leaders. Tiger’s son, Robert IV, has applied to be a Cub.

Bob began summering on Lake Champlain when he was five years old, and he and his wife, Jamie, spend summers north of Westport, on Corlear Bay, where Bob spends time in his kayak, on his stand-up paddleboard and climbing some of the less challenging peaks of the Adirondacks. Attending at least one Hymn Sing at Dudley is a “must” each summer for Bob and Jamie.

While pursuing a legal career, first in New York and later in Washington, DC, Bob also coached little kids’ baseball, ran marathons, and was a Trustee and President of the Washington National Opera, working with Placido Domingo when he was the General Director. He and Jamie are also involved with Opera Theatre St. Louis, a city where their younger son Gerard is a James Beard Award-winning chef-owner of five restaurants.  

He spent his career at Sullivan & Cromwell, where he was managing partner of the Washington office and is currently Senior Counsel (which means retired!). A graduate of Princeton, Oxford, and Harvard Law School, he served as the National Chair of the Harvard Law School Fund and as a member of the Visiting Committee to Harvard Law School. He currently co-chairs an International Law Committee, is President of the Friends of House of Sweden and is on the Advisory Board of Adirondack Architectural Heritage (AARCH).

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Chris Rodgers, #13565

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Chris Rodgers
Sudbury, MA

Chris first came to Camp as a Cub in 1984 and was instantly hooked on Dudley. He spent nine summers at Camp as a camper and rising through the leadership ranks culminating in 1996 as an Assistant D-Head in the Junior Division. He is a first- generation camper and is thrilled that his three sons #23465 Perry, #24065 Tyler and #24965 Zack are all current campers and in the leadership ranks.

Chris attended St. George’s School in Newport, RI, and graduated from Roanoke College in Salem, VA, in 1995. Following graduation and a couple summers at Dudley, Chris followed many other Dudleyites and ended up settling in Warren, VT, in the Mad River Valley. After meeting his wife Danyel in the Valley they moved to Sudbury, MA, where they currently live but still get back to Valley every weekend in the winter to ski and enjoy the Vermont pace of life.

While in Vermont Chris worked for Sugarbush Resort for eight years as a supervisor in Mountain Operations. After leaving Sugarbush, Chris started working at Chestnut Hill Realty as a Project Manager. The company wanted to manage capital projects internally and Chris started by managing and supervising smaller scale projects at apartment communities. In the following years, the projects grew larger in size and started to include new construction of buildings. Chris has been involved in all aspects of the design, permitting, and construction of projects and is also the lead Owner’s Rep.  He is now VP of Design and Construction and responsible for a staff of over 20 people that perform all functions of design, construction, administrative duties, and owner’s representation.

Chris is honored to serve on the Board and is looking forward to contributing to the present and future of the two Camps that have provided so much for himself and his family. He is excited to work alongside a passionate and talented group of individuals that care deeply about The Other Fellow First.

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Erinn Harley-Lewis, #25368

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Erinn Harley-Lewis
Vienna, VA

When Erinn first arrived at Camp Dudley with her son, #24268 Spencer, she knew that it was a special place. The warmth of the Dudley community was as strong as the July sun, and the entire family felt welcomed and embraced. Erinn loved that Dudley and Kiniya provide nurturing environments where campers can explore new activities, develop new skills and enjoy the fellowship of friends.

Erinn works for Freddie Mac (the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation), in the Capital Markets Compliance group. She focuses on securities law compliance and risk management, as well as mortgage-related securities transactions. Erinn commenced her career as a corporate attorney, specializing in capital markets transactions, in large law firm practices in New York City and Washington, DC. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in African and African American Studies from Emory University and a Juris Doctorate degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

Erinn’s husband, Mark, works for the State Department, so the family has lived in South Africa, Trinidad, Kenya, and Hong Kong. Erinn used her corporate finance skills as an investment banker at Standard Bank in Johannesburg, South Africa. She earned an elementary education certification and taught at the International School of Kenya and the Hong Kong International School. In addition, Erinn served as Vice-Chairperson of the Board of Directors at the International School of Kenya.

Erinn is originally from New Rochelle, NY, and currently lives in northern Virginia with Mark, Spencer, and daughters, Celeste (who eagerly awaits the day that she has a camper number) and Noelle.

Erinn looks forward to her service on the Board and says, “I fundamentally believe in the motto ‘The Other Fellow First,’ and support the Dudley-Kiniya commitment to helping young people realize their full potential. It is an honor and a privilege to contribute to the Camp Dudley and Camp Kiniya communities by serving as a member of the Camp Dudley, Inc. Board of Trustees.”

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Alice Tornquist, #25416

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Alice Tornquist
Arlington, VA

Alice came to know and appreciate Camp Dudley and Kiniya through her children, #22643 Matthew and #22316 Caroline Tornquist, who are the first in their family to attend camp. Collectively they have spent 14 years at camp, including serving on the leadership teams. It’s been truly amazing to see what a significant role camp has played in their lives and in their development as young adults.

Professionally, Alice works in Washington, DC, for Qualcomm Incorporated, the San Diego-based wireless technology innovator, where her focus is on spectrum and technology policy advocacy. In addition, she is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the CTIA Wireless Foundation, which is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to developing and supporting initiatives that use wireless technology to enhance American communities in the areas of health and safety. Alice also serves on the board of directors of the Intelligent Transportation Society of America and the Women’s High-Tech Coalition.

Alice began her career in Washington, DC, at the Office of Management and Budget, and she also worked on Capitol Hill for the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure prior to joining Qualcomm in 2001.  

As a volunteer, Alice has held several roles at Rock Spring Congregational UCC in Arlington, VA, including those of deacon, Christian Education board member and deputy financial secretary. She also served as a cookie mom for the Girl Scouts for twelve years and currently is a member of the Parents Committee of Swarthmore College.

