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From time to time we share your words with others because you say it better than we possibly can. They might be words from current campers, parents, leaders or alumni. Thanks in advance, and keep the testimonials coming!

Camp Dudley

“Dear Matt,

Our son has been home for almost a month now and he is still singing Camp songs, telling us new stories of his friends and adventures, and every once in a while he gives a ‘Yo-Ha!’

Last fall we spent quite a bit of time visiting slide shows and reunions for a variety of Camps that were in our area. When we left the Dudley Reunion we knew we had found the Camp where we wanted our son to spend his Camp years. We stepped on the Camp grounds and know that we had made the right decision for our son. I said to myself that if he didn’t like Camp Dudley then he simply didn’t like Camp!

Our feelings were strengthened when we met his Leaders. We could not have wished for a better group of Leaders in his cabin. They were terrific role models for this group of young boys.

Our son’s experience at Camp Dudley exceeded our expectations. Thank you for all of your hard work in ensuring a positive, memorable experience for our son.”

- Mother of CD Cub

Camp Kiniya

“Dear Marnie,

Now that my daughter has been home from Camp for almost three weeks, it is amazing to see her personal growth since Kiniya. I wanted to thank you for creating an atmosphere at Kiniya where even the youngest camper leaves feeling more self-assured, confident, aware of others, and compassionate. Thank you for giving her (and really our family) that experience. She now casually refers to “The Other Fellow First” in her conversations. I know that tone of “otherness”, the safe environment where girls feel free to take risks, and a place that generates a feeling of belonging is due to lots of planning and behind-the-scenes work. So thank you for all of that work – it truly is meaningful. I hope that my daughter can continue to grow at Kiniya for many summers. Thank you!”

- Mother of CDK Camper

“Camp Dudley at Kiniya has a special place in my heart that I will never forget and will always come back to. With your guidance, kindness, and support I know that I grew so much this summer in my leadership skills, values, and love for others. Thank you for sharing your love for Kiniya with me.”

-CDK Aide

Camp Dudley

“[Our son] had the greatest summer last year.  He loved his team, and the Dudley spirit.  He made great friends, and can’t wait for summer 2013.  Jay loved all the sports.  I have asked him what he loved most about camp, and each time it changes…he just can’t pick one thing as he loved it all.  We had heard wonderful things about Camp Dudley, and it beat all of our expectations.  We can’t wait to send our other 2 girls to Kiniya, and our youngest son to Dudley. Summer can’t come soon enough…!”

-Current Dudley Mom (and a future Kiniya Mom)

“Hi Matt,

We can’t find the words to thank you enough for the past four weeks, but our son is amazing.  He is happy, confident, kind, calm and mature.  He had it in him I know but Camp Dudley brought it all out.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I hope it lasts until next summer – he can’t wait to come back if you’ll have him again!”

- Mother of CD Plebe

Camp Kiniya

“One of the things that I really admired about the campers is that no matter their age, they always have something new to teach you, and the same holds true for the Leadership ranks as well. The Camp mindset is one that permeates the thinking, allowing a unique and positive outlook on life, and I would love to be able to spread this way of thinking to the campers next summer.”

- CDK Leader

Camp Dudley

“Dear Camp Dudley,

Thank you for a wonderful summer. I really miss that Camp. I still use the motto, ‘The Other Fellow First,’ every day. I enjoyed the Wednesday Night Show so much. The excitement and the energy that show gave off was amazing! I wish that Camp lasted 10 months and that school was only two months. I really liked the hike. It was such an excitement for me to hike Dix Mountain. I wish I could do it again! I really want to thank Jordan from Columbia Cabin so much. Mainly because he helped me with everything. He taught me how to play basketball which I stunk at before Camp. Also, Frankel for being an excellent Leader. He helped me accomplish some of my goals and did cool things with the cabin. So thank you Camp Dudley for the experience and the opportunity to try new things.

- CD Senior

Camp Kiniya

“I watched myself grow with the guidance of the strong women and girls around me and I now feel more confident with myself and my abilities to make smart decisions for not only myself but also for others.”

- CDK Aide


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