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Dudley & Kiniya

2012 Winter Leadership Trip

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10 men walked into the Stacy Brook Wilderness on solid ground under clear skies, and walked out in 30 inches of snow and a full on blizzard. What an amazing trip. On Dec 26th, 8 young men from Dudley showed up at Camp to embark on the 2012 Winter Leadership Trip. Accompanied my trip leaders Scott Steen and Dylan Pollock, the boys packed as much winter wonderland adventure, leadership training, and backcountry shenanigans as possible into just 6 days. The group spent a day volunteering their time with alumnus Schell McKinley on a local Habitat for Humanity house project, 2 days living, working and playing at the Stacy Brook yurt with a new wood stove, a day ice climbing, and 2 days snowshoeing through the frozen Adirondack wilderness. The boys were often challenged in this snowy backcountry setting, and grew as leaders through making difficult mistakes and celebrating amazing successes. Owen Beal reflected, “As a leader, I am going to have to make sure that everyone is having fun and being safe. Sometimes this means stepping up and facing the adversity of an entire group, and hoping they will take your advice with a smile and not be too upset by it”. From planning and cooking meals to being leader of the day, to leading vespers and hikes, the 8 Dudleyites took away valuable leadership skills, outdoor skills, and a feeling of brotherhood amongst peers and friends.

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