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For Parents

Online Camper Account 

Parents can login to their Camper Account for all paperwork and forms at


Sending Mail to Your Daughter:

  • Please address all mail to Camp’s address, in the following manner:
  • Your Daughter’s Name
  • Your Daughter’s Cabin (cabin assignment issued on opening day)
  • Camp Dudley at Kiniya
    1317 Camp Kiniya Road
    Colchester, VT 05446

The Camp phone number is:8

  • 802-893-7850

The off-season phone number for our Westport office is:

  • 518-962-4720

Parents should always keep us informed of changes in their m ailing address or telephone numbers during the summer, even if leaving home for only a short time.

Important Rules and Information:

  • The Camp colors are navy blue and white.
  • Girls should not bring electronic equipment to Camp. There is much to do at Kiniya without electronic equipment. The Leader in your daughter’s cabin will have music to share with the cabin. NO iPods, iPads, cell phones, e-readers or electronics of any kind.
  • No dogs are permitted on Camp property at any time. Please cooperate!
  • No smoking or drinking alcohol is permitted on Camp property. Please cooperate.
  • Academic tutoring is not offered at Camp Dudley at Kiniya.
  • Candy or food cannot be kept in cabins. They attract wild animals that live here. Please do not send or buy candy or food for your daughter to keep at Camp. All food will be confiscated and not returned. Sweets are provided after dinner, and all campers receive candy on Sundays.
  • Be sure to have your daughter bring her musical instrument. A place for safe keeping is provided. She will have an opportunity to play while at Camp.
  • Cash is not needed and not permitted. Spending money should be sent directly to the Camp Bank. 

Frequently Asked Questions3

What are Big / Little sister assignments, and how can we help? As is tradition, we assign new campers to girls who have been at Kiniya before as their ‘Big Sister’. By April 1st, all new campers will receive a personal letter from Marnie announcing their assigned ‘Big sister’. This returning camper will have already received your daughter’s contact information (email or phone) and will initiate first contact. We have found in previous summers that this process helps new girls with the initial adjustment to Camp. We find this to be very helpful, but it does require effort on both parts; please help your daughters make contact.

Is there a Camp Nurse on site? Our on-site infirmary is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week by our team of registered nurses. In cases that require additional treatment, Fletcher Allen Medical Center is located in Burlington, VT, 15 minutes from Camp. For more information about the Health Center click here.

What equipment will my daughter need at Camp? Will she need a trunk? Please refer to our packing list and also apply your own judgment based on your knowledge of your daughter and her needs. She will need a trunk to store her clothing and its dimensions must not exceed: 14 ½ inches high by 34 inches long. As noted on the packing list we ask that all clothing be appropriate for the activities we offer. This means that high heeled shoes, skirts / dresses (other than banquet outfit), designer jeans, etc. are not necessary. Please do not send expensive items. One good place to purchase trunks is Everything Summer Camp (use code trail267DY when ordering.)

How will my daughter get to and from the airport or bus station? A Kiniya representative will be assigned to collect your daughter from the airport or bus arrival terminal in Burlington, VT wearing a Camp Dudley at Kiniya tee and carrying his/her photo ID. Please call the office one week prior to your daughter/s arrival to receive the name of the staff member assigned to collecting your daughter.

Can my daughter leave Camp early or arrive late to a session? We strongly discourage arriving to Camp late or leaving early because it disrupts the flow of the experience for your daughter and her fellow cabin mates. In certain situations, these disruptions are unavoidable and may be taken up with the Camp Director ahead of time.

How and when will I hear from my daughter? Each camper is strongly encouraged to write home each Sunday.

What can we expect when we arrive on campus for Opening Day? If driving to Camp, you should arrive at Kiniya between 8am through 1pm on Opening Day. You and your daughter will first be greeted at the Gatehouse by one of our staff and directed to the Welcome Tent, where you will meet the Director and receive your daughter’s cabin assignment. Our staff will convey your daughter’s luggage to her cabin. You and your daughter will walk to her cabin where you meet her leader(s); get her settled in and say your goodbyes. After you leave, your daughter will continue to acclimate to her new Camp friends, tour the campus as a group with her Leader and enjoy her first Camp lunch at 1 pm.