Alice is honored to join the Camp Dudley Board of Trustees where she hopes to bring her experience and skills as both a professional in business and a volunteer in the nonprofit sector to ensure that these great camps can thrive into the future. She hopes that many more young people will have the same opportunity that her children have had to grow and develop in a nurturing environment that teaches them the value of putting the Other Fellow First.

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#22898 Whitney Phelps Begins Service as Board Chair

mstorey • 9 months ago • Announcements

January 1, 2019, ushered in a New Year for everyone, but it is an extra special year for our community as we celebrate the first woman in history to chair the Board of Trustees, #22898 Whitney Phelps!

Said Matt Quigley, outgoing board chair, “I am thrilled that Whitney has agreed to serve as the Chair of the Board of Trustees for Dudley and Kiniya.  It has been a privilege for me to serve alongside her over these past few years, and to have had the opportunity to see firsthand her inspired leadership and her devotion to the mission of our Camps. Whitney is steadfast in her commitment to our core values and to striving to live a life emblematic of the motto “the other fellow first”. We are so fortunate to have her at the helm!”

Whitney has been distantly connected to Camp through her father and grandfather, #8498 Jud and #4121 Sidney, for many years. Her present-day connection began with her brothers, #12354 Chris and #11738 Wyeth.  She tells the story of attending Reunions with her mom and dad, Bonnie and Jud, and brothers in the late 1970’s and 1980’s. During those gatherings, Whitney frequently expressed her frustration to then Director,  Willie Schmidt, about how unfair it was that there was no camp for girls. While Willie was an advocate for women joining the staff at Dudley, it would be another 30 years before the conversation moved towards changing the mission and pursuing a girls’ Camp.

Whitney’s affiliation with camp became even more personal when her daughters’ #22498 Sydney and  #22708 Sophia started their own Kiniya camping careers in 2011 and 2012. Her son #25098 Jake was a Cub at Dudley in 2018. These connections provide a rich background upon which board business can be considered. Whitney’s prior service on the Board of Trustees includes being Secretary and a member of the Executive committee. She is currently serving in the Trustee class of 2022.

Whitney is a shareholder in the Health and FDA Business Group in Greenberg Traurig LLP’s Albany office. Her practice focuses on providing realistic and strategic guidance, solutions and analysis for healthcare stakeholders, including providers of healthcare and developmental disability services and payors.  She has arranged and negotiated innovative and complex joint venture agreements. This includes various alternative payment arrangements, between providers and managed care organizations, and other transactions and mergers for clients with special attention to New York regulatory compliance.  Whitney also has wide-ranging experience representing health care entities before the executive branch to shape health care policy, laws and regulations.

The selection of Whitney Phelps as the Board Chair continues Dudley and Kiniya’s tradition of selecting excellent leaders.

The Coach Nelson Basketball Courts

mstorey • 10 months ago • Announcements

“This is a basketball!  It is round and it bounces!” began the most basic of Ben Nelson’s basketball lessons.  Coach Nelson seemed to never lack inspirational words on the hoops court, comes as no surprise as Ben was always reading, attending, or organizing basketball coaches to share their passion and words with others.  Campers through several generations learned the basics, “head up, palms up, let’s play defense,” from Coach Nelson. Some of them took what they learned to play at higher levels, but all of them took away lessons on the hardcourt into their lives to become better citizens in their communities. All thanks to Coach Nelson’s thoughtful and patient coaching style (and, if he ever yelled, it was “to you, not at you!”)

That is why we are honoring Ben, by renovating and dedicating the Camp Dudley Basketball Courts, in his honor, as part of the Building for the Future Capital Campaign. The Coach Nelson Courts will be ready for Dudley campers at the start of the 2019 summer season.  A new playing surface, lines, and backboards are all part of this major renovation that will honor the work Ben has done at Camp, and for the game of basketball, over countless years.

Ben has played some “help defense” in so many areas over the years at Dudley, besides being an inspirational coach and accomplished player.  First arriving in 1950 as a Cub, Ben has been involved in more positions at Camp Dudley than just about anyone; Camper, JL, AL, Leader, Division Head, Director of Athletics, Plant and Property Manager, Board Member, and (most current) driving a bus for Hiking and Canoe Trips.  Regardless of his position, Ben has always found ways to connect with campers and staff alike. He has made fundamental contributions to Dudley’s mission, insisting that sportsmanship through competition is incredibly important to the development of strong character. Through living the Dudley Motto, “The Other Fellow First,” Ben has been honored with many awards during his full and busy life, among the accolades is the Camp Dudley Man of the Year honor in 2002.  But this one, dedicating the courts in his name, certainly has him taken aback with the special place basketball has had in his life.

Director Matt Storey surprised Ben by announcing the newly renovated courts would be named after him during the CDA Reunion Low Camp Number reception.  Storey said, “We are honored to recognize one of Dudley’s most storied coaches and friends, and are pleased to share the news that the Coach Nelson Basketball Courts will be ready when Camp opens in 2019!”  

Professionally Ben has been the Executive Director of Section IV of the New York State Public High School Athletic Association (NYSPHSAA) for the past twenty years and has been a leader of exemplary programs in Sports Safety, Academics and Sportsmanship.  In 2018 he was inducted into the NYSPHSAA Hall of Fame which includes Dudley’s own Ken “Dutch” Hafner, and Ernie Davis who Ben played against in High School and at Colgate (of course not in football, but in basketball). Ben has also served as the Assistant Director of the Basketball Coaches Association of New York (BCANY) since its inception and was inducted into their Hall of Fame in 2014. The BCANY has also named a yearly state award as the “The BCANY Ben Nelson Service Award”.  He has also been recognized by the New York Athletic Administrators Association with the Distinguished Service Award and the Otis Sennett Award of Excellence. He was honored with the Binghamton Basketball Official Dedication in 2013 and the Oxford Clyde Cole Wrestling Tournament Dedication in 2014.

