Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya

from Our Parents & Campers

We get all sorts of feedback from parents. Here’s some of the thing’s they’ve had to say…

  • My husband's best friends are all Dudley men, and it is through them and their continued friendships with each other that I first learned of Dudley. Each of them credits Dudley for helping them realize from an early-age the importance of character and determination in all of life's endeavors.
  • On behalf of my son, Camp Dudley is an incredible gift each summer filled with incredible friendships, Leaders, adventures, sports, music and more - all centered around the motto: the other fellow first. [My son] has built character and leadership skills he couldn't get anywhere else. [He] has become part of a long-standing tradition at Dudley that means a great deal to our family
  • And campers have their fair share to say too!

  • The feeling of spending Choice Time at Swim Point after a day of lacrosse on the Junior/Senior fields and looking forward to the Wednesday Night Show is something only Dudley can offer. However, I think that the best part of Dudley isn't the Choice Time activities or Hymn Sing every Sunday, but the people
  • I wish to return to Camp Dudley because I LOVED IT! It was an experience of a lifetime. It was my first time being away from home for that long and I didn’t want to leave. My favorite aspect of the program was the leadership roles. I enjoyed this part because it showed me more of how to be a leader.
  • My number one reason for wanting to come back to Camp Dudley is because of the people! Last year, the people I met were like nothing I've ever experienced -- they were so generous and intelligent. If you walked up to a game of taps, or any kind of game, people included you no matter what. I also felt that the guidance given by the leadership helped me make decisions and think better about myself than I would without that help… Camp Dudley has changed my life because it will not only help me now, but will carry me on into my adult life
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