What if my daughter is homesick? Our leaders are trained to handle homesickness and our Director, Marnie McDonagh, works closely with those girls who are struggling to get comfortable here at Kiniya. Most girls adapt quickly to the Kiniya schedule and all of its varied activity. In the rare circumstances when the camper is extremely homesick, the parent will be notified and kept abreast of their daughter’s progress.

May I call or visit my daughter? In the case of an emergency, you may leave a message for your daughter and we will respond accordingly. Campers are not allowed to call home or to receive calls on a regular basis. Obviously, there will be extenuating circumstances to this policy and the Director will handle those at her discretion. We highly encourage good, old-fashioned letters! Join us for Parents’ Weekend. 

What is your policy on Electronics? We strive to keep all of our camps as technology-free as possible and request that campers leave cell phones, iphones, computers, Blackberries and other such devices, personal wireless internet devices, electronic games, video games, TVs or other video viewing devices, video cameras and any other technology in the same categories as those mentioned above. In addition, electronic books such as the Nook, Kindle or other reading devices are also not allowed. We have a library with regular books for use by campers. Cameras are permitted, but we ask that they not have video capabilities.

May I mail packages to my daughter? We enforce a no package policy at Camp. The driving force behind this change has been the unhealthy side effects that have become associated with the increased number of packages that arrive daily. In addition to the impact packages have on cabin dynamics, the distribution of packages also became interference to our daily routine at Camp. Any packages received that are larger than a standard (letter size) envelope will be returned to sender.


  1. Birthdays: In celebration of in-season birthdays, a camper may receive ONE food and candy-free package from her family on her birthday.
  2. Essential Items: If your daughter forgets to pack an essential item, call the Camp office at 802-893-7850. If our office staff approves the item, a package may be sent to your daughter through the Camp Office.

Please share this information with any friends of family members who might send a package to your camper.

What is your policy on Head Lice? Lice has become an increasing challenge for schools and camps across the nation. Our goal is to have a lice-free summer. We need your help to make that possible. Please review our policy on headlice in your online account that includes precautionary measures to see that your daughter is free of both lice and nits (eggs) prior to arrival at Camp. Everything we do prior to camp gives us the best shot at having a lice-free summer, however as many of you know from experience, it only takes one nit that gets missed to cause an outbreak. It is your responsibility to make sure your child is lice-free and nit-free before arriving at camp. The websites and have a great deal of good information as well as materials you can order to help with this issue.

We are non-Christians, will my daughter have to attend Chapel service? Yes – While we are a YMCA (affiliated) Camp, our Sunday services are non-denominational and transcend any one religion. Sundays are a time of reflection and joy, when we reinforce the ideals of our motto, “The Other Fellow First.” Most campers claim Sunday as their favorite day at Camp.

Should my daughter bring money and, if so, how much? While Camp tuition covers most everything (now including Sunday candy and laundry service!) some spending money (for store items such as t-shirts, batteries, flashlights, sunscreen, bug spray, etc) is required. Having said that, she should not bring cash with her or keep cash in her cabin. We strongly encourage you to involve your daughter in filling out the “Spending Money Form.” Should your daughter overdraw her account, it will not prevent her from participating in Camp programs because of insufficient funds. At the end of the summer, any money due to your daughter’s account will be billed to you. Conversely, any money left in your daughter’s account at the end of the season will be returned to you.

How do you handle campers’ birthdays? All birthdays at  Camp are very special and are recognized and celebrated. Each birthday girl receives her own cake to share with her cabin mates at the evening meal and traditional songs are sung.