“To further honor Ben, an anonymous donor has agreed to match gifts made in honor of Ben to bring this project to a successful conclusion,” continued Storey. Capital pledges can be made to honor Ben over the next 4 years.  Please contact Dave Langston or Dawn Gay for more information about making your pledge. Friends wishing to honor Ben with a gift to the Building for the Future Capital Campaign should earmark their checks for the Coach Nelson Courts.  Gifts also may be made online by clicking here and selecting Coach Nelson Courts from the drop-down menu. Thank you in advance!

The Charlie Gillis Memorial Climbing Tower

mstorey • 12 months ago • Announcements | Blogs | Dudley Blog

Camp Dudley has established a Memorial Fund in honor of Camper #20804, Charlie Gillis. Charlie was killed in an automobile accident September 25, 2018 in Kansas City, KS while driving back to K.U. from his home in St. Louis, where he had spent a joyful weekend with his parents.

Charlie was a beloved member of the Dudley & Kiniya community, arriving at camp as a Cub in 2008 and enjoying all four camper summers. Said one of his instructors, Rev. Bill Harper, “I’ll never forget his first rock climbing experience, when he was 12. He wasn’t the most skilled rock climber in our group, but he was by far the most determined.”

A young Rev. Bill Harper with Charlie on a the senior climbing trip

He then participated in the Dudley NOLS program in Wyoming in 2012 returning as an Aide and JL in the following years. In the summers of 2016 and 2017, Charlie joined the Hike Hut staff where he was able to express his love of the outdoors. Last summer, he returned to camp in August to help in whatever way he could around campus, including a memorable performance on the Witherbee stage with his buddy, #24435 Charlie Payne.

Charlie’s experience was highlighted by the deep personal connections he made with so many during each summer at Camp. His dazzling smile, gigantic heart, and adventurous spirit spoke to the very best aspects of our camps.  It was at Dudley that Charlie learned the motto that became central to his life, “The Other Fellow First.”  A fellow camper he didn’t know well recently shared her college essay about a Dudley NOLS 3-week hiking trip. She and Charlie were 14-years-old, and she was desperately trying to make a difficult climb up an unforgiving mountain—falling behind the rest of the group. She was ready to give up and ended up dropping her pack part way up the climb—the only way she could possibly continue. At the summit, when Charlie discovered her despair, he quietly hiked back down, retrieved her pack and brought it up to her with a simple smile. That was Charlie. Always taking the time to slow down and find the time to help others.

Charlie on his NOLS trip to Wyoming in 2012

All gifts made to the Charlie Gillis Memorial Fund will be used to construct the Charlie Gillis Climbing Tower, which is expected to be ready for the summer of 2019. It will be a celebrated addition to the Dudley campus and hiking program for climbers of all skill levels. It will support recreational climbing during Dudley choice time and will provide a key new component for climbing majors, a fitting tribute to Charlie’s indelible spirit and passion.

A determined young Charlie Gillis

A gathering of family and friends is being planned at Camp Dudley in Westport NY during the summer of 2019.  All contributions made to Camp Dudley, 126 Dudley Road, Westport NY 12993 in Charlie’s memory will be directed to the Charlie Gillis Climbing Tower. We thank you for celebrating Charlie’s life with us. To contribute online via credit card, please click here. 

The Charlie Gillis Climbing Tower will be similar to the tower at Camp Kiniya.


Mourning #20804 Charlie Gillis

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Charlie and me after Chapel during his Junior summer

I am so sad to share the news that we lost a great Dudleyite this week in an inexplicably tragic car accident. Charlie Gillis #20804 attended camp for the first time as a Cub in 2008 and attended all four camper summers. He then participated in the NOLS program in 2012 and returned as an Aide and JL in the following years. In the summers of 2016 and 2017, Charlie joined the Hike Hut staff where he was able to express his love of the outdoors, which had been cultivated in the Adirondacks and in Wyoming. And he even managed to return to camp briefly this past season to help in whatever way he could around campus, including a memorable performance on the Witherbee stage with his buddy, Charlie Payne.

He was also our nephew and Rachel, Carter and Ellie’s cousin, and we are all heartbroken.

It has been amazing to hear from so many Dudleylites and friends this week with their steadfast support. The stories and memories of Charlie are many, and it is what is keeping us smiling when we think of him. Thank you for sending them our way. I share a few with you anonymously here:

“Charlie was one of the first people I met back in 2016, my first summer, and I will never forget how kind he was to me.”

“Our thoughts are with you and your family. Our son was trying to process this tragic event and was talking about what a great JL Charlie was and spoke about how he used to ride on Charlie’s shoulders.”

“I was so devastated to hear about Charlie. I remember him always teaching me some cool rock wall tips while he was there. I just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you and your family. “

“I just heard some very sad news about our friend Charlie and I wanted to let you know that my thoughts are with your family and with everyone who knows what an exceptional friend and person he is. It’s raining quite hard here in Maine, but nonetheless I went for a walk to sit by the Androscoggin River where I thought about all the precious moments we shared together at camp. Though I am deeply saddened, I also feel humbled and grateful for all the times I have spent with Charlie.”

“I am so sorry to hear about Charlie. He was a wonderful part of the Dudley community and brought so much energy and enthusiasm to everything he did. I’ll always remember him leading our senior night experience in 2015 for our cabin. He did it just as you would expect: helping the boys through it while challenging them on a personal level. On behalf of my whole family, our thoughts are with you and Jess and the kids at this difficult time.”

