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Ben Nelson #8070

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Ben Nelson with Will Long, and Evan George at CDA Reunion 2011

Ben Nelson #8070
Bainbridge, NY 

Ben first saw Camp when brother George “Nelly” Nelson arrived as a camper in 1948. Ben came two years later, in 1950, and has been involved with Dudley ever since.

Ben and his wife, Pam #13326, are proud to have had four sons and daughters serve as Leaders at Dudley and Kiniya recently, including Steve #17681 and Dave #18070 on the Westport side of the Lake, and Rose #17251 and Sara #19270 on the Vermont side. The Nelson Cabins, south of Camp, flew three flags all summer . . . representing America, Dudley and Kiniya.

Ken “Dutch” Hafner #3887 served as one of Ben’s early mentors, in the A-Hut at Dudley, but also in pioneering the New York State Public High School Athletic Association, where Ben has served as Executive Director of Section 4 of the NYSPHSAA for the past 10 years. Prior to that, Ben was Athletic Director and Plant and Property Manager at Dudley. Said Ben, “I hope that my experience in a variety of environments and circumstances will allow me to give a historical and helpful perspective to the many issues that are relevant to Dudley and its Board today.”

It is rumored that Ben’s Election to the Board was contingent on his agreeing to supply his and Pam’s famous “Michigans” to Dudleyites for the next five summers!

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