How do you place campers? There are two villages at Kiniya. Junior Village (for our younger girls) and Senior Village (for our older girls). Girls are assigned to each village based on school age and grade. The Director and Management Team use their knowledge of each girl and the camp’s program to make the final assignment. Girls are placed in diverse cabin groups with cabin leadership selected to meet the girls’ needs. Every effort is made to place girls from the same towns, or girls who know each other from home, in different cabins to encourage new friendships.

What if my daughter doesn’t enjoy sports? The Kiniya program incorporates athletics, arts, waterfront, and outdoors, with an opportunity for each one in any given day. Your daughter will be required to participate in sports and team building, sportsmanship and fundamentals will be stressed. The emphasis of sports is on having fun while competing at 100% effort. Although there are scheduled activities in each day, there is ample choice time for girls to select their activities.

My daughter has allergies, what provisions are in place for that? ALL allergies MUST be noted on the health form in two places, front and back. All medicines and/or Epi Pens must be registered with our Camp nurse at the infirmary. Specific instructions for allergies should be written down and filed with the Camp nurse. If your daughter has food allergies, those, too, must be noted on the health form. Please call the Director with further questions.

How do you train your Leaders? 99% of the Kiniya leadership has come up through the ranks here at Camp. No other camp in America can make this claim. In addition, each Leader undergoes a 10-day pre-season orientation that meets and exceeds the guidelines of the American Camp Association and the Vermont State Health Department. All of the younger Leaders (JL’s and AL’s) also participate in pre-season preparation in order to help them discharge their duties in a professional and sensitive manner.

What are the policies on abuse? Abuse of any type will not be tolerated at Camp Dudley at Kiniya. We define abuse as:

  1. Hitting or striking of another person in anger.
  2. Screaming, yelling, name-calling or degrading in a manner designed to frighten or intimidate.
  3. Fondling, touching or excessive hugging in a manner that could be interpreted as an invitation to sexual activity, or sexual activity itself.
  4. Neglecting the emotional or personal needs of those in our care.

We ask that you, the parent or guardian, discuss this policy with your daughter prior to her arrival at Camp.

We do all in our power to keep your daughter emotionally and physically safe during her time here at Camp Dudley at Kiniya.

Alcohol and Drugs

  • Members of the Camp Dudley at Kiniya community may not possess, use, distribute, or attempt to purchase any dangerous or illegal drugs, hallucinogens, or drug paraphernalia.
  • Members of the Camp Dudley at Kiniya community who are under the age of 21 may NOT consume alcoholic beverages.
  • Providing alcoholic beverages to underage individuals is strictly prohibited at Camp Dudley at Kiniya.
  • Members of the Camp Dudley at Kiniya community who are 21 years of age or older who choose to consume alcohol must do so in a manner consistent with Vermont State law and must remain capable of functioning in a leadership capacity. Excessive intake of alcohol will not be tolerated.

Individuals found in violation of this policy will be dismissed and arrangements will be made for individual to depart camp immediately. Parents of individuals under the age of 18 found to be in violation of these policies will be notified immediately

Personal Equipment

All staff and campers are responsible for their own equipment while at camp. Campers and staff have the option of keeping valuables such as musical instruments, passports, etc. locked in the Welcome Center or Homestead. Please ensure everything is clearly labeled. Camp is not responsible for lost or damaged equipment at camp.


Leaders and Staff who are 18 years of age and older may bring an automobile to Camp. JL’s and AL’s under the age of 18 may not bring personal vehicles to Camp. Personal vehicles may be used only during time off and never on campus. Cars must be parked in the designated parking lot on the upper level. Campers may NEVER be transported in privately owned vehicles. When visiting Camp, all vehicles MUST park in the upper lot opposite the Welcome Center.


No animals are allowed on campus, at any time, without Director approval. We kindly ask that you leave all pets at home.


Weapons are not permitted on campus at any time. Access to archery equipment is limited to the Archery Instructors, Program Director, and Director, and is under lock and key.


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