“I wanted to express my condolence for the loss of Charlie. He was such a great young man. I enjoyed his company so much because he was one of those guys who was always happy and great to talk too. He was the one who always went above and beyond to help myself and the German kids with any outdoor topics we had. His presence will be truly missed around Dudley.”

I am often on the other side in my supporting role as Director when tragedy strikes our Dudley Community. Now, the tables have turned, and the Dudley family, including so many young people that I have had the honor of leading, have supported me and my family during this difficult time. I am constantly thinking about family – Jenn and Jack and Matt and Sara and Henry. Mom and Dad and Jess and Blair and Tom and Miranda and Sam and Ellie and Carter and Rachel and Jess. We are hanging in there, squeezing each other often, telling our own stories and missing Charlie. 

Thank you all. Thank you boys, you’ve been a gift.


Ps: If you are seeking guidance, a person to talk to, or just want to connect with camp then please know that we are here to support you. Coincidentally, our dear friend Reverend Bill Harper #18500 has been in town this week and he has been a tremendous support for me and my family. If you would like additional support, feel free to reach out to Mollie Farnham-Stratton, who is our in-house clinical social worker, at [email protected].

  • If you have any pictures of Charlie that you’d like to share with others, including his family, please click here and upload so that we can share more broadly. CharliePics
  • Here is a link to the family’s CaringBridge site.

Here is Charlie’s obituary.

Charles Storey “Charlie” Gillis, 20, of St. Louis, was fatally injured after being involved in a car accident on September 24, 2018. Charlie was born on March 27,1998, the son of Jack and Jenn (Storey) Gillis. He graduated from MICDS in 2016 and was attending the University of Kansas where he was a member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. As a lifelong member of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, he served as an acolyte even during college.

Charlie was a talented artist and an accomplished athlete with a bright and curious mind. He played football, was captain of the track and field team and an All-State pole vaulter in high school at MICDS. He had a great love of the Adirondacks and Camp Dudley (Westport, NY), where he was camper #20804, an Aide, Junior Leader and member of the Hike Hut. His heart was enormous, and he loved his friends and family far and wide from St. Louis and MICDS to KU to Camp Dudley to Williamstown to Seattle and all over the world. Whether scaling a tree, strumming his ukulele, vaulting over a pole or careening down a ski slope, he lived in the moment with an unwavering sense of freedom, fearlessness, passion and joy. Ever resourceful and independent, Charlie expressed a magnetic combination of creativity and playfulness. These endearing qualities and his boundless love of humanity drew people to him. He will always be remembered as a compassionate, generous friend and loving family member. Charlie truly lived by Camp Dudley’s beloved motto, “The Other Fellow First.”

Charlie is survived by his parents, Jack and Jenn, his brothers, Matt and Henry, and his sister, Sara. He leaves his paternal grandparents, John and Nicki Gillis, also of St. Louis, as well as his maternal grandparents, John and Martha Storey of Williamstown, MA. Numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins were an important part of his life; he is carried with love and is part of each and every one of them: Suzanne Gillis and Greg Sterne, Jessica and Matt Storey, Jessica and Blair Dils, Genevieve Sterne, Alice Sterne, Tommy Dils, Miranda Dils, Sam Dils, Ellie Storey, Rachel Storey and Carter Storey. He will be remembered and honored by close friends from MICDS, Westport, Camp Dudley, Williamstown, KU and St. Louis.

A service in celebration of Charlie’s life will be held on Friday, October 5 at 2:00 p.m. in the MICDS Brauer Auditorium. Attendees should dress however they feel Charlie would want – football jerseys, Hawaiian shirts and snazzy bow ties are all perfect. Charlie loved what he loved deeply and without reserve. In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation of time or treasure in Charlie’s name to an organization that is close to your heart. A few that were of importance to Charlie are Camp Dudley, MICDS, and Great Circle – we would love to know how you choose to honor him. In addition, please consider becoming an organ donor.

Other ideas for honoring Charlie include:

– recording an act of kindness in Charlie’s memory every day for a week

– #spendingmoretimeoutdoors

– #livingalittlelarger, #lovingalittlestronger, #relaxingjustabitmore

May 2018 Meeting Notes

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The spring meeting of the Board of Trustees was held on Saturday, May 5, 2018 at Camp Dudley, which was preceded by a Board training and educational session in Colchester regarding transgender youth and Board governance. The educational session on transgender youth was presented by Lyndon Cudlitz.

Matt Storey and Marnie McDonagh delivered the Directors’ reports. The Directors expressed their appreciation for staff getting the campuses ready for the season and discussed their attendance at various professional conferences to prepare for camp. Mollie Farnham discussed the mental health first aide training that was provided to all full-time Staff and gave a snapshot of the training to work with campers experiencing anxiety, ADHD and related mental health first aid issues. Matt reported on the “Low Camper Number Event” gathering in Florida and his visit with Marcus Chioffi at Camp Abbensen in Hanover, Germany.

Evan George and Kat Hood reported on the JL weekends for Dudley and Kiniya and delivered the enrollment reports with a focus on filling the camps, retention and diversity numbers. The Board held a discussion concerning enrollment at both Camps, with a focus on filling the Camps and racial and ethnic diversity, especially in the leadership ranks. Kat Hood discussed the addition of a new division to the Kiniya program — now Cubs, Catamounts (“Cats”) and Seniors. Kat indicated that adding a third division is a stepping stone to a four division system (to be Cubs, Cats, Juniors and Seniors). The addition of two new cabins at Kiniya should assist in moving to a system of four divisions, with each division comprised of roughly 40-50 girls.

