Dan Stromberg #22847, Named Food Service Director

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Dan Stromberg, Food Service Director

Dan Stromberg, Food Service Director

Dan Stromberg has joined the year round team as the Camp Dudley Food Service Director. Dan will oversee the transition from an outsourced operation to an in-house operation and will be focused on creating a more wholesome menu for the Camp Dudley community. He has already begun meeting with local vendors, farmers and growers to establish relationships to get the freshest food available. He’ll put together a kitchen team immediately that includes cooks, bakers, utility, prep cooks and dishwashers and has been reaching out to the local community to build the staff to work in Beckman Hall.

“Providing wholesome food is one of the most important things we do at Camp Dudley to keep our campers healthy and energized. The entire Camp community comes together 3 times a day, every day of the season and we have both the responsibility and the opportunity to take advantage of that time to establish good eating habits through a well balanced diet,” says Camp Director Matt Storey. “Dan is the perfect person to get us where we need to be.”

Prior to coming to Camp Dudley, Dan was the Food Service Director at the Gwynn Valley Camp in North Carolina. There, Dan operated the kitchen that produced a slow food menu and served nearly 300 campers, with 70% of the food coming from their own farm. He is a trained artisanal baker, with a Masters and Bachelors degree in Wellness and Health Education. He is an avid cyclist and has moved to the Westport area. We are all excited to have Dan on the team.

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