Dudley & Kiniya

Dudley & Kiniya

Marnie McDonagh / Director, Camp Kiniya

Email: marnie@campdudley.org • Phone:802-893-7850 •

Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Marnie lived a very happy childhood with a loving, supportive family. In 1994, when the opportunity to work as a waterski Instructor at Kiniya presented itself, she responded with great enthusiasm. Marnie joined the Kiniya team that summer, and since then rose through the Leadership Ranks ranks as Head Counselor, Program Director, Assistant Director and, in 2006, was named the first Director of Camp Dudley at Kiniya. Summer 2013 marks Marnie’s 20th consecutive summer at Camp. Having served on the Vermont Camp Association Board since 2001, Marnie believes strongly in the benefits of the Camping Institution and considers Camp Dudley at Kiniya to be the best possible environment for character development and confidence building in girls. Marnie and and her husband, Bob Sophia, live in South Burlington, VT and can often be seen during their daily walks on the Burlington Bike path (even in the snow!)


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