D’Anne Hurd, on behalf of the Audit Committee, reported on the improvements in the Camps’ bookkeeping system and ability to share information with the auditors and updated the Board on the 2018 Conflict of Interest report. Jim Godfrey of Tyler, Simms & St. Sauveur presented on the recently concluded annual audit of the Camps’ financial condition and the Board voted unanimously to approve the financials and the 990 to be submitted to the IRS.

Evan George and John Ulin reported on the activities of the Keeping Camp Affordable (“KCA”) Initiative. Evan reported on the KCA committee’s communication with peer institutions about how they are addressing tuition challenges and tiered pricing.

Mike Bransford presented the report of the Finance Committee. Mike discussed strengthening the Camps’ financial architecture and record keeping. Caroline Deans reported on the work of the Financial Reporting Sub-Committee and led a discussion surrounding how best to benchmark our Camps’ financial practices against the practices of peer camps. Fred reported on the Camp’s first quarter financial statement and explained how the camps are managing employee benefits costs by moving to a high deductible health insurance plan and paying the employee co-pay portion of covered services from our Camps’ HRA. Marnie indicated that she expects Camp Kiniya’s tax payments to increase for 2018 and 2019, due to a recent reassessment. The Board will be looking at its options to see how best to address this expected increase.

Welcome Home, The CDA Reunion

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By #15328 JD Boyle

I remember the first time I stepped foot at Camp Dudley, my father, Dave Boyle, #8928, brought me to reunion in the summer of 1990. All I knew about camp was we were blessed to have been a part of it for generations and there was a building named after my great-great-grandfather. Being a city kid from Cleveland, I wasn’t sure what to expect. In my mind, I knew I shouldn’t expect too much grandeur, so I pictured this nice, modest six story building like you would find in commercial areas in suburbs across America. After the 10-hour drive, when my father said, “We are here,” and I looked over at Witherbee Hall, my perceptions were shattered and my experiences surpassed it. Since this first reunion, I have attended well over 20 reunions including the last 18 straight.

Arriving at that first reunion, I quickly realized I knew nothing about camp. I assumed that as my father hadn’t been back to campus for over 25 years, he must not know anyone other than Willie Schmidt, who would come to our town once a year and always had a special enduring nickname just for me, “Kid”. Quickly, my perceptions were wrong again as my father was greeting and being greeted by name from strangers at distances where reading nametags was impossible. The weekend continued and so did the names just out of his memory.

As an adult, I have cherished getting to spend time with and know leaders I looked up to as a camper like Scotty Sly, Don Schmidt, Ted Smith, Ed O’Hara, and Jay Wells to name a few. I’ve been able to bond with the men that were their leaders (Warren Fuller, Mac Thayer, Bear, and Rich Maxwell). I even got to play golf with Rollie Stichway one year in the George Nelson Memorial Golf Tournament. If anyone has been able to spend an hour with that man you know how special of a time that can be. Today, I am blessed to get to spend time with former campers (David Fitzpatrick, Shane Canning, Matt McElroy, and Darryl Smalls) and see them as full-grown adults.

As a father, reunion has become even more special to me. I brought my daughter, Ainsley, up for the first time at six months of age. Davo even went out of his way to accommodate us by purchasing a pack and play, so we didn’t need to travel with one (talk about the Other Fellow First). Now, I see my daughter run around all over campus with the kids of campers and leaders that attended camp with me. She does archery, arts & crafts, boating, and swimming at Swim Point (rules are still rules). No matter how many more reunions we go to, how many more kids we have, or how old we get, I will never forget holding my daughter in my arms as she fell asleep during hymn sing.

The point of this article isn’t just to tell you about my memories at reunion, but to invite you and your family to come and make some of your own. If you are worried about you or your family not knowing someone at reunion, don’t be. The remarkable thing about Camp Dudley is as things have changed, things stay the same. I guarantee you will find someone saying your name from a distance way too far to be reading a nametag, and if by some strange reason you don’t know anyone when you get there, you will have several more friends when you leave.

#15328 JD, left, with Daughter, Ainsley, and longtime friend, #14866 James Mayo at a past CDA Reunion.

Huge congrats to JD and his wife Molly on their newest additions to the family! Twins, Thayer Hemenway Boyle &  Everett Joseph Boyle! (We see that Camp shirt too!) We look forward to seeing you at CDA Reunion 2019!

February 2018 Meeting Notes

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On February 2, 2018, the Board met in Westport, NY. Matt Quigley welcomed the new Board members to the Board table. Matt and Marnie reported on a new host for a New Jersey Open House. The Kiniya Tea was the biggest ever with many young alums. Matt updated the Board on recent economic development in the Westport Community (Rolling Hills Farm (timeshare), Ledge Hill Brewing, new Coffee Shop and a new direct flight between DC and Plattsburgh). Marnie reported on her Vermont Camp Association meeting where she was joined by Kathy Wiseman and Kat Nelson and the meetings focus on issues of cultural competency and social justice.

Matt and Marnie reported on the “off campus programs” for the coming Summer (e.g., Camp Abbensen is coming to Dudley and Kiniya, group going to Spain, and there are 4 Nols trips). Kat Nelson and Evan George reported on the Leaders for the Summer and that both Camps had more applicants than spots. The Board discussed the need to focus on diversity when recruiting for Leaders and campers.

Marnie reported on the new Kiniya Lodge and showed construction pictures. Marnie discussed the permitting and zoning challenges with the Williams Property and the plans to move forward as a single family home. She also reported on the annual capital improvements at Kiniya including, Bungalow bathroom, path and stairs from the dining hall to the beach, garden work, running fiber to Coleman, the maintenance shop, and the Lodge, and an in-house remodel of staff cabins with new windows and doors, improvements to the Leadership Hut and a new rescue boat for the waterfront.

