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Fast Facts

Camp Dudley… Did you know?


  • Founded: 1885 by Sumner F. Dudley, a YMCA volunteer
  • Mission: To develop moral, personal, physical, and leadership skills in the spirit of fellowship and fun, enabling boys and girls to lead lives characterized by devotion to others.
  • Motto: “The Other Fellow First”
  • Camp Colors: Navy and White

Campus & Operations

  • Location: Westport, New York on Lake Champlain
  • Cabins: 41
  • Size of Physical Plant: 500 Acres
  • Number of Buildings on Campus: 84 (8 of which are heated year-round)
  • Annual Operating Budget: $3.5 Million

Campers, Leaders, & Staff

  • Enrollment: 320 boys per session, ages 10.5-15
  • Return Rate: Averages 84%
  • Geographic Representations: 35 States, 12 foreign countries; top 10 states where campers come from include NY,CT,NJ,MA,CA,MD,PA,IL,FL,CO
  • Scholarship Budget/ Allocation: $500,000 to 150 boys (approximately 20% of the overall campers enrollment)
  • Ethnic/Racial Diversity: Roughly 15% non-white
  • Full Season/ Half Season Camper Breakdown: 90% attend one session
  • Leaders-to-Camper ratio: 1:3
  • Leaders/ Staff: 150 young men ages 16 and up; 20 women ages 18 and up
  • Alumni Legacies: 50% of campers have some direct alumni relation


  • 4 Pillars of the Dudley Program: Athletics, The Arts, The Outdoors, and Spirituality
  • Daily Activities: Arts and crafts, archery, band (jazz and instrumental), baseball, basketball, canoeing, ceramics, chorus, drama, fishing, flag football, golf, hiking, high and low ropes courses, kayaking, lacrosse, lifesaving, mountaineering, music, photography, publications, riflery, rock climbing, sailing, soccer, swimming, diving, tennis, track and field, water polo, weight training, writing, video, volleyball….. and more!

Dudley Dictionary

  • Camp Number: Every camper receives their own unique number when they arrive at Dudley. We’re up to over 23,000!
  • YOHA: This means you’re happy and someone did something that you like
  • The Dudley Cheer: D-U-D-L-E-Y / Whitewashed cookies, chicken pie / Pink, music, pickeral fry / Westport, Westport my oh my / All ye campers stand in line / Take your hats off just like mine / Bevo bivo boom get a rat trap bigger than a cat trap bevo bivo BOOM! Click here to see a video!
  • The Dudley Hymn: ‘Mid mountains and lakes / I see its face so clear, / It stands as a shrine / To those who hold it dear. / Boys through the years / Have given to its name, / Dudley will live in the / Hearts of men.
  • Hymn Sing: A revered tradition of singing on Sunday nights
  • Saturday Night Show: A dramatic and musical performance by Campers, Leaders, and Staff
  • Wednesday Night Show: Talent show with funny skits, which always includes an episode of the famous Leaders’ Serial production
  • The Horn: Used to indicate the start and end of just about everything at camp
  • ‘Tute: Short for The Institute or Bathroom
  • Extravaganza: Elaborate events created by Leaders, usually done by division
  • The Last Whistle: The annual yearbook given to each camper to commemorate the summer. Click here to view.
  • The Dudley Doings: The camp newspaper, which has been published for over 108 summers!
  • Inspection: Daily cleaning and check of the cabins
  • Laundry Lax: Pick-up lacrosse games on main campus played with laundry baskets and a tennis ball

 Most Famous CD Alumni

  • Burgess Meredith
  • Bob Pettit
  • C. Roland Stichweh
  • Pete Willmott
  • Paul Grinwis
  • Charlie Johnson
  • John Harbison
  • Robert Appleyard
  • Gerald La Grange
  • Johnny Jones
  • Tom Hale
  • … just to name a few


  • Camp Director: Matt Storey
  • Business Manager: Fred Guffey
  • Facilities Manager: Steve Denton
  • Head of Leadership: Mark Davenport
  • Development Director: Dave Langston
  • Admissions and Program Director: Evan George
  • Outdoor Program Director/Sustainability Coordinator: Scott Steen
  • Development Administrator: Dawn Gay
  • Communications Coordinator: Brendan Loughman
  • Health Center Director: Sheila Kapper, RN
  • 2013 Witherbee: Wendy Higgins
  • 2013 Athletics: Blair Dils
  • 2013 Outdoors: Scott Steen
  • 2013 Spiritual: Dave Langston
  • 2013 Arts & Crafts: Lauren Maiurano
  • 2013 Cub Division Head: Brian Cropper – Occidental College
  • 2013 Plebe Division Head: Will Dobbs-Allsopp – Washington University
  • 2013 Junior Division Head: Tom McKeown – Hamilton College
  • 2013 Senior Division Head: Tom McDonough – Boston College


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