Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya

Welcome Back

Greetings and a big YOHA to all who are viewing this page. Much has changed on our two campuses in the last nine years. For starters, we have two campuses. And much has remained the same. The young campers still get a little homesick, moms still get a little Camp sick and nobody wants to leave when the season ends. While there are new programs and some new buildings, the time honored traditions you fell in love with all those years ago still drive our summers. Vespers, Chapel Talks, Kiwi Discs, the tall pines, Hymn Sings, making life long friendships – they are all still the mainstays of the summer experience.

The only thing missing is YOU!  If you are not currently receiving regular communication from us, we need to hear from you. We have multiple ways for you to get back and stay involved. During the summer, we welcome visitors to our outdoor Chapel on eight Sundays during our season. We can extend an invitation to one of our six Hymn Sings during the First and Second Sessions. There’s the Camp Dudley Association Reunion in August every year that has become an incredible family event and a great way to introduce children and grandchildren to Camp. We have Father/Son and Mother/Daughter Weekends, two Work Weekends, a host of Open Houses during the fall and winter months and a bunch of local gatherings that are both planned and spontaneous. Also don’t forget to look for your picture in the online versions of all of our Last Whistles and Spirits.

We’re also very excited to launch our New Alumni App for smartphone users everywhere.

Powered by EverTrue, the Alumni App is an excellent tool for alums to stay connected with each other anytime, anywhere. Click here for more information and start connecting today!

Please take the time to reconnect by clicking here.  There is a calendar with important dates and we will keep that updated as we move through the season.

So give us a call and set up a time to come see us.  We’d love the chance to say…


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