Camp is offering a new “mental health first aide training” to full-time Staff to cover topics like vaping, Juul and the Metoo# movement. The Board also discussed the impact on our larger community and that Camp is an open door to our Leaders as they confront various societal issues. Matt and Marnie reviewed with the Board the Employee Training Manual and Employee Handbook. They read the Harassment and Bullying Policy and Equal Opportunity Policy Statement out loud to the Board, which all Staff acknowledges upon employment. It is now a requirement for all parents and campers to sign the Code of Conduct.

The Board Development and Nominations Committee reported on the Board survey and the key areas of improvement, including a focus on diversity, tackling societal issues impacting our community, committee reports, Director and Chair succession, risk assessment, and Board engagement and training.

The Development Committee reported on the 2017 annual giving goal and noting that while Camp fell short of its goal this was not unexpected given the focus on Scholarship as part of the BFTF Campaign. Dave Langston also noted that the number of gifts and donors is at an all-time high, but the average gift is slightly down. The 2018 Annual Giving goal is $850K with an intent to target parents, increase evergreen Donors, and monthly email engagement. The Committee discussed ways to capitalize on matching corporate gifts with an educational mission.

Mike Bransford, on behalf of the Finance Committee, reported that the Finance, Executive, and Audit Committees will be looking at the depreciation reserve and the categorization of expenses with a new subcommittee. Marnie and Fred discussed the Kiniya tax bill and ways to try to keep the improvement cost impact down.

The Finance Committee presented the 2018 Budget to the Board with a recommendation for approval, which was approved by the Board

That’s a Wrap on Gap!

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As temperatures started to drop in the Adirondacks, the Dudley Gap Program flocked south to The Bahamas for our final expedition. The Dudley Gappers were joined by wonderful staff and alumni, including #18754 Connor Smith, #19524 Dawn Gay, and #14962 Josh Olcott. We spent a few exciting days at The Island School, where we learned about marine biology, sustainability, and farming in different environments. After freediving lessons, shark-tagging, and immersive work with The Island School’s sustainable systems, we were lucky enough to spend some with our Community Partners at the Deep Creek Middle School, home to many Dudley and Kiniya alumni.

To kick off the second half of our expedition, Dudley alum and current Island School teacher #19130 Caleb Florence brought us to one of Eleuthera’s pristine beaches along the atlantic coast, where we learned how to beach camp in this incredible setting. After heading to the northern portion of the island, we stopped in to see our friends at Island Farm–an inspiring organic farm, owned and operated by the family of #23582 Sim Bethel. We also toured the brand new Centre for Ocean Research and Education with its founder, Dr. Owen O’Shea. This new research center empowers young people to get involved in ocean conservation and marine studies, alongside world-class scientists and explorers.

When our Bahamian expedition came to a close, we were sad to leave, but eager to return home to finish up our program here in Westport. For our closing ceremonies, the Gappers hosted a dinner for the community that supported us throughout the journey. The Gappers planned, welcomed, and cooked for nearly 40 people, and we could not have asked for a better send-off! Thanks to all that joined and supported us along the way.  


For more information on the Dudley Gap Experience, click HERE.

Important Update from Board Chair

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To the Dudley/Kiniya Family:

On November 30, 2016, I wrote to share with you the troubling news that two former campers had come forward to allege that they were sexually assaulted at Dudley in the 1970s. After reviewing these allegations, the Board concluded that an external investigation was essential. This letter outlines the steps we undertook, summarizes the investigator’s conclusions and finding, and discusses our plans moving forward.

Although the investigation was prompted by highly specific reports from two separate survivors, the investigative mandate was much broader. The purpose of the external investigation was to determine what transpired and to share what we know with our community in order to determine if others suffered any instances of sexual misconduct at our Camp. It included inquiry into all allegations of sexual misconduct or inappropriate behavior that were brought to the attention of the investigator.

Charlie Updike (#8276), an attorney at Schoeman Updike Kaufman & Gerber LLP, a firm with experience investigating and addressing sexual misconduct at schools and universities, was retained as outside counsel to assist us with respect to this matter. Camp also retained T&M Protection Resources, LLC, an investigative firm with no connection to Camp, to conduct the investigation and to report its results. The Sexual Misconduct and Investigations Division of T&M is headed by Laura Kirschstein, Esq. She is a former member of the Sex Crimes Unit of the Manhattan District Attorney’s office and leads a team of former prosecutors with similar experience who specialize in such investigations. A Special Committee of the Board was appointed to oversee the process and report back to the Board.

The Board did not seek to limit T&M’s inquiry by narrowly defining “sexual misconduct” nor was T&M asked to interview only those survivors or witnesses who came forward on their own. Rather, we asked T&M to employ their extensive experience and to use their judgment as to how to carry out the investigation. No budgetary or time constraints were placed upon T&M. The goal of the investigation was to investigate and assess allegations of past misconduct so as to inform and improve our decisions going forward. T&M was also asked to review Camp’s current policies and procedures.

The Investigation

The names of the two known survivors were provided to T&M. In addition, my letter of November 30, 2016 contained contact information for Laura Kirschstein, the lead investigator at T&M, as well as a mental health professional and myself, all of whom were willing to receive reports in confidence. All persons who came forward or were contacted by Ms. Kirschstein were advised that their communications would be received and kept in confidence and their identity not disclosed unless disclosure was required by law or ordered by a judge. Over the course of a year, T&M interviewed 71 witnesses and reviewed all available documents.

We thank the survivors who courageously came forward and the witnesses who agreed to share their memories. We hope to honor and support them by putting the knowledge and insight we have gained to good use.

