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Kiniya for Girls

‘Neath the pines …

Founded in 1919 by Helen Van Buren, Camp Kiniya in Colchester, Vermont was a camp that delivered a safe, loving and quality camping experience for girls. In 2004, the leadership team at Camp Dudley worked with the Kiniya owners Jack and Marilyn Williams to create a new vision: Camp Dudley at Kiniya, a non-profit camp for girls that combines Kiniya’s traditions with Dudley’s extensive programs, including leadership and spirituality.

In 2006, Camp Dudley at Kiniya opened for its first summer season. Girls from all over the country enjoyed a camp that celebrates leadership, friendship and kindness. Camp Dudley at Kiniya is a camping experience that allows for individual and community growth; where each person feels safe to try new things and has the time and opportunity to develop meaningful relationships and passions.

The program at Camp Dudley at Kiniya reflects an intentional balance between team sports, individual sports, dramatic and visual arts, an outdoor program and a spiritual program. We seek to develop confidence and self-esteem in girls while at the same time, instill in them an abiding concern for others. Camp Dudley at Kiniya values cooperation, respect, leadership, and a graduated sense of responsibility. The varied program is geared to all girls, whether they are athletic, theatrical, musical, or nature loving.

Camp Dudley at Kiniya is set on Lake Champlain, with western-facing views of the New York shore and Adirondack Mountains. Surrounded by 134 acres of pine forests and meadows, and over a mile of waterfront, including a private sand beach, there’s ample room for swimming, sailing, water skiing, riding and more. At the Camp’s northern border is the Lamoille River, offering calmer waters for canoeing and kayaking. Conveniently, Camp Dudley at Kiniya’s location provides both privacy and seclusion while being only 20 minutes from Burlington, Vermont, and 75 minutes from Camp Dudley in Westport, New York.


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