Report of the Investigation

At the conclusion of the investigation, T&M was asked to prepare a Report to the Board that would be shared with the entire Camp community, while respecting the privacy requests of those who came forward. T&M’s Report is specific and uses clinical language to describe the abuse found. As noted in the Report’s introduction, it is not intended for children.

T&M’s full Report is available online at https://goo.gl/BtPxmN

Summary of the Report

The Report’s key finding, conclusions and observations are as follows:

  • T&M found that Jim Flanagan, while serving as a leader at Dudley from 1969 through 1984, sexually assaulted three male campers, made sexual advances to a fourth camper and engaged in inappropriate or uninvited physical touching and boundary crossing behavior with three more campers. All of these campers were 16 years of age or younger.


  • The Report concludes that the actions taken by Camp’s administration when Flanagan’s abusive behavior was reported before the summer of 1985 and in 2002 were insufficient. After the first report was received during the off-season between the summers of 1984 and 1985, Flanagan’s relationship with Camp was terminated and he was banned from the campus. However, the investigation found no evidence that: (i) law enforcement was notified; (ii) any effort was made to determine whether other campers had been abused; or (iii) steps were taken in 2002 to notify Flanagan’s employers of what had occurred, even though Camp knew he was a teacher.


  • T&M also investigated one allegation of sexual abuse during a single summer more than fifty years ago by a 15 or 16 year old against a younger camper. Despite substantial efforts, T&M was unable to find additional reliable evidence that corroborated the younger camper’s allegation. As a result, T&M was unable to make any finding with respect to this allegation. Accordingly, T&M determined not to include any details about the events described by the camper or any additional information surrounding the allegation. To do so would almost certainly lead to the disclosure of the identities of other campers, all of whom were minors at the time of the incidents and some of whom have chosen not to participate in this investigation.


  • Through the investigation, T&M learned that two reports of sexual misconduct and a report of inappropriate behavior of a sexual nature were brought to Dudley’s attention at the time that each occurred. The Report notes that in each instance Dudley responded by dismissing the individuals from the Camp’s employment. The details of these incidents were not included in the Report because T&M was unable to gather sufficient evidence to support a finding in each instance.


  • In addition, T&M received allegations against nine other individuals within the Dudley community that ranged from firsthand accounts of sexual misconduct and boundary-crossing behaviors to isolated rumor and speculation about such behaviors that occurred since the 1950s. T&M sought to pursue these allegations to a logical conclusion but ultimately determined there was insufficient information to reach a finding of sexual misconduct for the various reasons set forth in its Report.


  • T&M documented other instances of misconduct reported, including games, pranks, bullying and other similar activities.


  • T&M received no information alleging abuse or misconduct at Kiniya at any time.


  • T&M received no information alleging abuse or misconduct at Dudley after 2001.


Camp’s Response to the Report

Camp is deeply saddened by the conclusions reached by T&M. We sincerely apologize to all of those impacted, and for Camp’s insufficient response to certain of these incidents at the time initially reported to Camp.

My November 30, 2016 letter indicated that both survivors requested confidentiality at the time they reported their abuse to Camp. The Report indicates that this may not have been the case and that memories differ with respect to what was said or requested. Furthermore, my letter can be read to suggest that such requests for confidentiality led Dudley to not conduct a wider inquiry at the time. The Board and I apologize to both of the survivors for this suggestion, as well as, for my definitive recounting of any request for confidentiality. It is clear that a goal explicitly articulated by both survivors was to protect other former and current campers. Although the prompt termination of Jim Flanagan’s association with Dudley was a decisive and necessary step that ensured the cessation of his activities at Camp, remaining silent and failing to investigate further did nothing to ensure the safety and well being of other possible survivors or potential future victims.

Although the criminal statute of limitations expired before any survivor came forward to anyone at Camp, in accordance with currently accepted practice, we have notified law enforcement personnel of the reported abuse by Jim Flanagan. As of this writing, we are not aware of any further investigation being undertaken by law enforcement. In addition, Camp is notifying all known past and current employers of Jim Flanagan of this Report and its finding.

The fact that T&M has not received allegations about sexual misconduct since 2001 is not grounds for complacency. Rather, it may warrant cautious optimism that our current policies and procedures are effective. In addition, as the Report notes, beginning in 1995, Dudley became increasingly conscious that certain activities that are described in the Report (e.g., inappropriate games, pranks, teasing and bullying) were not consistent with Camp’s motto or values and could be harmful. Camp has continued to actively encourage a more sensitive culture to make Camp physically and emotionally safe for all.

Because of T&M’s expertise and experience with respect to sexual abuse and related issues, we asked them to review Camp’s current policies, procedures and training. T&M has concluded that Dudley and Kiniya have a strong set of policies and procedures and engage in effective training and education of staff about topics related to sexual abuse, including appropriate interaction between staff and campers, and guidelines for camper-employee physical contact. As part of these policies and the attendant training, both campers and staff are encouraged to report concerns of inappropriate behavior to Camp senior staff. Our current policies can be found on our website. Either of our Directors or I would be happy to address any questions and to hear your suggestions on how to improve them.

We deeply regret that anyone at Dudley experienced any form of abuse or misconduct. Although additional survivors at Dudley have already come forward, there may still be others suffering alone and in silence. The contacts listed in the November 30, 2016 letter remain available. We stand ready to listen to you and to support you, and will respect your privacy in the process, as may be requested.

Appropriate relationships and trust between our campers, leaders and staff are cornerstones of Camp’s mission and core values. The care and safety of the young people in our charge is Dudley’s and Kiniya’s highest priority. With humility, resolve, and continuous learning we endeavor to uphold and strengthen the Camp’s mission, motto and core values.



Matt Quigley, #10643
Chair, Camp Dudley Board of Trustees

Kari McKinley, #19231

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Kari McKinley, #19231
South Burlington, VT

Kari, daughter of #10231 Schelling and Annie McKinley, grew up in Westport, NY. As her brothers, #16231 Arne and #18231 Leif, headed to Dudley every summer, she yearned for a “sister” experience. While never a camper, she happily joined the Dudley Hike Hut staff in 2004. Her three years in the Hike Hut were incredible, but without hesitation she accepted the Senior D-head role at Kiniya in 2007. She then spent four years as D-Head, Tripping Director, and in Leadership Development with the Aides, JLs, and ALs. Earning her Kiwi disc in 2010, Kari reflected on the evolution of Camp Dudley and Kiniya and what an honor it was to be a part of that process. Since then, Kari has served as a member of the health care staff.

Kari studied Biology at McGill University, with a semester at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. Upon graduating, she moved to Burlington, VT (“unable to pull myself away from Lake Champlain!”). Following graduate school at the Yale University School of Nursing, she now works as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner at Timber Lane Pediatrics in Burlington, VT, a practice, co-owned by Sara Quayle, wife of #9135 Ollie Quayle.

She and her husband, #18952 Joel Cross, are thrilled to be welcoming their first future Dudleyite in July 2018! They love living in Burlington and frequent gatherings with Dudley and Kiniya family. Kari is grateful for the opportunity to serve as the first female CDA Vice President, and couldn’t be happier to share this role with her dear friend from Dudley days, #16119 Marlon Fisher.

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Marlon Fisher, #16119

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Marlon Fisher, #16119
Burlington, VT

Arriving at Dudley as a Cub in 1993, Marlon had never seen anything as beautiful as the Adirondack mountains. Through the generousity of the Dan Donahue family and the Merrill Lynch Scholarship Builder Program  Marlon got to Dudley.  Subsequently, Dudley and the people associated with it became the most cherished aspect of Marlon’s life.  Marlon became a leader in 2000, Cub division head for several years and then a  Dudley summer staff member.

Marlon served the Army as an All Source Intelligence Analyst, from 2008-2016, including a tour of duty in Afghanistan.  There Marlon discovered his ability to make others laugh through comedy.  Since then, Marlon has been known as “Big Fish” on stage.  Marlon was a Seven Daysie finalist in 2015, and in 2017 was a finalist in Vermont’s Funniest Comic Competition.

Through public and community service, Marlon has instructed, mentored, and worked with youth in residential settings, wilderness programs, and the community, a desire that came from Marlon’s Dudley experience.

Marlon married Aron Steward, in August  2015, bought a home, adopted two kitties, and settled in Burlington, VT.  The greatest joy in Marlon’s life arrived in July 2016 when Percy Wynston, a son was born.  A second son, Malachai, arrived in February 2018.

Marlon brings energy and passion to the Camp Dudley Board, from  years of dedication  and the countless gifts he has received.  He is committed to inclusion, connection, and effective leadership. Marlon works to engage individuals, audiences, and large organizations and to inspire others to share a common mission.  Marlon believes in Dudley, founded on its’ connective values and looks forward to representing and promoting its’ mission.

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Diane Calello, #24878

mstorey • 1 year ago • Alumni

Diane has seen camp through many lenses, first when visiting her future husband #14278 P.J., then almost 20 years later as Camp Doctor, and now as mother to camper #23878, Caroline and Max and Cosmo (Camp # TBD).

Since graduating from the College of William and Mary, Diane obtained her medical degree at the New Jersey Medical School (Rutgers University) and completed residency and fellowship training at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. A pediatric emergency physician and toxicologist, she is excited to bring her experience to the health and safety of campers, continuing the good work already being done on that front. As Executive and Medical Director of the New Jersey Poison Control Center, she has broad experience in management of non-profit organizations and multi-agency partnerships. She also serves on the Board of Directors for the American College of Medical Toxicology, the professional organization for her area of specialty nationwide.

Diane first came to Dudley in 1993 and it was “love at first sight.” She said, “The caliber of people, and the friendships between them, were exceptional. This was no ordinary place.” She now senses the power of both Dudley and Kiniya to shape the leaders of tomorrow. She is excited to lend her expertise and enthusiasm to an organization in which she has “tremendous faith and to provide a safe and nurturing space for the development of intellect, values, self-confidence, self-discovery, and healthy lifelong relationships.”

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Leslee MacKenzie, #25075

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Leslee MacKenzie is a mom of two first generation campers. Her son, #23075 Sam, has attended Camp Dudley for five years, most recently as an Aide in the Cub Division. Her daughter, #23316 Kate, received her Kiwi Disc in 2017 at Camp Kiniya and will be back in 2018 for her 5th summer.

Introduced to camp by a college friend, the MacKenzie’s were immediately taken with it. Living close to Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks, it was the perfect fit for their family. Leslee is a strong believer in providing opportunities to our children in their formative years which can make a difference over a lifetime. Also, in an era of athletic specialization, attending Camp Dudley or Kiniya is the perfect balance for kid’s development — not to mention the fun!

As a Board Member, Leslee will bring expertise from her business and community involvement. Following a 10-year merchandising career in Boston, she returned to Burlington. She is President & Co-Owner of Coldwell Banker Hickok & Boardman Realty, focusing on residential real estate and relocation. Leslee’s experience includes strategic and financial planning, sales, marketing and organizational culture.

Currently a Board Member of the Vermont Business Roundtable, Burlington Business Association & the Vermont Futures Project, past roles include the March of Dimes and Make-A-Wish. Leslee’s volunteer efforts have focused on children, health related issues, early education and economic development.

“It is an honor to be able to contribute back to Camp Dudley and Kiniya. It is a place that has given so much to Sam and Kate and has become part of the fabric of our family.”

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